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Netheril's Glory Chapter 686

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Chapter 686: Dominance.
After walking through the straight passage, Punk discovered that Kane’s palace was not a huge whole, but was divided into three rooms of equal size.

The first hall is the hall where punk projections first arrived. This floor looks like a space dedicated to waiting for visitors. There is nothing in the hall except for the regularly dancing gilt elves. A guard or maid.

Continue walking along the diamond carpet, passing through a long corridor at the end of the first room, and the caster's projection enters the second room.

In the second hall, Punk saw another promenade at the end, and also saw more than a dozen young and beautiful female guards and maids. Among these waiters who generally reached the probation level, except for the guards who were standing guard They all cleaned the hall silently, and shuttled back and forth between several portals from time to time, picking up some items.

It seems that this hall is the place that connects the palace and the outside world.

"It's a weird building structure, so it seems that the door of the first floor hall is just a decoration? Kane is really free to do anything...".

Somewhat weirdly complained about the strange structure of this palace, Punk ignored the door of the first hall.

Although this kind of portal opening in the middle of the palace as the entrance and exit is indeed a bit weird, the projection used by the caster at this time does not have sufficient perceptual ability. Turning back and using the spell to carefully explore a door...it seems It's not necessary.

Punk is here to discuss cooperation and adventure matters with Kane. Anyway, he is a bit accustomed to the "secrets" that the mad knight has a fight with him, regardless of whether the strange structure of the palace is to hide any secrets, or just Kane. No matter what the weird work is done freely, these have nothing to do with punk.

As a result, striding over to a female bodyguard, the expressionless caster asked directly:

"This should be the palace of Kane-Besadas, where is the owner of this palace"!

Kane should have explained something to these attendants. When the projection of punk walked into this room where many guards acted, the busy attendants obviously showed extremely unnatural stiff movements. The female guard on guard did not take the initiative to ask punk, and the whole hall seemed to be "forcibly" ignoring the arrival of the caster.

Until now that punk had spoken to "question", the female bodyguard, who had been trembling from panic, stammered and quickly replied:

"Dear... Honorable legendary mage... Mr. "Instant Kill Gun" is already... waiting for you in the third hall..."


Hearing words that were almost crying in the voice of the maid, punk couldn't help frowning slightly.

"I haven't seen each other for thousands of years. Has Kane's hospitality finally fallen to this point?"

Knowing that Kane was in this palace, but the old god stayed comfortably in the last hall waiting for him to pass, punk probably already understood what the knight was playing.

It’s nothing more than an attitude, an attitude that wants to dominate, an attitude that expands with strength,

Punk’s projection can’t use the ability of large-scale perception, but Kane Kane, who is present on the body, certainly cannot know that punk has reached his palace, but he did not come out to welcome guests like VIPs or old friends, but Staying in the hall on the innermost floor, he put on a high posture, and ordered a group of waiters to continue their work. They didn't speak until the punk asked.

The meaning of the shallow lines of all these actions is actually translated into one sentence, "I am the leader of the adventure this time, you are a guest, you have to listen to me"!


It seems that after several adventures with punk and a few dark losses, Kane finally knows how important a dominant position... even if it is a very hidden dominance, before seeing punk, This guy has tried his best to put himself in the position of a master.

Speaking of it as unhappy, Kane’s simple and suggestive way of acquiring the right to speak may have been learned from punk.

If I remember correctly, Punk remembers that before the adventure of "The Treasure of the Red Sands", he calmly stayed in the Mage Tower when he was in the Truth Division of the Grey Rain Country, and then waited for Kane to take the initiative to come and visit... …Kane is an apprentice now? Use this trick to entertain yourself?

"Very good, very good, I really have a good apprentice! But it is a pity that the right to speak can not be obtained by a few small actions. "Instantly kill the gun"... You have enough confidence in your own strength and knowledge. ?"

After seeing Kane's purpose, Punk didn't show too many thoughts on the surface, he just sneered secretly in his heart, and then directly bypassed the female bodyguard who was about to collapse and walked towards the third hall.

Kane has always been a very proud guy...or enough to be called "arrogant". This was already seen by punk when we first met. The reason why this guy always behaves when he is with punk. He looked like he was laughing and joking, just because he knew his strength was not as good as punk.

If Kane's professional level is higher than punk, if he has more hole cards than punk, then this knight who also believes in the idea of ​​the supremacy of interests will definitely find ways to get the right to speak, dominate and start digging for the dark.

For example, punk can guess from the opponent’s series of behaviors that Kane’s path after being promoted to Legend may be quite smooth, and he has also mastered enough useful hole cards, at least compared to most new ones. Legendary promotion, Kane’s professional level improvement should be called "swift", which made him feel that he has the capital to show off, he has a stronger strength than punk, and he has the qualifications to get the right to dominate... …

But... For Kane's behavior, Punk would only say-there is no wave in his heart!

Kane may indeed hide a lot of secrets, and may even have a stronger strength than the caster, but punk does not think that this guy can gain any dominance in any adventure, let alone that he is likely to be overcast. To yourself.

After all... Kane is a pure warrior. Even if he is promoted to Legend, his reserves of knowledge are incomparable with spellcasters like punk, especially in the face of various alchemy circles and magic circles. , When the weird potion, punk can identify, find the most efficient way to deal with it, and even guess all kinds of intelligence.

But what about Kane? As a pure knight, he doesn't seem to have any other options other than "go all the way" and "turn around and go"? If there are any, "Instant Kill Gun" and "Smile" don't have to struggle to find the legendary punk wizard to participate in the adventure.

Therefore, regardless of Kane’s current strength, punk can be sure that from the moment he came to find himself, the "dominance" of the adventure initiator has been completely lost. Now Kane’s "avoidance" "Not seeing" can only express an "attitude", other than that...this adventure still has to listen to the opinions of the knowledgeable spellcaster punk first.

not to mention…………

"Are you sure you can be stronger than me, than Mr. Thadas"?

There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and the projection of the punk in a lavender robe walked towards the corridor leading to the third hall. He really wanted to see... Now the legendary knight What kind of strength do you have?

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