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Netheril's Glory Chapter 359

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 Chapter 359: Breath.
Ovakin's reaction was not unpleasant. The dusty and embarrassed Gioni-Zordas had just been selected from the rubble, and the huge dragon mouth of the black dragon had been aimed at Gioni.

"Roar"! !

The terrifying dragon's breath has been compressed into a long and narrow dark green energy column with great impact in the dragon's throat. Judging from the terrifying power of this dragon's breath, it is almost impossible for Gioni to hit it all at once. A dead end.

But the punk who is still standing next to him has the great experience of fighting with the great master. As early as when Ovakin hadn’t opened his mouth, punk had insight into all the thoughts of this black dragon, and for the time being with Gioni. How can punk standing on the united front allow Ovak to solve an important combat power simply because it is so simple?

Therefore, at the moment when Ovakin's dragon's breath was finished brewing, the punk spell also hit Ovakin mercilessly.

"Master-level Conjuration Spells-Great Splitting"

Super magic technique-magic compression.

Super Magic Technique-Double Casting

Master-level incantation system spells-magic acceleration.

In order to ensure that this round of spells can take effect, Punk really used all the two super magic skills without reservation, and in the two spells he used, the purpose of "split" was to be in Ovak Because a hole was torn on the solid magical protection, the effect of "Magic Acceleration" was to increase the flight speed of the "Splitting Technique", and it was necessary to ensure that Ovak hit the target before he squirted Joni to death with a breath of dragon.

Punk didn't use any powerful attacking spells to "surround Wei and save Zhao" or use some control spells to fight for Gioni to escape. The main reason was that Ovak's protective magic was too much and too strong.

Even if punk uses certain powerful spells, such as "Serious Injury Strike" or "Kinetic Shock Ball", I am afraid that Ovak will ignore it because of the gorgeousness. Therefore, in some cases, the Gioni You can only choose to find a way to save yourself or fight back, and what punk has to do now...is to provide Gioni with a chance to save himself or fight back!

Under the blessing of "Magic Acceleration" with glittering blue luster, the initial speed of "Big Splitting" was directly doubled. As the flight distance increased, its speed continued to increase. The "Magic Compression" that greatly increased the power of the "Great Cracking Technique" finally slammed into the middle of Ovakin's head with lightning speed.

Although the three mages and a paladin on the scene had a lot of actions, but in fact, from Ovakin to Giorni, when the "great splitting technique" released by punk hit Ovak because it stopped, time Less than a second has passed, and the black dragon who just opened his mouth to breathe is undoubtedly hit by this "big cracking technique".

"Crack, click, click, click"! !

As if a large amount of glass was shattered together, with the continuous cracking sound, the outermost layer of "Power Enchantment" on Ovaki's body was directly torn into pieces by the "Great Cracking Technique" that shone with colorful light. .

In fact, punk’s full-strength spell effect was better than he thought. It wasn’t until Ovakin’s magic defense was torn out a crack that penetrated the seven layers of protection magic, and the colorful brilliance of the "Great Splitting Technique" suddenly appeared. Disperse.

If it was just such a crack that could automatically recover in less than two seconds, Ovakin would not give up the pursuit of Jinni.

But Gioni is also a paladin who has experienced many battles. After seeing the opportunity created by punk, the paladin who was shot flying as soon as he shot finally showed the horror of a mad 17th-level fighter. .

"Ah ah ah ah, Ovakin, give me... to die ah ah ah!" !

Accompanied by the roar resounding through the sky, the massive golden vindictive energy seemed to have turned into strips of glowing rays from all over Gioni's body. Then, all these vindictive energy were poured into the sharp edge of his hand under the control of the paladin.

note! It's all!

Even in the face of the terrifying breath that was about to wipe out his own ashes, Gioni did not have any plans to let go of the opportunity before him. Seeing that Ovakin was about to repair the cracks in the protective magic in the next moment, the furious Gioni broke out in an instant.

This man who was lit by the flames of revenge resolutely gave up all defense and dodge, he actually compressed all the vindictiveness to the tip of the blade in the shortest time, and then... stab Ovakin's head with all his strength. The magic crack on the upper one still exudes a little colorful brilliance.

That's right! From the beginning, Gioni, the paladin who had already left his life and death out of his life, didn't consider any evasion. He had only one purpose for all his attacks, and that was-to kill Ovakin-Sour Maw! If the death of the same can be exchanged for the fall of the enemy, then............ Gioni has already answered with action-he will not hesitate at all!

Seeing the point of the fighting spirit knife that was compressed to a point so that it had a bit of quality, Ovakin, who had always been invincible, finally changed his face, and his defense level against the seventeen layers of protection spells on his body. Ovakin himself couldn’t be clear. If he hadn’t been hit by the punk “big split” before, even in the face of such a solid stab like this, Ovakine would have enough confidence. Rely on his own defenses.

but now…………

"Damn! Despicable bastard"!

It’s no wonder that Ovak roared with anger and depravity. Gioni’s terror stab was not a joke. If he was really stabbed in his head by the highly compressed vindictive blade, Gioni would definitely be stunned in the first place. Destroyed by the dragon's breath, but Ovakin was inevitably injured on the spot. With both punk and bin Rachel at their peak, there was no difference between a severely injured black dragon and a direct death.

Undoubtedly, Ovak didn't want to die with Giorni at all, so in order to avoid this worst result for it, the unwilling black dragon could only use his own improved spell again to consume a lot of mana.

"Master Class Conjuration System Spells-"Speed ​​Shift" (modified-Dragon version)

I have to admit that the effect of this spell is really excellent. With the sudden acceleration of the translation, after ploughing a piece of ground again, Ovakin finally avoided Gioni's decisive assault.

Of course, with the ultra-high-speed changes in the position of the black dragon, its lore dragon's breath, which was filled with a lot of magic power, was naturally empty.

I saw that the dark green dragon's breath that was compressed to an extremely slender state was like a pike across the sky. All the matter on the path of the dragon's breath, the energy was instantly turned into fly ash. When the terrifying breath finally ended, all the way was The space where the dragon's breath passed has left a long black trail under the power of sour rot, and a small mountain in the distance was cut off by the dragon's breath like a hot knife to cut a small half of the mountain-although Did not hit the enemy, but this breath still proves how powerful the Ovakin-Sour Maw is...horrible.

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