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Netheril's Glory Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: Rain of flames.
At the same time that Gioni took the shot, Bin Rachel also released a "hot ball of fire" to Ovakin from a distance. I have to say that this fat old man had really good luck. After Punk was targeted by Ovakine, Bin Rachel was the safest of the three people present.

In the face of Jini's full slash, Ovak didn't dare to exaggerate, but he didn't hesitate to give up his plan to continue chasing punk, and turned his head to resist the sharp edge close at hand.

"Master-level Conjuration Spells-Tameron Anti-Fighting Shield".


At the place where Gioni's bright yellow blade touched the translucent shield on Ovakin's head, a large number of shock waves burst out instantly accompanied by a roar and explosion.

Ovakin’s casting speed is too fast. Even if Gioni has used his full strength to launch a "charge" to increase his speed, the powerful black dragon still released this extremely targeted before Gioni hit him with a sword. Sexual spells.

Immediately after hitting the black dragon was Bin Rachel’s "scorching fireball", but Ovakin, who seemed wise, was also fully prepared before his arrival. When Bin Rachel’s fireball hit Ovakin’s neck When it went up, a pale red light curtain silently blocked the high temperature of the incandescent flame.

"Master Class Conjuration Spells-Fire Elemental Protection Wall".

"Damn, insignificant, overweight fool! Your strength is not worth mentioning."

Seeing that neither Gioni nor Bin Rachel's attacks caused any harm to him, Ovak laughed savagely, and then the black dragon fiercely raised his claws and slapped him fiercely and tried to launch another charge. Gioni-Zodas.

"boom"! !

As a nineteenth-level young dragon, even if Ovak did not practice fighting qi, he still possesses power that is not inferior to that of a fifteenth-level fighter. At this time, Jiao Ni, who has just erupted in vindictiveness, is just in an old power to get a new one. When not born.

So... Gioni, who was hit by the dragon's claws, was shot out like a cannonball in an instant, and the paladin who fell to the ground was like a small meteor, under the vigorous slap of Ovak. The paladin who was blown away smashed three mounds to a halt.

"Damn, this guy is too strong, how many layers of protective spells does it have?"

Seeing that his attack had no effect, Gioni, who rushed forward, was slapped in the air. Bin Rachel could only complain loudly while smashing the fireball at Ovakin.

But bin Rachel’s complaint is not unreasonable, because Ovakin... is too "sturdy".

Up to now, the warring parties had a better understanding of each other's intelligence, but as the prophetic spells returned more and more information, it became harder to look even if they were calm as punk now.

This is naturally because the result he just got with "Detection Magic" is really amazing.

Originally, punk was wondering why this black dragon dared to swagger into the circle as a target, but now he knows that the "monster" Ovakin-Sourmaw is confident!

Perceive carefully, this guy actually has seventeen layers of protection magic superimposed on his body, such as "anti-death enchantment", "all-element rejection position", "magic armor", "mind guardian realm", "higher and unbreakable" Rune"......none of them will fall!

You know, even a punk has only seven layers of protection magic. That is to say, even if the defense power provided by protection magic alone, Ovaki is higher than the defense power of two punks plus one, not to mention. The black dragon also has its sturdy and scary dragon scales!

"This is too outrageous. A nineteenth-level mage will not be so strong. At the same time, it supports seventeen layers of protection magic. If you replace an ordinary spellcaster, the soul has long been collapsed"!

Up to now, Ovakin’s surprise to punk has become more and more amazing. Punk, who has the memory of Great Oman Vedrasha, knows very well that Ovakin has far exceeded the general support limit of the spell model alone. At least punk can be sure that Ovak was not so frantic at the nineteenth level of Vedraxia.

"Legendary equipment! Only this one can explain...Xiete! This is really going to be a fight!"!

Seeing Ovakin's "turtle shell" just ignoring Bin Rachel's fireball attack and rushing towards Gioni in a short time, Punk's eyes became more and more cold. Facts have proved that in this world full of opportunities, You are not the only one who gets the treasure. Even a very weak enemy may draw out a terrifying hole card that is enough for a Jedi turnaround, not to mention that this enemy is already very powerful!

"Ben Rachel, don't smash the fireball. Use "Rain of Flames." This guy has too many protective spells. You can't hit it without using up these spells."

Seeing that Rachel was still incapable of throwing fireballs, the punk who had already flown out of the "space anchor" couldn't help but get angry. Now it's unlucky enough to face a "god-like opponent". Those who are fighting side by side are all "pig-like teammates", seeing a series of fireballs splashing on Ovakin's body, but this guy Bin Rachel still doesn’t know another way, if there is no punk. Reminder, I really don't know how long it will take for the "academic mage" from the "Five Fireball God Sect" to open up.

Hearing the angry roar of punk, bin Rachel finally remembered that he was a mage with flexible means rather than a simple turret, and he couldn't say anything to thank him. A little panicked bin Rachel immediately released the spell as punk ordered. .

"Master Class Conjuration Spells-Rain of Flames".

This spell makes a large number of raindrops of fire fall in a certain area, and the "fire element protection wall" is a rather stupid "point-to-point" targeted protection magic, which means that where the enemy hits, where does the "protection wall" greatly increase defense force.

When faced with a spell that only hits one position such as "fireball", the "fire element barrier" is naturally very cost-effective, but when it faces continuous large-scale blows, in order to protect every raindrop, "fire element" The “protective wall” has to increase the defense power of every part hit by the rain at the same time, and the consumption will naturally increase geometrically.

Fortunately, as a mage who has lived for thousands of years, bin Rachel still has enough spell accumulation. At least he has learned the "flaming rain", a more common master spell. If punk shouts, Bin Rachel will look up. The phrase "What is the rain of flames?" That makes people want to cry without tears.

Anyway, maybe the speed is a little slow, but Bin Rachel’s rain of flames is still released. On the high clouds, the crimson flame circle evaporates all the clouds, and a large number of created fiery fire elements are in the law. The raindrops condensed continuously into burning rain, and Ovakin, who was under the "flaming rain", had to take at least half of the "rain" due to the huge volume.

Of course, at this time, there was also Gioni who was photographed in the crater. Punk had to put a "fire element protective wall" on Gioni who had just drilled out of the ground.

Although it uses the same spell as Ovakine, Punk is confident that the "fire barrier" on Gioni can last longer. After all, this spell protects flames that consume energy, even if they are in the same place. Below "Flame Rain", Ovakin undoubtedly has to bear more fire elemental rain due to its huge size.

However, Ovakin had no plan to evade, feeling that the continuous raindrops of the fire element quickly consumed the energy of his "Fire Elemental Protection Wall", but Ovakin did not hesitate to increase the second breath in his throat. The pressure of-facing three master-level powerhouses with complete combat power at the same time is too dangerous. This black dragon intends to severely inflict damage to Gioni-Zodas, even if several layers of protective magic are consumed by the "Rain of Flames". Do not hesitate.

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