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Netheril's Glory Chapter 870

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Chapter 870: tourism?
The kind-hearted shadow monsters are very hospitable, because they firmly believe that everything they have is bestowed by the white tree forest, and the ever selfless white tree forest will also be willing to bestow the warmest hospitality on every creature that steps on this land. , Even the enemies of the evil camp are just "poor people who have been blinded by hatred" to them. The shadow demons will embrace the purest compassion and return all the poor souls to the warm embrace of the white tree forest... ………

In a sense, these isolated little fairies have been kind to an astonishing degree. Because that kindness has even become a mysterious bloodline integrated into their souls, every shadow demon is inherently kind. Their helpful and uncontested way of thinking is as natural as when people want to eat when they are hungry and drink water when they are thirsty.

At this moment, facing a tired traveler and healer, the shadow demons would naturally not choose to stay out of the door.

As the "elders" that all members automatically gain official strength after they reach adulthood and live longer and can even easily advance to the master level, the shadow demon has not encountered "being a threat" in the forest of Andokla for tens of thousands of years. The enemy". Their defensiveness towards any outsiders is very limited. Even if Kesanoya, who does not have a "strong breath" under her body, appears in this eternal night forest, how suspicious it looks, but the shadow flying out of the tribe The demon elder still enthusiastically opened the door of the tribe.

"Welcome, lost travelers, may the forest of white trees shelter you. The "Black Leaf" tribe never refuses friendly guests. We also hope to get your medical help..."

Surrounded by a group of young and beautiful little shadow monsters, the master-level old shadow monster flying in the middle of the gate not only didn't seem to have much unnecessary majesty, but was kind and amiable like a kind elder.

I saw that she personally opened the door of "tall and heavy" for Kaisanoya to the shadow demon, and then politely invited the beautiful "outsider" girl to come as a guest.

"Hey, elder, this... is it really okay? Remember that the news of the "weird" of the Darktail tribe refers to outsiders..."

The shadow demons don't have too strict levels, so some guards who are frightened by the "legendary story" can fly directly to the Great Elder and whisper their thoughts.

Of course, she didn't know that the whispers that she thought she was "word of mouth" had already been heard by the "Plague Box" who followed the little goblin and entered the tribe.

"Don't think outsiders too badly. Except for some poor people who are stunned by malicious intent, there are also many kind and good people among them."

The old shadow demon didn't mind the conscientious guard's refutation of her decision. She just quietly glanced at Kesanoya who was following behind like a curious baby with her light, and then continued to whisper.

"...Moreover, some things can't be solved by turning the door away. Our guests are powerful people who can't even see through me, a master-level elder, instead of showing an unreasonable performance that all shadow demons don't like. Sowing the seeds of resentment, why don't we work hard to become friends with the guests who come to our door?

It seems that the great elder sees many things more transparently than "young people", and what she said is not wrong. In this world... there are some things that can't be avoided... just like The guest has already arrived at the door of the house. Does it make sense to close the "door" that does not exist?

-----Dividing line-------

No matter what the shadow demons think, Kesanoya, who walks lightly, is in a very happy mood now, although as a richly colored "outsider", the plague box is inevitably affected by many little fairies here. Strong" onlookers, but she unexpectedly didn't hate this feeling.

In a small plane of the multiverse, Kesanoya, who likes to collect "pets", also owns a small kingdom where many magical creatures and races live together, but the lively female mage herself has never been prosperous. Strolling in the streets, the main reason for correcting the reason is...If she releases her legendary breath, then all pedestrians will leave the city in horror like fleeing for their lives, and if the breath is not leaked, then the charm is amazing and very attractive. I hate concealed beautiful girls, Kaisanoya can't help but attract some filthy and malicious eyes............

During the period of promotion to the legend, this feeling made the "Plague Box" extremely annoying. For this reason, she even promulgated the absurd law of "Do not stare at women for more than two seconds" and killed a lot of daring "breaking the law." People.

However, after entering the shadow demon's tribe, although many intelligent creatures were "surrounded" by many intelligent creatures, the girl mage completely felt that there was no such uncomfortable feeling.

As a naturally kind creature of the camp, the shadow demon's eyes towards the "outsiders" only have pure curiosity and kindness. Their big dark blinking eyes are like a pool of clear lake water, and all the dirt and dirt are inside. It doesn't exist, even the chattering discussions are only full of childlike innocence and joy.

"Look, is this the "outside" person? The colors on her body are so gorgeous."

"Yes, yes, she still has that kind of peculiarly colored eyes, not black and white like us."

"Don't you think she is very beautiful, she just can't bear to remove her eyes after looking at it..."

The shadow demons were discussing happily because of the emergence of new things. Some of them even danced around Kaisanoya until the elder kindly signaled that everyone should not come around like this. A group of people eagerly tried to get closer to "good things." "The little fairy held back his excitement.

"Let you laugh, these children have never seen the legendary "color".

"It doesn't matter, I don't mind."

Forgetting the "competition hunting mission" that had long been lost in mind, the "Plague Box" flooded with girls' hearts had actually looked at these little fairies with shining eyes long ago.

In fact, at this time, Kesanoya is seriously thinking about whether she has the ability to put a shadow plane simulation environment into the "home" kingdom. She really wants to pack the little shadow demon tribe and take it home. go with.

There is no other reason, just because these cute little things are so cute.

"Wow, no, it's really the biggest gain here. It's meaningless to hunt down a bad old man. It's the luckiest thing to meet these little fairies. I want to take them all home... But it doesn't seem good to do it directly? If it is not voluntary, it will be meaningless for them to be sad all day long. This thing can't be too bullying!"

Thinking happily, the "Plague Box" that completely ignored his "own job" also followed the Elder Shadow Demon to a huge black rock wall.

On that rock, two or three diligent and capable little shadow monsters have dug a "huge" cave suitable for human habitation.

"Sorry, the environment is rudimentary and there is nothing to entertain...but we will hold a banquet celebration in the evening, please be sure to attend the guests at that time."

"Yeah, participate in it, you must participate in it."

The "Plague Box" with stars in his eyes agreed without hesitation, and now this nonchalant guy really regards an urgent mission itinerary as a "public travel".

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