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Netheril's Glory Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: Set off.
The cold wind whizzed in the ears, and the clouds and mist lingered beside him, penetrating through a thin layer of cloud. In the eyes of punk, everything on the ground has been shrunk and exquisitely, only the light beam of the magic tower is still emitting straight into the clouds. Bright, the gray swamp that was originally huge in the sky looks like a small piece of handkerchief covering the green Mossa Plateau, and it is very compact.

It is very normal to see such a scene, because at this time punk is flying on the clouds of a thousand meters high in the sky, but this time he did not rely solely on the spell "Out of the Air", and he rode a light cyan. Great griffin with feathers.

After tidying up the feathers of the griffon, punk calmed the griffon's anxious soul with some discomfort.

Seeing this summoned creature Griffin with a virtual soul with humanized irritable eyes, Punk shook his head helplessly:

"Sure enough, I'm still not good at riding these summoned creatures. They seem to be more suitable for use as a tool of war rather than a vehicle."

"The people who invented spells just don’t know how to enjoy it. Let’s see what model they like to add to the virtual soul? In addition to all kinds of violent and killing instincts, it’s a violent fear of death and perish. It’s not interesting. Isn’t it good for you to develop a spell that you can use to enjoy?"

The person who took the punk talk was undoubtedly Bin Rachel who flew side by side with punk.

This guy is also riding a griffin now, but the griffin under his butt is not a summoned creature, but a genuine golden-eyed ink feather griffin.

The feathers of this griffin look warm and soft with a sound, but with some ink-colored down, it is more artistic than pure white. Its flight is not rushed and stable, so that Ben Rachel can sit on its back. Eat roasted chicken drumsticks while drinking.

According to Bin Rachel, the blood of this griffin is the purest "ink feather", and his character is notoriously docile. He spent thirty exchange points at auction to buy this griffin. .

However, no matter how Bin Rachel emphasized the so-called enjoyment, punk only felt that this "enjoyment" was a waste of time and resources. It took 30 exchange points to buy a griffon that was not capable of being a trainee! Only a guy like bin Rachel can do such a thing.

As for Bin Rachel’s "no one invented spells suitable for enjoyment"... Punk wanted to tell him that those spells disappeared during the Netheril period, but they generally have no practical use and no skills. The content, but the spell model that I have made is very complicated, so it is not only the "motivated spellcasters" including Vedraxia that were dismissive of them, even the current punk is unwilling to waste time learning and Use (Never admit that I am not good at riding!).

Punk agrees very much with the words of Hassan, the great austrian in the era of Netheril: "Only a spell that can make a mage stronger is a good spell. The spell of pursuit of pleasure is just a plaything!"

But punk didn't have the mind to argue about these things with this fat old man who likes to enjoy. After completely ignoring Bin Rachel's answer, punk just injected magic power to strengthen the control of the summoning griffon.

Displeased with the slow "turtle speed" of the griffon which is only about three times the speed of sound, while feeling the instinctive will to summon the virtual soul of the griffon and eager to fight, punk also absently watched the green fields under the high altitude shrink into plush. The fluffy cloth slowly faded away, and when the wind blew, he could still keenly smell the spice of bin Rachel’s mouthful of chicken thighs............ At this time, punk couldn’t help but have a helpless question: "How to say What about a good adventure?"

This matter also starts with the cooperation between punk and bin Rachel in the mission hall.

In fact, when bin Rachel did not hesitate to put forward the request to participate in this dragon slaying mission together, it was only then that punk knew that the fat old man bin Rachel was worse than the lost self in this black market crash. , At least punk himself is still not losing or earning, but Bin Rachel actually accompanies all his wealth in.

Bin Rachel, who was even poorer than punk and even owed a foreign debt, had to do the task, but he guessed that punk 80% would also choose to use the task to earn exchange points, so this fat old man who was afraid of risk came to the task hall early. Waiting for punk.

He was hesitant to "invite" punk to bin Rachel's team.

According to the information leaked by bin Rachel, the black dragon named Ovakin-Sourmaw is stronger than expected, and since Jonny Zordas, who released the mission, has not clearly stated these concerns, it shows that he It's not the kind of naive paladin, if you treat him as the kind of novice who believes in one's mind, in the end, it may not be anyone who will kill him.

To sum up, no matter how you look at it, this dragon slaying mission is not the kind of work that goes out to fight and finishes the fight. Whether it is the target of the mission, Ovakin-Acid Maw, or the mission’s principal Jonny-Zodas, it represents With an independent kingdom, there is a huge power and intelligence network in the area of ​​the Hoth Mountains, and a person who rushes in the past can easily be regarded as a cannon fodder.

But if Osama bin Rachel and punk team up, the situation is different. After all, whether it is Gioni-Zodas or Ovakin-Sourmaw, they are just a single master, facing two thinking of truth. No matter how the master mages won't have the upper hand.

There is already a punk who silently glanced at this smiling fat old man. Although he was very dismissive of Bin Rachel’s attitude towards life, he had to admit that the current Bin Rachel was a 17th-level sculpting expert mage. The cast level is even one level higher than that of punk, so the strength should not be underestimated!

The most important thing is that the powerful intelligence network that "can inquire about Kirkweilun's old lover's gossip" in Bin Rachel's mouth is what punk lacks and needs. He really dare not go to talk with him without knowing anything. The dragon is fighting!

So after careful consideration, punk hesitated to agree to Bin Rachel’s cooperation invitation, and agreed on the spot that the exchange point and the spoils would be divided into five to five as the "old method", but Bin Rachel’s intelligence must be free for punk Provided, this point exists as compensation for Bin Rachel’s last unilateral breach of contract!

This is how it works together. As for why two people are now riding a griffon to a port city... This is because Bin Rachel can't fly spells.

Don’t get me wrong, he just doesn’t know how to fly with special flying spells like "speed flying", not flying. In fact, Osama bin Rachel can release a "flame jet" behind him to achieve ultra-high speed flight like Astro Boy. But in this case, from the ground, the strong light of the "flame jet" is absolutely comparable to the magnified Chikasa (the sun). The high temperature will burn out all the flammable items along the way, causing widespread panic. certain.

There is no way, in order to take care of Bin Rachel, a strange creature who specializes in shaping other spells, punk can only accompany him on the griffon.

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