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Netheril's Glory Chapter 688

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Chapter 688: Rank this matter.

Punk felt surprised by the fact that Kane had twenty-four combat ranks. Although he had always known that Kane possessed some unknown secrets, Kane could not be like himself no matter how secrets he had. Do you have all the promotion experience of a great Austrian teacher?

What's more, the increase in level is not just a matter of having a sufficient amount of legendary resources. Talent, hard work, inspiration, will, luck...None of the above are indispensable, and Kane can actually overcome the difficulties to achieve harmony. Punk's professional level is not much different. In some respects, Kane can really be regarded as the top level genius in the entire multiverse.

This was indeed beyond the caster's expectations, and it was inevitable that his eyes looked at Kane with a look of surprise.

Punk expressed surprise at Kane's class level, and after Kane perceives Punk's cast level... the remaining expressions can only be described as horror.

In fact, when punk just kicked the door and walked in, Kane was still casually enjoying the succubus's nephrite fragrance and listening to the beautiful screams of the mermaid girl. At that time, the knight's expression was very deep, that kind As if showing off his achievements to his old opponents, the complacency of saying "It's all trivial, nothing" is hardly concealed.

However, when he also secretly used his mental power to explore the punk, a projection that has a certain ability to cast spells, the smile on his face froze in the next second with the energetic "Instant Kill Gun" in the last second.


Almost instinctively, after summoning the armor in the storage ring to the body, and slapped the succubus girl to the side with a slap, Kane almost jumped up on the spot with straight eyes.

If punk’s emotions at this time are a bit surprised, then Kane’s inner emotions can only be described as horror. His appearance is almost as if he has seen a ghost, and the look in punk’s eyes is like looking at it. What is unreasonable, unspeakable...monster.


Facing punk's ridicule, Kane's first sentence was a non-adulterated exclamation word. Then, the knight who was still comfortable just now immediately asked punk in a loud voice full of impatience:

"It's like seeing the undead, punk is in-Sai'an! Where the hell did you jump out of the monster? Twenty-fifth level? How did you do it? Why are you guys always one level higher than me"?

Watching the caster’s projection vigilantly, Kane directly took the lance he just picked up and walked off his throne. It can be seen that the level of punk up to twenty-five level seems to be a knight who has no idea how long. It caused serious psychological discomfort, and now Kane was so angry that he even scolded swear words.

No wonder Kane is making a fuss. Punk is indeed a bit outrageous. Kane always thinks that he can reach the twenty-fourth level in ten thousand years. It is already very impressive. At least in the recorded history so far, the speed of promotion. The fast knight has broken the record of a legendary warrior known as "The Broken Mountain", and now he has become the fastest-upgraded warrior in the entire multiverse investigable history.

This is the news that Kane learned through his own secret channels, and it is also the key source of his self-confidence.

Because of this, before seeing punk, Kane thought that he would definitely be able to walk in front of the pesky spellcaster this time.

Even if they are in the same realm, the specific strength is still hard to say, but at least one or two levels higher than the level can be regarded as showing some limelight and taking revenge on the bit of evil that had previously suffered.

Therefore, when punk kicked open the door and entered the hall, the knight who was still enjoying the service of the succubus had even thought out a bunch of euphemistic and ridiculous lines to entertain his "old friends". Perhaps the difference between one and two levels is just a "small thing", but it is very important to be able to gain hidden dominance in the adventure.

But...what does Mr. Wo-Zijishuode have to say:

You think that opponents who are just "a little bit" stronger than you generally have an "intrinsic attribute"-that is, "No matter how you grow up, people will always be better than you."

Kane has fully felt how correct what this "great man" said...Because now, the fact that there are people outside the world and the sky is very appropriate and good is displayed in front of the energetic "Instant Kill Gun"... …Before Kane could say even a word of his thoughts, he was immediately slapped in the face by the cruel reality............

Float at level 24? Learn about it at level 25!

For Kane's surprise performance, the feeling of punk is actually nothing but indifferent.

Maybe Kane, the guy who wants to show off all the time, cares about these, but punk really doesn't care about the current level of promotion.

Legendary professionals before reaching level 30 are counted in the category of "new legends". From the 20th to the 30th level, the ten professional levels are easy to break through, even if you don’t do anything but just spend time. It can survive for millions of years.

So in the eyes of punk, everyone is a new legend. There is nothing to be proud of at the twentieth and twenty-ninth levels, and the level does not represent absolute combat effectiveness. Among other things, Aymoda-Yanclaw is in the most peak state. The warlock level is as high as the fourth level of punk, and the one who was beaten in the end did not even leave a few pieces of meat?

What's more, Punk also knows that the reason why he upgrades so smoothly is because of the promotion experience of the great austrian Vedrasha. He will not really regard himself as a genius. The experience of the great austrian will be useless in the morning star stage. At that time, if it can continue to upgrade smoothly, it will be really strong.

Therefore, punk originally didn’t care about the level difference in the same realm. Whether Kane’s level is lower than himself or higher than himself, punk’s attitude will never change. Should you kick the door or kick the door? , Whether to expose the short or to expose the short, slap in the face or something was not in the caster's plan from the beginning.

It's just...Since Kane wanted to make fun of the level gap that was not a big deal from the beginning, and also put on such an implicitly provocative and ridiculous attitude, of course the punk who has never been bad tempered Revealed.

Regarding the ridicule, the spellcaster with refined language has never been afraid of anyone.

So, just waiting for the surprised knight to finish speaking angrily, Punk immediately followed Kane's words and said in a nonchalant tone as if nothing had happened:

"Long time no see...Kane, you can reach level 24 in such a short time? But it's not unexpected. After all, even an innocent mage like me has reached level 25, right?"

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