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Netheril's Glory Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Fierce battle.
Ovakin has always avoided punk and bin Rachel. This is not because it is not strong enough compared to two master casters who are less than eighteenth level, but because the Dragon Roar Kingdom can’t bear it. The targeting of the legendary organization, from this perspective, punk’s previous provocation against Ovaqin can also be counted as an unknowing "bully bullying."

But now, punk’s strategy of using the gray bone virus to create biochemical troops is too vicious. It is so vicious that the Dragon Roar Kingdom will end up with the Maple Leaf Kingdom if it is inadvertently. Under this kind of burning eyebrows, Ovakin naturally has no time to take care of it. Thinking of Truth has reacted, and now, the furious black dragon has only one thought in his heart—absolutely, absolutely, to crush all the three worms that do not know whether they live or die!

Well, it is always inevitable that some disasters will be incurred when "deception" becomes "too much deception", although punk actually wants to sit down with Ovakin and talk, "Why don't we laugh and fight together?" Gioni, this bastard", but... Thinking of the huge hatred that he almost destroyed the other country's entire country, punk wisely dispelled the idea of ​​sitting down and negotiating.

If you can't negotiate, you can only fight. Punk will finally experience how powerful a nineteenth-level spellcaster is.

Just as punk just jumped out of the "any door", he was shocked to find that Ovakin's body had also suddenly ignited a massive wave of magic power-this black dragon, which was bigger than a hill, actually blessed the body with a spell , And then, relying on the powerful impetus created by the spell, Ovak forced his body to pan over to punk at thirty times the speed of supersonic.

That's right, there are a lot of magic runes on that huge body. The ground that was passed by the dragon was cracked because it couldn't bear the weight of the black dragon. For a time, the cloud of dust was blown away by the shock of the space, the high-pressure air A substantial wind wall was formed in front of Ovakin's body.

"In my sour and rotten breath, it will be wiped out, little bugs"!

When Punk turned around abruptly, Ovakin's giant dragon head just arrived at Punk's side, and deep in the black dragon's throat, the terrifying breath like an abyss had been brewed.

"Damn it, "speed pan"? Dragon version?"

Seeing that the dark green breath was about to squirt out of the dragon’s mouth, the cold sweat of punk wet his blue hair. He really didn’t expect that the black dragon of Ovaco would be so outrageous that it could stubbornly." "Speed ​​Shift", a master-level spell invented for humanoid creatures, has been modified into a "dragon version" that can be used on giant dragons. Although it can be seen that this improvement has many flaws, for example, Ovak consumes a lot of mana It's terrible, but you know, even if the punk with Netheril's inheritance is now, even an old antique magic has not been improved!

The change in the battle situation is not for punk to think about. In fact, Ovak has such a big hatred of himself, which is beyond punk's expectations, but in any case, this big lizard would rather put the Giorini close at hand- It is true that Zordas will consume a lot of magical power to chase him down. Punk has to immediately activate the “any door” solidified on his robe and prepare to stay away from the battlefield again.


"Humble mage, you... there is nowhere to escape"!

Just as the colored light door beside Punk had a tendency to open, Ovak suddenly soared because of the killing intent in his pupils, and saw a small jewel inlaid on the scales of his neck suddenly flashed with a bright light. At the same time, the deadly black dragon's breath also flickered.

"Master Class Conjuration System Spells-Space Anchor".

As the magical power of the frozen space came from the jewel in Ovakin's neck, the general "any door" that had just been opened beside Punk was instantly shattered.

"It's really tricky, it's a big trouble now"!

Seeing that the breath that even the space has been corroded is close in front of him, his "arbitrary door" has been destroyed by Ovak's use of the "space anchor". Punk can only temporarily change its countermeasures again to avoid the breath of the black dragon.

"Master Class Conjuration Spells-Kinetic Energy Advancement"

Super magic technique-magic compression.

Super magic skills-double casting.

Master Summoning Spell-Summon Shield Beast!

In order to deal with the surprise attack of Ovakin this round, Punk used two spells in a row! Among them, the "kinetic energy advancement" was also added with magic compression. Under the situation of a large amount of magic pouring, the speed of punk instantly reached an incredible level. This sudden increase in speed in just one hundredth of a second even made punk the most The outer "kinetic energy shield" is faintly twisted.

In addition, in order to deflect the breath of the black dragon as much as possible, the summoned "shield beast" specially blocked the punk with a huge size.

But even so... When the terrible breath came, the terrible energy and acid almost hit the punk straight.

The breath of the black dragon is already extremely strong, and Ovaki lives up to its "sour throat" name. In the face of the strong acid that has undergone ultra-high pressure, the shield beast that punk hastily summoned only blocked one-tenth of it. The spell model was dissolved by acid in less than a second, and then, the terrifying acid that penetrated the shield beast rushed towards the punk without stopping.

Ovak's breathing speed was too fast and the scope was too wide. Even with the "kinetic energy push" to greatly increase his speed, this dark green breath still flew past the punk's arm.


Even if it was just wiped, the strong acid still left two large holes in the two layers of punk defense, and the energy of the outermost "kinetic energy shield" was directly corroded by the acid.

In the end, the acid that swept across the punk and hit the ground instantly created a huge basin of billowing white smoke on the battlefield. So far, the first wave of Ovakin's attack has come to an end.

"Don't want to run, you can't run away"!

Seeing that his breath hadn't hit the enemy, Ovaki didn't give up. He opened the mouth of the blood basin full of sharp teeth at the fastest speed, and then stretched out his head to bite the punk.

It can be seen that facing three master-level powerhouses at the same time, even the nineteenth-level black dragon dare not care, this guy has made up his mind to solve the opponent's strongest spellcaster at the beginning of the battle.

But... Ovakin's wish was destined to fail.

Just as the black dragon stretched its head forward to bite the punk flying at high speed, a light spot that was extremely small but extremely dazzling compared to the black dragon fell like a meteor to Ovakin's neck.

"Ovakin-sore throat, feel the pain of being severed."

There is no doubt that Gioni-Zodas made a bold move!

The man who was ignited by revengeful anger in every drop of blood did not lose his mind. He calmly seized the opportunity when Ovak had revealed his flaws in pursuit of punk. The battle had just begun, and Gioni used it at the same time regardless of the load "Jump Slash" and "Charge", under his sudden burst of full force, even Mira's brilliance was eclipsed by the paladin's vindictive light.

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