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Netheril's Glory Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Goblin Airship.
Although bin Rachel sat on the Griffin with the look of "I can’t use spells, I’m reasonable", punk really has nothing to do with him. He can’t just give away the magic model of "speed flying" just to rush. Ben Rachel.

In fact, after reaching the master level like Osama bin Rachel, there are not many master-level wizards except for the bad street spells. It is more common for them to figure out what kind of magic they need to go after even if they need to conduct research. Studying or buying scrolls, as for punk, no matter what kind of research you can do, you can choose from a bunch of spells, you can’t even think about it. After all, the more advanced the spell model, the more expensive it is, the more you cherish it, no matter what organization you are in In, master-level spell models are not arbitrarily redeemable.

Therefore, most wizards face some situations where they can use whatever they use. If they are not useful, they will be used. If they are not, they will give up. There are countless spells to choose from, such as punk. The mage is really incredible.

But watching Bin Rachel sitting on the back of the Griffin, one after another, the greasy Bin Rachel who took out the drumsticks from the storage ring, punk felt that this guy was just for enjoyment.

Seeing that he has been flying high in the sky for more than an hour, but bin Rachel still has a leisurely outing attitude, punk can't help but question:

"Mr. Nocanney, where exactly is the "flying port" that can safely and comfortably take us to the Hoth Mountains?"

After flying slowly in mid-air for so long, punk was already a little displeased. He accepted Bin Rachel’s suggestion only because he was too unfamiliar with the Grey Rain country’s own Huos Mountains, plus Bin Rachel said that he could find familiarity. People are just leading the way.

But now it seems............Benra is not reliable.

After hearing the displeasure in the punk voice against the sound of the wind, Bin Rachel wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his robe, and then "thrown a ball" down a small pile of chicken bones while chewing the chicken vaguely. :

"Zhi Shi (what anxious), Zhishi (what anxious)...Guru...The young man can't hold his breath now, and the black dragon won't run away. As a mage, he must hold his breath... "

"If you don't go around the corners, wouldn't you not be able to speak"?

"Well...I know a goblin in Golden Tooth City. That guy has the fastest and most comfortable goblin airship in the entire Grey Rain country. Believe me, you will like the service of luxury airships. I promise it depends on spells more than you. Flying day and night is much more interesting."

"The key is...how long will it take for your Golden Tooth City to fly to?"!

Punk was very upset about Bin Rachel's behavior of slowing down in pursuit of enjoyment. He was still a little worried about Anya who was staying in the apprentice villa of Thinking of Truth... or it was the strange eyeballs on Anya.

But this kind of thing must not be seen by people. On the surface, punk is still in the ranks of "free" wizards. It is not appropriate to behave too quickly, but now he is tired of the riding journey that he hates very much. .

"Really, the view of the sky is so good.........well, after crossing the two mountains, we arrived. We flew diagonally, and landed along the back mountain of Golden Tooth City to reach the Feikong Port directly."

Seeing punk's eyes were already a little cold, Bin Rachel finally didn't hit haha ​​again, he pointed to the Jiang Xun mountain range in the distance and said with vows.

--------Dividing line------

Bin Rachel’s statement is actually very problematic, because there is a large jungle between the two mountains he is talking about.

As a result, the punk flew in the sky for three hours, and had to call the griffon repeatedly before reaching the flying port mentioned by bin Rachel (the trainee-level summoning spell-"Summon the griffon", lasting one and a half hours) .

But in any case, after a wading flight, Punk and Bin Rachel finally set foot on the ground of this so-called "best" flying port.

"Adada, come out quickly, congratulations, your luxury airship is going to come in handy again"!

As soon as he reached the ground, after sending his precious griffin to fly back, Bin Rachel blessed himself with a "sound amplification" and shouted loudly.

No wonder bin Rachel greeted people by shouting. I don’t know why. The current flying port looks empty, with only a few small goblin airships floating in the air. The huge port except for a few goblins in work clothes beating. There is not a single passenger outside.

However, no matter how deserted Feikonggang is, now that two master-level mages have arrived, it is impossible that Feikonggang's master will not come out to welcome them.

Fortunately, this time the flying port didn't make punk wait long.

When the voice of buying Ben Rachel almost fell, I saw the tallest and most dexterous airship with a string erected on it, and a little green-skinned dwarf slid down on it. Goblin.

"Oh, Lord Bin Rachel...oh, and unknown adults, welcome you to visit my airport, introduce yourself, I am the person in charge of the airport-Adada-Gingya".

This goblin in a silk robe respectfully walked up to Bin Rachel and Punk, then took off his hat and bowed and said:

"Dear two adults, I just bought some delicious red sand sea scallops there. The chef of my family is very good at making seafood dishes. Of course, I also look forward to the taste of the two masters."

Without waiting for Bin Rachel to speak, Adada hurriedly lowered his head and talked about food. He looked a little panicked. Obviously, this guy didn't welcome Bin Rachel and punk at all.

However, neither bin Rachel nor punk are obviously interested in Pangbei. This time, before bin Rachel spoke punk, he said directly to Adada:

"You don't need to taste the food. We need to go to the Howth Mountains as soon as possible. I heard that you not only have fast airships, but also guides who know about the Howth Mountains."?

No matter when, the cold punk voice is very shocking. After Edada was taken aback, she quickly started shaking her head:

"No, no, this... these are just... just..."

Originally, Edada wanted to say that what punk said were unfounded rumors, but when he turned his head and saw that bin Rachel was watching him with a smile, Edada had to answer in frustration:

"Well...I did say this...but...but this is just a commercial promotion, if...if the two adults want to go to the Howth Mountains, I recommend my brother-Dadaai, he The goblin airship is faster, more luxurious and..."

Hearing that punk was about to take an airship to the Howth Mountains as soon as punk opened his mouth, Adada's face changed drastically, and he hurriedly refused almost tremblingly. He was almost blue in fright when he saw his appearance.

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