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Netheril's Glory Chapter 308

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Chapter 308 Mengbei-Windbeak.
Regarding punk’s request to go to the Howth Mountains, Adada’s attitude is really intriguing, although punk can see from the deserted customer platform and the insignificant number of goblin technicians that this flying port should be in a stage of rest and closure. , But he didn't think the reason of "rest time" would make Edada, the timid goblin, refuse the request of the two master mages.

Of course, the punk who shows doubts will not change to another flying port just because of Adada's obvious shirk.

On the contrary, the more Adada shied away from it, the colder punk looked at Adada, who was constantly boasting about how luxurious his brother's airport was in an attempt to cause trouble.

Finally, after listening to this goblin’s nonsense, Punk then gave Adada a deep command in an unquestionable tone:

"Goblin, there are only two choices before you now. First: immediately turn on the airship and send us to the Howth Mountains, and explain your refusal to my satisfaction.

Second: "Missing" at your door with your family after a while.

After speaking, the punk stared blankly at the goblin no longer talking.

Facing the almost naked threat of punk, Adada almost shivered and looked at Bin Rachel with a helpless expression of collapse. Although he saw Bin Rachel’s arrival for the first time, he felt that he knew Bin Rachel. The mage was a wrong choice, but now Edada is counting on bin Rachel to plead.

But this goblin was destined to be disappointed. Although Bin Rachel was smiling, he was just as curious about his refusal with this goblin.

So the fat old man also learned punk and looked at Adada without any words.

The gaze pressure of the two master-level powerhouses is really not normal, especially the punk eyes make Adada feel like he has a sense of horror like falling into an ice cave. With many years of business experience, Adada can be sure that if he Today, if you don't mention a Zi Chou Yinmao, that punk's threat just now is not just a "threat." After all, it is impossible for him to be a small flying port person in charge against the master-level powerhouse of the legendary organization.

Edada had no choice but to sigh heavily, and then began to narrate with a sad face:

"Two adults, you just let the little ones go, don’t you know, there is no flying port now that dare to fly to the Hoth Mountain Range, and the one that is guarding the Moonstone Peak of the Hoth Mountain Range" Mombey-Windbeak"...it...it's crazy! Now all the things that fly there, whether it is a bird or a good person, none of the people who fly to the Howth Mountains can come back alive. A month ago, All four of my goblin airships were torn to pieces. Two of them were rented from the "Flying Trade Association". The compensation has not been paid yet... Now, the one I have left" "Luxury Carnival" is the last one, the last goblin airship that belongs to me."

Edada said with a sad expression of its "difficulties". When talking about the last "Luxury Carnival", perhaps he was thinking of the encounter with the other four airships. This goblin had a tearful nose and tears. Choked up.

Ignoring the goblin in front of him, he began to take out tissues to wipe his nose and tears, and Punk looked at Bin Rachel with some doubts.

Seeing punk’s puzzled eyes, bin Rachel immediately understood that punk was a little bit ignorant of what was happening here, so he also hurriedly delivered some information to punk:

"Mengbei-Windbeak" is a master wind thunder eagle with good intelligence. It and its tribe have been stationed on a snow mountain called Yueshifeng in the Huos Mountain range for many years. I don't know when this guy started. I specifically find the air transport merchants to collect a large amount of meat as a "protection fee". As a reward, those who have paid the protection fee can safely pass through the Howth Mountains under its shelter... But as far as I know, this guy Always talk about credit, how can you do things like killing caravans? "

Bin Rachel was also very puzzled by what Edada was saying. Although both punk and bin Rachel knew that Edada did not deceive the two through the detection of thought fluctuations, but considering that the one named "Mombey-Wind" The "Beak" Wind Thunder Eagle is a master-level magical creature. It is basically impossible to go crazy for no reason, so Bin Rachel still looked at Edada with deep suspicion:

"I said you are sure that "Mumbe-Windbeak" attacked your caravan? Could it be that the meat you handed in had a problem? Maybe someone under your coveted the eagle's egg and angered the eagles. Right".

After listening to Bin Rachel’s questioning, Punk looked at Adada with some suspicion. He knew that it was the spawning season of the Thunder Eagle, and the chicks of these magic creatures’ heart could be used as a valuable official-level magic material. It's not sure that this Edada's subordinates had greed and angered Feng Leiying.

However, the questioned Edada seemed to be very atmospheric. He even forgot for a moment that he would face two master-level powerhouses again, only to see this little dwarf say loudly in a shrill voice:

"No, absolutely not. Our Jinya clan is always the most trustworthy. No matter how greedy it is, it is impossible to violate our credibility. I guarantee that the meat we brought this time will be the freshest plateau mountain pork, and... and we How could a Fei Konggang who can't afford to even a formal powerhouse dare to fool a group of master-level magical creatures sitting on the wind thunder eagle, and we don't want to die."

Adada lowered his ears dejectedly. It seemed that he was also very puzzled by the encounter with his caravan. When he saw the final request for help from the Summoning Crystal, Adada was so anxious that he fainted.

In fact, if it wasn't for the caravans that had been torn apart by several other flying ports, Edada would have doubted whether his older brother Dadaai had secretly made a ghost.

"If you don't believe what I said, you can also ask the Mage Union. Although this matter has been temporarily suppressed by the "Flying Trade Association", I heard that they are planning to send a negotiating team to go with "Mombey-Feng". Beak "Negotiating."

In order to supplement his own evidence, Edada finally moved out of the wizard's union. Of course, this also exposed the fact that he had intelligence sources in the wizard's union...

Hearing the news from the Mage Guild, Punk turned his head once again to look at Bin Rachel, and now his eyes were very clearly questioned: "Why don’t you know what the Mage Guild knows? This is what you call "Nothing." The "intelligence level" that is not included?

Faced with punk’s slightly contemptuous look, bin Rachel scratched his head awkwardly before he recovered a punk message:

"Well... a while ago, wasn't it afraid of the Mage Union going after the black market, so my intelligence network has shrunk, rest assured, rest assured, this is just an accident, um, just an accident".

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