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Netheril's Glory Chapter 305

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Chapter 305: intelligence.
Punk was not surprised that Rachel had something to find himself. He didn’t really think that it was a coincidence that he met this guy in the mission hall who rarely appeared in the magic tower. Obviously, this fat old man was already in the mission hall. After waiting for a long time, he certainly wouldn't just complain to punk how bad he was, then he must have something to say.

But when Bin Rachel came up with the word "cooperation" without any stumbling, punk couldn't help but raise his eyebrows slightly:

"Cooperation? Mr. Nocanney, your last cooperation has just been suddenly broken. This undoubtedly reduces your credibility."

"I said, Brother Sai'an, the last cooperation was really useless... Well, I know that these things are useless, but since the irreversible things are already done, let it go, I think this. Little things will definitely not affect our friendship, right?"

Hearing punk mentioning the anticlimactic "black market trade" again, Bin Rachel scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

But this guy is obviously not the one who will be stopped by a few runs. Before punk continued to ridicule, he quickly speeded up his speech and continued speaking:

"Seriously, are you trying to trouble the black dragon? I have to say that you guy has a really good vision. As far as I know, that Gioni-Zodas is a master paladin, his The most in the Zordas family are also the paladins of the god of justice Tyr. The missions they release are basically impossible to trap..."

"Well, Mr. Nocanney, what are you going to say?"

The punk, who was no longer an expression of disinterest, did not continue to laugh at the excited Bin Rachel. After the conversation just now, he found that this guy seemed to know a lot of information. For example, the Zordas family was a Punk doesn't know this about the Paladin family.

I have to admit that after all, punk has just arrived in this “Minotaur region” for only half a year. When it comes to the mastery of various secret information and Bin Rachel, the old man who has stayed here for so many years must be It's incomparable.

Seeing that punk finally stopped putting on an impatient face, bin Rachel also smiled and slowed down:

"When I'm old, I like to find some gossip to pass the time, especially Kirk Weilun and his old lover......OK, I won't go around...

Hmm...you should know that after crossing the sea of ​​red sand, you will arrive at the "Minotaur Plain". At the end of the plain is the Hood Mountains. There are three kingdoms fighting each other endlessly, and the Zordas family belongs to the Maple Kingdom. Guardian paladin family!

But you may not know that the kingdom next to the Maple Leaf Kingdom is the Dragon Roar Kingdom. Three hundred years ago, the land of the Dragon Roar Kingdom still belonged to the Maple Leaf Kingdom, but later. A group of half-dragons from the thorn swamp, under the leadership of the black dragon Ovakin-Sourmaw, captured half of the territory of the Maple Kingdom, and also established their own kingdom-yes, it is today's Dragon Roar Kingdom-a listener It's quite a civilized, half-dragon country."

"Wait a minute! A country built by half-dragons? Are you sure it is a group of half-dragons and not lizardmen"?

Hearing the key point, Punk raised his eyebrows and made a statement to interrupt the "kingdom history" that Bin Rachel had told me like a story.

It’s no wonder that punk feels peculiar, because dragon people are not gentle creatures. They have inherited a little dragon bloodline, but also inherited the brutality and barbarism of the five-color dragon. These guys are generally regarded as very backward tribe The form lives in the moist swamp, hunting nomadic life and various bloody killings and blood sacrifices are almost synonymous with them.

In any case, it’s hard for punk to think that those guys who are on average 2.5 meters tall, like to eat raw meat, even like their clan, and have not even developed words, will actually build a country.

Think of a group of strong, half-dragon men wearing scale armor, gnawing on human legs and drinking blood while sitting in an office doing official business... This picture is too unconventional.

"Yes, it's a half-dragon"!

Regarding the question of punk, bin Rachel’s answer is very positive!

"Moreover, according to intelligence, their Dragon Roar Kingdom still has a fairly high level of development, and its national strength should not be underestimated. At least it has been fighting Maple Leaf Kingdom for three hundred years and it won't fall behind."

It's rare for Rachel to narrate his information in a serious tone!

Looking at Bin Rachel’s rare and serious look, Punk knew that he shouldn’t talk nonsense. This old man is also a master mage, and he has been operating in Minotaur for many years. The intelligence has some exaggerated elements, and the basic information will not be too biased.

Without continuing to entangle the outrageous question of why the half-dragons suddenly became civilized, Punk turned his attention back to the description of the mission.

If what Bin Rachel said is true... then this mission might not be as simple as it seems.

It is not surprising that a black dragon finds a group of half-dragons to be his men. After all, these big guys have always conquered whatever creatures they like to see.

It is not surprising that black dragons attack a kingdom. As one of the five-color dragons with a natural tendency to chaos, they may use their best to attack a certain enemy because they are bored.

But it’s a bit outrageous for a black dragon to build a country, especially since the country is still thriving. The people of the country are still half-dragons who are known for their brutality and brutality. This theoretically impossible country continues to stand for three hundred people. Years, the original owner of the land that was last hit, Maple Leaf Kingdom, had to ask for help...

No matter what the reason is, the black dragon that can do this can't be underestimated, at least it is absolutely different from its crazy, reckless, arrogant and ignorant compatriots.

Black Dragon-a terrible word, but if you add a title to the title to become "wise black dragon", it will not only be terrible, but will make you daunting!

Considering that the other party has a thriving half-dragon country as its backing, I am afraid that there will be a lot of resources and magical equipment...punk feels that he must not treat the strange Ovak with the thinking of treating regular dragons. Because-Acid Maw, at least you can't embark on the journey of slaying the dragon without knowing anything about the enemy!

Thinking of this, Punk sighed helplessly, then turned his head blankly to look at Bin Rachel:

"Well, Master Nocanni, I think your intelligence is of great value. As a benefit-oriented wizard, I think we already have a basis for cooperation. Of course, the premise of cooperation is that your intelligence is better than your last time. The business must be more reliable"!

"Don't worry, don't worry, in the Minotaur generation, there is nothing I can't hear from Rachel!"

Seeing that punk finally stopped refusing to cooperate, Bin Rachel quickly patted his chest to make a promise, and his face was restored with a generous and kind smile!

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