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Netheril's Glory Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: Unlucky Adada.
Regarding bin Rachel’s unreliability, punk said that he had adapted to it. In his heart, he no longer expected what kind of reliable help this fat old man who only knew how to eat, drink and play could provide, as long as he could play a role in battle. The lethal punk that the mage deserves feels very fortunate.

Now punk is more concerned about what happened to the Fengleihawk named Mumbe-Windbeak.

Punk knows from the mission introduction of The Truth that Joni-Zodas of the Maple Leaf Kingdom was the mission of slaying the dragon that was released about three months ago, and then only a month has passed, and one lives in the Howth Mountains. For hundreds of years, the reputable "robbers" suddenly went mad without warning. No matter how you look at this time, it is a little coincidental. Considering the confrontation between the Maple Leaf Kingdom and the Dragon Roar Kingdom behind the Howth Mountains. , Punk felt that this mission became more unusual.

"Tsk tusk, things are getting more and more interesting now, there is actually a wind thunder eagle halfway through the road, I don't know if this guy is really crazy or... there is something hidden."

Punk touched Guanghua's chin, and the thoughtful look in his eyes flashed away.

But what punk focuses on here is the enemies he may encounter, while bin Rachel’s focus is completely different.

Now the fat old man is slapping the goblin Edada on the shoulder with a very familiar attitude:

"Relax, Adada, there are two master mages, me and Mr. Sai'an. Do you still need to worry about safety? You have to think for the better. You can get your goblin airship out this time. You can go back with the feathers of Feng Lei Ying, that's a huge asset, right?"

Bin Rachel laughed as he talked, and the goblin Adak next to him was about to cry:

"I said, sir, you and Mengbei are both small and strong people that I can't afford to provoke. In the future, my business will have to pass through the airspace of Lord Mengbei. I...I can't afford to offend!

Besides, this luxurious airship of mine is just an ordinary tourist airship, without a defensive circle on it. Once you are all big men, how can my airship be kept if it fights..."

"Your words are boring, don't you think that Mr. Sai'an and I will not be able to deal with a stupid bird when we go out."

Hearing Adada's questioning, bin Rachel narrowed his eyes and glared at Adada.

Right now, the goblin who had just "refused to fight" turned pale in a short time. He only then remembered that he was facing two master-level powerhouses. In the Grey Rain Country, he said that he stomped his feet and caused an earthquake. It is no exaggeration.

In the end, Adada could only ask the last point of hope weakly:

"Otherwise, don't use my "Luxury Carnival", okay, that is my last possession..."

It's a pity that Bin Rachel ignored Adada's words gorgeously. The fat old man directly raised his head and made a look and said loudly:

"Look, see, I saw that luxurious airship, it still looks so artistic, to be honest, the tassels on it are so perfect, I really want to move it to the Mage Tower. decoration".

Punk frowned slightly and glanced at Bin Rachel, who was still thinking about the luxury airship, and said without salty or undiminished words:

"What we may have to deal with is a wind and thunder eagle. It is more important to plan a battle now than to board a luxury airship."

Regarding punk's "instructions", bin Rachel was the first to express a clear complaint:

"I said, Brother Sai'an, you have to consider my old bones that can’t fly spells. Besides, do you think I’m enjoying this? No, no, this is a disguise. Does the disguise understand? , You are still too young to know that adventurers must use wisdom to solve the enemy."

Bin Rachel still made an excuse to respond to punk while putting on a face like "I am an old man with rich experience."

However, this time punk had to admit that the "camouflage" matter is still somewhat reasonable. The strength of the wind and thunder eagle is not known for the time being, but in any case, the Horse Range is also its home field. If there is a real war, Home court advantage will bring it great convenience.

But with the help of the goblin airship disguised as a caravan, Punk and Bin Rachel can join hands to give Mombey-Windbeak a head-on attack. After all, according to intelligence, this Wind Thunder Eagle likes to do everything by himself. , So punk can also take this to see if the so-called "Mombey" who is not in a hurry is really crazy or cunning pretending to be crazy!

Based on this consideration, Punk did not show any dissatisfaction with Bin Rachel's proposal, although he was still very upset that the fat old man was simply lusting for pleasure.

So punk didn't buy too much to say anything, he acquiesced to bin Rachel's behavior, and now this fat old man and himself are still teammates, it is no good for anyone to have a relationship.

Seeing that Rachel and Punk didn’t ask themselves, they walked towards the baby airship "Luxury Carnival". The goblin Adada sighed in tears. He knew that it was useless to say anything, his goblin. This time the airship is probably doomed.

"Oh, my god, two adults, just tell me what you want. Anyway, I don't have anything left."

Adada said in a self-defeating manner.

"Well, there is indeed something else."

Punk suddenly turned his head to look at the goblin:

"We also need a guide who has enough knowledge of the Howth Mountains. If possible, I hope this guide can also have a certain understanding of Mombey-Windbeak."

Punk made a serious request to Adada, but the expression looked like if Adada hadn't found a guide, he might be stuffed into the airship's turbine by the punk.

However, some desperately desperate Edada did not refuse, he replied to punk in a hoarse voice:

"You don't need to find it, I'm the best guide. Before, I personally guided the ship every time the "Luxury Carnival" departed. Now even if it is gone forever, I have to accompany it."

Edada sorted his clothes and followed Bin Rachel to the goblin airship, his mouth still muttering to himself:

"Oh my god, I know much more about the Howth Mountains than in my bedroom, and I am also very surprised, why Master Mombey wants to ruin my life's hard work, I only eat more meat every year? …………"

Watching Adada and Bin Rachel both walk towards the luxurious airship, Punk looked far away at the "Luxury Carnival" hidden in the clouds, which was a circle larger than the ordinary airship, as expected, as Adada said. , This airship is purely a luxury for tourism, and even punk believes that he can shoot it from the sky without a formal spell.

"That's not bad."

Punk squinted against the gray sun:

"Mengbei-Windbeak, he probably wouldn't have thought that there would be two master-class powerhouses on a weak airship. As long as some traps are secretly arranged, then if the wind thunder eagle strikes, he will never want to go back. ".

Thinking of many insidious, powerful, or powerful and insidious trap arrangements, punk also strode to keep up with bin Rachel.

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