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Netheril's Glory Chapter 869

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Chapter 869: Plague box..

The area of ​​Andokla Forest is very vast. After all, although the Shadow Plane is not a "primary material plane", its area is as infinite as the abyss, just a "white tree forest" area. The size is comparable to a quarter of Phelan.

On such a vast land, there are naturally more than one Shadow Demon tribes, but each ethnic group they establish is very far away from other ethnic groups, and such a “distant” distance naturally greatly limits the communication and exchanges between the Shadow Demon tribes. communication.

For example, now, a shadow demon tribe located in the southern part of the Andokla Forest is in an embarrassing state where news is relatively closed. Although anyhow, as a magic race, this group of shadow monsters is somewhat half-clear through a little prophecy-like spell talent. Chu's learned about the "tragedy" in the central area of ​​the White Tree Forest, but in fact............ the appearance of a "legendary weirdo" whose true and false and the level of strength has not been determined yet did not arouse the uncontested shadow monsters Pay attention.

I believe that if any group of intelligent creatures realizes that there is a legendary lunatic who likes to prey on intelligent creatures in the area they live in, they will definitely run away overnight at all costs, but because the story of Andokla’s "weird" is in this group of distant The little fairies living far away at the edge of the forest seemed to be just "story", so they didn't take it seriously.

The shadow monsters who follow the situation still follow the routine of work and rest for thousands of years and live a happy life. They properly restrain their appetite to maintain the number of Ides worms in an area, and then grow ferns as ordinary food. The so-called "specialized" "Weird people who can't listen to little shadow monsters" are just fairy tales that have spread recently. These little fairies only choose to use this kind of thing to scare children.

You know, the Andokla Forest has not had a legendary power for hundreds of thousands of years, and no one will imagine things in the "most incredible" place.


Obviously, some things can’t be avoided without seeing it. It is the so-called “people sit at home, and disaster comes from the sky”, although the shadow demons, as the only intelligent creatures in the Andokla Forest, have always followed the “lawful order of kindness”. Life, but don’t forget, the multiverse is a dangerous world after all!


Just one morning when the shadow demons were very sparse and ordinary, in front of the thorny gate made of black and white branches on the outermost side of the tribe, an "uninvited guest" who was incompatible with the entire shadow world appeared at some point. The daily routine was completely broken on this day.

It was a beautiful girl with a slender figure. She saw a green and gray cloak and robe neatly draped over her body. Her long and jet-black hair slowly danced in the breeze, her skin which was as energetic as a white jade and crystal emerald green. His pupils formed a sharp contrast with the pure black and white scenery of the shadow world.

Although the robe made of a large number of intertwined gray and green lines looked a bit awkward, in the face of that allure look, the poor color matching of some clothes seemed insignificant.

"I am a kind-hearted healer who likes to travel. I have not found a place to rest in the shadowed world. May I ask...Can I stay here for a few days in your tribe? I can treat you patients as a reward."

The girl Zhu Lips, who did not make any dangerous actions, lightly raised her lips. Even the Shadow Demon who usually likes to sing has to admit that her voice is so beautiful. The cleanliness and beauty are like spring water trickling in a stream...

"Outside... outsider"?

Dancing at the gate, the shadow demon in charge of the vigilance stared at the beautiful girl in surprise. In its perception, the "outside man" who claimed to be a "traveling healer" didn't reveal any breath all over her body, she looked like He is an ordinary human being.

However, a strong man who can come to the plane of shadows and move freely in the Andokal forest with a large number of beasts, and even maintains a clean and elegant state, is obviously impossible to be ordinary, so the guard fairy does not dare to neglect at all, it hurry up. The girl said:

"Please wait a moment, I will invite the elders of the clan to make a decision."

"Okay, Hani Sai Kradika".

The girl did not show any impatience. The phrase she said "Shadow Quiet"-"Hani Sai Kradika" means "May the forest of white trees bless you and me".

In the tradition of shadow demons, this is a polite blessing that respects people very much.

After hearing these words, the little shadow demon guard also put down a lot of caution and responded with a smile, "Hani Sai Kradika", and then happily flew back into the tribe.

These magical creatures that have lived for generations for thousands of years are so simple, just a simple blessing is enough to make them happy.

-----Dividing line------

"The Shadow Demon... is small, with a long tail, so cute."

With a polite smile, the girl looked at the back of the little shadow demon's guard and looked very happy.

This beautiful girl is no one else. She is one of the "executors" who came to the Andokla Forest to search for the traces of Owen-"Plague Box".

In fact, her real name is Kaisanoya.

Yes, the "Plague Box", who is not of aristocratic background, has no surname, and she is not interested in imposing a surname on herself.

Kesanoya is a professional in the neutral and lawful camp, but her character is more biased towards the kind camp.

Since it is clear that her strength has just reached the twenty-sixth level, and the only legendary spell exchanged from the "guildmaster" has not yet practiced proficiently, the sensible girl has never thought about being among the performers from the beginning." Compared with the two extra rewards, she was more afraid of encountering the terrifying "Burner" Ankazan-Yanmei alone in the shadows. .

As a result, Kesanoya, who was thinking that it would be enough to "mix" the two inherent rewards, went straight to the edge of the forest after entering Andokla.

In her opinion, it is the wisest choice to stay quietly in this place until the end of the mission. After all, this place is far away from the forest center. At the same time, it is also part of the "siege network" that prevents Owen from escaping, even in Amdo. When fierce battles take place in other locations in the Kara forest, you must fulfill your obligation to rush to the time of support and you can also be a little later...

"Monsters have to be handed over to monsters to deal with. The "Whisper of Destruction" that has reached level 30 is an out-and-out monster. With such a strong teammate, why can't the task be completed? I'm here to wait for things. At the end, it can save the next Huiyue-level magic scroll."

Thinking of this, the optimistic Kesanoya couldn't help applauding her "intelligence".

After making a decision in this way, as a legendary powerhouse who likes little cute animals very much, Kaisanoya came to the door of the Shadow Demon Tribe with great heart.

If she went back to report to the "chairman", she would definitely say that she was asking for information about the Andokla Forest and "planning and moving", but in fact...

The "Plague Box" of the girl's heart attack just wanted to visit the cute little shadow demon tribe.

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