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Netheril's Glory Chapter 360

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Chapter 360: suppress.
Ovakin’s breath of dragon hit the empty space. Even for the black dragon with deep magic power, such a waste is intolerable. What's more, this hasty movement made the black dragon passive. Kill, Ovak was too close to Gioni at that time!

In fact, except for the guy who didn't have any fighting thinking at Rachel, Punk and Gioni immediately reacted-this is a great opportunity.

Without any pause, Gioni, who had just recovered his life from the breath of Ovakin’s dragon, immediately lifted the epee and rushed towards the black dragon again, although the instant acceleration of the spell "speed translation" could indeed be so fast that the naked eye could not see it. However, its moving distance is far worse than the "kinetic energy propulsion" used by punk, and the effect is even less obvious after falling on a huge body like Ovakin.

The direct result of this reduction in travel distance is that Gioni only used a "charge" to catch up with Ovakine again. Gioni, who has rich combat experience, knows that the most important thing is to fight with a warrior. The thing is that they can't be pulled apart, especially when the Mage teammates on their own side can't hit the opponent at all.

At this moment, Gioni, whose upper body armor was torn to pieces by violent vindictiveness, looks more like a savage warrior in the north. The paladin who must be careful to hack Ovakin to death does not hesitate to use vindictiveness Dou Qi Huayi caught up with the black dragon about to take off.

"Master-level fighting skills-violent slashing"!

The full-strength Gioni almost clung to Ovakin’s head and used his fighting skills. Then, in the next instant, Gioni’s epee began to move again and again, and the high-speed swinging blade seemed to form a light curtain in front of the paladin. , In front of the phoenix screen formed by the blade of light, even the space was cut into dusty debris.

"Drink ah ah ah ah ah"!

"Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!!!"

Amidst Gioni’s continued loud shout, a deafening roar once again set off a gust of wind, because with sufficient grudge infusion, "Furious Slash" can cut hundreds of knives in one hundredth of a second. , This kind of continuous "hammer" of hacking and hacking one after another is on Ovakin's magical defense. Even so, Gioni still has no way to break through the black dragon's strong defense in one breath, but he is endless. In front of the slashing attack, Ovakin’s layers of protective magic began to dim, and the “Elemental Fusion Shield”, “Two-dimensional Space Enchantment” and “Anti-Magic Shield” at the most surface level were even It was chopped to pieces by Gioni in just a few seconds.

"Damn, Gioni-Zodas, you unreasonable lunatic, I should have killed you as early as the first battlefield"!

The angry Ovak roared loudly, and seeing that his protection spells had been forcibly removed by three layers after only such a short while, the black dragon's body once again burned with the brilliance of magic.

There is no doubt that this black dragon has to use his only spell that can quickly evade attacks. In any case, Ovakin is also a complete spellcaster, although as a giant dragon it also possesses roughly equivalent The melee ability of a fifteenth-level master warrior, but obviously, it’s impossible to rely on Ovac's melee fighting technique that has been almost unused and the "man-slasher" close-range combat skills like Gioni. For Ovakin, it is absolutely imperative to get away from the red-eyed Gianni as soon as possible.

But... there are two master-level powerhouses around it.

Seeing Ovak's disorganized way of resisting when he faced Jonny's blade, punk immediately realized that this black dragon was not good at close combat, and its huge body was very convenient for Jonny's knife.

Based on this information and the current form of the battlefield, punk immediately came up with the best way to fight.

"Jiaoni, slash at its head, don't let Ovakin's mouth touch you, bin Rachel, don't stop the release of the rain of flames..."

"I can't help myself! Do you think this can stop me"?

Due to the violent torrent of energy on the battlefield, the spell of "transmission of information" cannot be used at all, and there is no tacit understanding between punk and bin Rachel and Jonny-Zodas. Therefore, in order to make Jonny this one. The idiot and the fat old man of Bin Rachel reacted, and punk had to make an instant "amplification" and then shout loudly, so that Ovak would naturally understand the punk arrangement.

However, since punk dared to shout out all the information, Ovakin would have heard it.

Hearing punk’s reminder, Bin Rachel worked harder to release the "Rain of Flames", Gioni continued to slash more crazily, and Ovakin's "speed pan" was completed at a faster speed... ...

But... just as the fearless black dragon just launched the spell, punk's "blocking" came one after another.

"Master Class Conjuration Spells-Kinetic Energy Stripping"

Super Magic Technique-Magic Compression

Super Magic Technique-Double Casting

Master-level incantation system spells-magic acceleration.

As it is said that a spell cannot be used twice in front of the same enemy, Ovak almost killed himself when he was used for the first time because of this frenzied "Dragon Speed ​​Shift". How could punk not think about how to deal with it? It.

With a huge amount of magic theories as the foundation, punk soon thought of a targeted spell-"kinetic energy stripping."

Strictly speaking, "speed translation" is also a kinetic energy spell that uses kinetic energy to push the target to move, while the "kinetic energy stripping" spell can instantly deprive an object of all the kinetic energy. It just restrains "kinetic energy advancement" and "speed translation". The kinetic energy acceleration spell, used to block Ovakine, could not be better.

Along with the super fast speed provided by "Magic Acceleration", "Kinetic Energy Stripping" successfully hit the enemy before Ovakin moved, because Ovakin's previous "Anti-Magic Shield" had been smashed by Gioni. So, the effect of this “kinetic energy stripping” has not been weakened at all.

As soon as I was ready to move, the huge driving force on my body disappeared instantly. After a drastic change from extremely static to extremely moving and then from extremely moving to extremely quiet, Ovakin's body immediately lost its balance. .

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Gioni, whose eyes flickered with cold light, immediately used a flexible "master-level fighting technique-spin step" to avoid Ovakin's huge dragon claws, and was struck by violent violent slashes. , Ovakin, who couldn't use his claws to stop him, was quickly torn to pieces with three layers of protective magic.

At this moment, Ovak had no more protective spells left on his body than punk.

"No, you damn...scum..."

After reluctantly twisting his head to avoid the light of Gio Ni's knife, Ovak finally disappeared completely because of the disdain in his eyes, and was replaced by a dignified and serious look.

"I admit that you really don't want to peek, but...Don't underestimate me, I am the protector of the Dragon Roar Kingdom——Ovakin-Sour Maw"!

Seeing that the protection spells on his body had fallen below the safety line, Ovakin, who was getting more and more murderous, roared once again. At the same time, five of the storage gems on the black dragon's neck were filled with cryptic mana fluctuations. But the very small and exquisite scrolls sprang out one after another.

This unfathomable terrifying black dragon is about to use a hole card!

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