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Netheril's Glory Chapter 871

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Chapter 871: Unlucky..

There is only eternal darkness in the world of shadows, so there is no difference between day and night. The "bonfire party" of the shadow demon can also start at any time, especially when the master-level shadow demon elders attach great importance to a certain one to see completely. In the case of impenetrable guests, the little fairies are more efficient in preparing the party.

In fact, after Kesanoya entered the temporary cave for about a whole day, a timid little shadow demon came over and knew:

"Guests from afar, the banquet is ready..."

"Okay, I'll be there."

He stretched out his fingers and gently touched the little shadow demon's head, watching the cute little man swaying his head with a tangled face and avoiding it, Kaisanoya couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

She is really fond of these kind and innocent little fairies.

"The banquet of the shadow demon is grand and beautiful. I don’t know what the special food in the shadow world looks like. There will surely be many cute little fairies to accompany me by then...Wow, this trip is really exciting. Happy".

Walking on the ground with only black and white colors, like a big girl happily followed the little shadow demon to the banquet venue, the "Plague Box" thought happily while quietly sensing the magic crystal card in the storage ring.

Well, it’s perfect. The magic crystal card didn’t show any new information, and no one issued an alarm asking for support. Although I don’t know where the "monsters" mission has been performed, at least today, the bonfire of the shadow monsters The banquet should not be affected.

Kesanoya thought so cheerfully.

She hasn't forgotten how many terrible dangers are hidden in the Andokla Forest, which seems to be quiet for the time being. Although the current girl mage has changed the purpose of her trip to "work expense travel", she I will still try my best to be vigilant for wars that may break out at any time.

Of course, "Plague Box" does not think that she will directly participate in the battle again so far, but she came to the edge of the white tree forest in order to stay away from the battlefield. If this is the case, the battle will break out by her side... That kind of coincidence It is too "fate" too.

"It should be okay...Speaking of which, compared to the bad old men of the reclusive faction, I just joined the Silent Alliance, participated in the Enforcer mission twice, collected some rare creatures for research everywhere, and established a letting team by the way. It’s just a lot of small kingdoms where magic races coexist peacefully............ It’s bad luck that I was almost burned to death by that monster "Burner" last time. "The Long River of Destiny" would not target me as a "cute little girl". "Right"?

This year’s 54,000-year-old "Plague Box" is thinking about comforting herself like this. At the same time, when she listens to the creaking sound of the boots on the white grass with her ears, Kaisanoya suddenly feels like it. It's a little bit...not a good premonition.

But at this time when it was about to reach the banquet bonfire, she could only comfort herself with this kind of inner monologue.

But... can this kind of self-comfort really change the facts that have happened?

The answer is obviously no.

Moreover, according to the "Murphy's Law" that "things you worry about will eventually happen", the emergence of some troublesome things will become "inevitable" and unavoidable.

You may have the right to hesitate when the evil spirit stands at the door of the house, but when the evil spirit has directly crossed the door panel and enters the house, it becomes meaningless to deceive yourself...

And when he arrived at the banquet scene of the Little Shadow Demon, the poor girl mage felt the horror of "devil knocking at the door" very personally, and for the first time so thoroughly understood the power of "destiny"!

Because right next to the snow-white "day fire" bonfire piled high enough for one person, Kesanoya not only saw a group of little shadow monsters dancing happily and adding firewood to the flames, but also saw one who possessed the same possession as herself. Outsider figure of "color".

It was a strong middle-aged man whose eyebrows, hair, and pupils were all red like flames. He was wearing an equally scarlet robe, with a large red dragon skin book hanging on his waist, although a group of curious little ones The goblin flew around him like an ethereal black thread, but under the spirit and serious "glaring expression", this scene not only lacked any warmth and beauty, but was full of shocking emotions. Majesty and horror.

Just as soon as I saw the majestic old man, the "Plague Box" that had been in a happy mood last second was stunned, and her beautiful smile on her face that had lost her blood in an instant.

She recognized that old man...or, she could never forget the "Legendary First Battle" she experienced anyway!

Just catching a glimpse of the scarlet robe, a memory that was enough to shock the legendary powerhouse dissipated all of Kaisanoya's good mood like a tide.

It was a terrifying experience in which the whole world was burning. Surrounded by the sky full of flames, the girl mage who had been a legendary powerhouse for tens of thousands of years almost thought that she had returned to the powerless period when she was a little student. The oppressive force of suffocation and the horror of death literally rolled and burst in the flames, and then swallowed every inch of space to provide oneself with escape............

Whenever thinking of the battle that was almost crushed on one side, the "Plague Box" would hardly recall the feeling of "despair" that was almost forgotten.

Even because of the "Legendary War" that was completely unexpected, Kaisanoya now wakes up from the ambitious and eagerness of joining the "executors", and it is precisely because of that experience. A "disaster", now the "Plague Box" that bite the bullet and participated in the "Night Shadow Crow" operation will become so unpretentious.

But... just as the Elder Shadow Demon said, there are some things that you can't hide.

When the wheels of "destiny" roll in, which legend can escape from the fall of "it"?

At this moment, Kaisanoah, who was unlucky to the apex, encountered the "monster" she least wanted to see at the campfire banquet of the shadow demon, and was sitting by the campfire surrounded by the shadow demon. The caster sitting solemnly is no one else, but the famous Lord of the Grey Rain Country-"Burner" Ankazan-Yanmei!


"Um... this gentleman came here two magic hours ago, so... everyone will join the banquet happily."

I looked at the beautiful girl who was stunned in place, and then at the red-haired man with a serious face and said nothing. Even though the Elder Shadow Demon had a big heart, he realized that something was wrong, and now she couldn't stop her voice. The livelihood began to tremble............

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