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Netheril's Glory Chapter 361

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 Chapter 361: Ovakin's lore.
Seeing a series of five small scrolls with magical auras shining blindly suddenly appeared, Punk immediately stopped the release of all spells and activated any door solidified on the robe without hesitation.

I have to say that Ovakin is really a very powerful master-level spellcaster. Its various methods are completely different, including the hole cards. It is also very outrageous, although punk knows that Ovakin is 80% It is very possible for a spellcaster who specializes in enchantment and conjuration to take out a bunch of scrolls "Krypton Gold" to kill the enemy in an emergency... But now the scroll used by this black dragon still surprised punk. .

Master scroll! The top one! It was made to exist as a strategic weapon. Converted into gold coins, each one could buy a small city. At this time, Ovak made five consecutive shots in one breath.

Okay, that's fine, the key is... After feeling the mana fluctuations of the five scrolls, punk discovered an even more shocking fact.

"Magic compression! What is sealed in the scroll is a magical compression spell".

Seeing that the five scrolls began to emit a little bit of surging magical energy, punk once again found that he had underestimated the "monster" Ovaqin.

Everyone is a mage, and punk can have super magic skills. Naturally, Ovak can also do it. Although it seems that this black dragon can't use super magic skills as skillfully as punk in actual combat, but this does not hinder Ovak. Because when making the scroll, add some magic power to increase the power.

Spells with super-magic skills and spells without super-magic skills are completely two concepts. After blessing this method that can greatly increase the power of spells, the five scrolls floating on Ovak’s chest also immediately changed from "dangerous." "Rose to the level of "fatal danger".

"Thugs who dare to invade my sacred kingdom, your victory will never be reached"!

Accompanied by the taunting threat of the black dragon, a series of five hazy white brilliance spells broke free from the five scrolls in an instant.

"Master-level Conjuration Spells——Bigbai Juli Palm"...five in a row!

I saw a series of five five-meter-high huge energy palms smashing punk one after another with the terrifying power of the broken mountain. That's right, the five big slaps released by Ovakin didn't fall and all smashed into punk.

"Damn it! It's not fair, you just shoot me like you"!

The punk, who had just stepped out of any door, saw the "wall" made up of five Bigby's hands flying towards him in the next instant, and the punk who had never expected such a situation was almost stunned.

Although as the only "high IQ" caster in this three-person team, Punk knew that he must be Ovakin's first elimination target, but he still did not expect that this black dragon would rather ignore and cling to his head and cut more and more. The vigorous Gioni also attacked himself.

Through the translucent energy body of Bigby’s big hand, punk even saw that Gioni had already split the last layer of Ovakin's shield. Then, the golden yellow blade of the paladin had already slashed against the black dragon. The front paws are on.

But even so, the giant dragon turned his head and opened his dragon's mouth, ignoring the blood rushing from the wound on his right paw.

"Roar"! !

The wave-like breath of the dragon flew towards punk immediately following the "Bigbai Palm". This is the full breath of Ovakin, who has the name of "sour throat," and the dragon's breath coordination is already in sight. "Big by the giant palm", punk found that he was actually caught in a lore, a lore set by Ovakin trying to be cut off by a dragon claw by Gioni!

"It's okay for Bigg to worship the giant palm, but...it's really going to be over in the breath of the dragon's breath, although it is a waste of playing the hole cards so early...but there is no choice."

In the face of the upcoming lore, punk's psychology has no fear or panic, but only further planning and analysis. As a spellcaster who no longer has the emotion of fear, even if he sees the giant hand that crushes space all the way to him, punk will not produce any unnecessary emotional fluctuations. Everyone is a master. Or, who doesn’t have a hand or two of hole cards?

"Bigby Giant Palm" is a very lethal pure offensive spell. Even in the series of violent spells of "Bigby Giant Hand", "Bigby Giant Palm" is definitely among the best. Exist, the big hand slapped in the sky has a terrifying speed of fifty or sixty times the speed of sound, and the huge attack area is even more difficult for the enemy to evade. The most tricky thing is that its attack can also distort the space at the same time, so, When the five big hands covering the sky and the sun came together, punk couldn't use the "any door" to escape again.

But......in the midair that was squeezed into a vacuum by the "Bigbai Palm", the azure blue magical brilliance in the pupils of punk suddenly lit up! Seeing that the big hazy white hand had touched his magical protection, the corner of Punk's mouth evoked a sneer.

"Ovacin-Sour Maw, your strength is really beyond doubt, but...on this ever-changing battlefield, how can this strength be the beginning of your failure?"?

Suspended in the distorted and shattered space, the punk with an indifferent expression carefully took out a small gray wooden box. At this moment, the scenery in the entire space, including the master robes on the punk, began to be due to chaos. The torrent of energy distorted and shook, but only this small box in punk's hands has never shuddered at all.

"Hitzita's Magic Box-Walkin's Improved Ruby Shield"!

"boom"! !

After the "magic compression" strengthened, the power of the "Bigby Juli Palm" has reached a frenzied level. When the solid energy slaps itself, punk feels the terrifying ultra-high pressure shock wave. After going through seven layers of magical defense, at least half of his bones were smashed. Then, when all the energy of the "juli palm" was released, not only was punk shot into a crater tens of meters deep, but also him The seven-layer magic shield on his body has been smashed to pieces by abruptly.

It stands to reason that with the remaining three layers of punk magic protection that is not aimed at spell attacks, it is absolutely impossible to withstand Ovakin’s full breath, even a punk whose soul is under the palm of "big power". Immediately release powerful spells.

According to Ovakin’s script, punk will be corroded by his dragon’s breath in the huge crater filled with smoke and dust, and then, even if he breaks one arm, he can do it without much effort. Rachel and Gioni, two brave guys.

However, what Black Dragon didn't know was. His abacus had actually fallen through from the beginning.

Through the heavy smoke and dust, Ovakin's eyes clearly caught the punk figure, seeing that the deadly dark green poisonous breath was about to hit the dull punk of the defensive spell, Ovakin's mouth was even Sketched out a smile representing victory!

But... in the next instant, the relieved "smile" on the black dragon's mouth suddenly turned into a shocked disbelief and... shocked!

"how can that be"!

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