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Netheril's Glory Chapter 687

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Chapter 687: Crazy knight level.

Kane is a guy with a big heart, in a sense, this guy's heart is as big as punk.

For example, a spellcaster can start a conspiracy against a legendary dragon while continuing his own experiment casually, and Kane...Of course, this guy can continue his own experiment even knowing that a legendary professional is coming to visit. Pleasure...or pretend to be enjoying yourself.

Therefore, when punk walked through the second corridor full of various porcelain artworks and reached the door of the third hall, the projection of the legendary spellcaster with keen hearing immediately passed through the thick golden door. I vaguely heard some... very embarrassing and indescribable voices...

The scream of the girl, the collision of the flesh, the burning sizzle, the familiar evil laugh...

Obviously, what Kane was doing in the third room was already on the horizon.

"You're really too big-hearted, "Kill the Gun" Mr. Kane Bisadas... How many levels are you up to, you really regard yourself as an emperor and me as a courtier"?

Hearing the sound in the room, punk's face immediately became gloomy.

Kane’s casual and indulgent attitude towards greet is unpleasant. Absolutely selfish spellcasters always like to give others some prestige through suggestion and metaphor, but when someone puts this trick in front of punk, He wouldn't knock on the door as politely as if he hadn't seen it.

Therefore, there is no need to think about it at all. Under the shadow of the hood, the magic power from the punk body immediately began to be released through the projected double pupils. Since the Kane palace only uses ordinary gates made of gold, so Punk doesn’t even need to release any spells. He simply wraps his magic power around the projected limbs, and then slowly raises his feet to the golden gate carved with exquisite relief...

Finally, kick it straight down!


A legendary professional is a legendary professional. Even if it is a projection of a legendary mage, his destructive power cannot be resisted by a mere golden gate. Even if the gate of the third floor hall is 30 centimeters thick, it is in Punk One. After kicking out, accompanied by a deafening sonic boom from the poor naked eye, the high door of the two men began to twist and deform in an instant. Finally, half of the door panel was torn directly from the door frame and slammed into the hall. past.

"Dang Cang"

The metal sound of the shocking air reverberated endlessly in the golden hall. The twisted and deformed door panels collided with the densely patterned floor. Several exquisite works of art were shattered to the ground with the violent vibration, even separated by a long corridor. , And the flustered shouts of many guards and maids in the second room faintly passed.

Just one step down, the waiter in the Kane Palace is expected to be in chaos for a long time, and many culturally-contained artworks are not preserved, such as the porcelain on the third corridor. In the violent shock, it became fragments scattered on the ground.

But these destructions are completely indifferent to the legendary mage who caused the instigator. Anyway, the Golden Palace is not his property, and he doesn't feel bad about hitting or smashing it.

After an entrance was opened "manually", Punk who couldn't see the expression just walked in through the hole of the cracked door panel, and his ridiculous words were as calm and indifferent as the unsatisfied children of the older generation.

"Kane, I think your father will be very disappointed. I remember that he once taught you to have the basic etiquette of a nobleman, but now... you have obviously forgotten his old man's advice."

While speaking in a low voice, Punk did not forget to immediately observe the situation in the third room.

Sure enough, as expected by the caster, Kane’s third room is entirely a place dedicated to his own enjoyment, but as a professional in the evil chaos camp, the "hedonic" of the mad knight is similar to that of most people. The difference.

The third hall is not so much a hall as a terrible torture room. There are various torture instruments and whips of different sizes. There are also several red iron bars enchanted by the fire element that are emitting in the air. With the smell of hot metal.

And of course Kane was also sitting on a "throne" at the end of this hall. When punk walked in, the naked upper body of the aloof knight seemed to be enjoying the services of a beautiful succubus "doing on his own" while punk walked in. Flogged a mermaid girl bound by an iron chain with a red iron bar............

This is a very splendid scene, and it is also a cruel scene full of evil and blood. Of course, this is Kane's consistent "hedonic" style, and it is also a way of enjoyment that many evil camp professionals like.

But whether it is the succubus service that Kane enjoys, or the dying mermaid girl who has been whipped, punk is not interested in it. The first time the spellcaster used his mental power to lock Kane, the caster did the first thing. The thing is to immediately perceive the specific class level of the mad knight.

This question is about to come to a result. After all, since entering the palace, punk has been wondering where Kane’s confidence comes from. The caster who is confident in his own strength really does not believe that Kane can compare Upgrade faster by yourself.

Then, after a simple perception, the expression of "Destroy Whispers" became a little weird............

Perhaps it was the reason for the swelling of self-confidence. Perhaps it was simply for showing off. The "Instant Killing Gun" who was "jumping in time" did not conceal his professional level at all, so after the first round of mental power scans, he suddenly rushed into it. The punk who entered the third hall immediately knew Kane's combat rank.

Legendary level, twenty-fourth level............

"Well, this is really a subtle level."

After knowing Kane's professional level, punk couldn't help but mutter to himself in a daze.

In the calculations of the caster, the time for Kane to be promoted to the legend should be no different from himself. From finding the treasure of the red sand god to now, punk has spent less than 10,000 years as a "new legend" Kane advances only later than himself, not earlier than himself.

Therefore, in such a "little bit of less than ten thousand years" time, that joking mad knight can actually soar all the way to level 24! Even the "well-informed" legendary spellcaster would inevitably express his sincere surprise at this time.

You know, even if the promotion from the 20th to the 30th level of the legend is relatively easy, there are countless legendary powerhouses who have been on a level card for hundreds of thousands of years.

Don't talk about others, just talk about punk himself-with the vast experience of the Great Ossian Vedraxia and the actual combat experience with Amoda Flameclaw, it took him nearly 10,000 years and only reached twenty-five years. Level only.

But what does punk see now? Kane is not much different from himself?

In a sense, a knight who can reach the twenty-fourth level so quickly does have the capital to be proud of in front of ordinary legendary professionals.

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