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Netheril's Glory Chapter 251

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Chapter 251: Vedracia (2).
In Vedracia’s apprenticeship, it was only one of the two regrets in Vedracia’s life that the practice of being ruined by the vindictive spirit had to concentrate on magic. Another of his regrets also occurred during the period of ignorant apprenticeship.

That was... the first time a love break!

Vedrasha, who is less than twenty-five years old, is just a frizzy young man. His mage talent is only average in the spellcaster academy where there are geniuses everywhere. The impulse of the teenager is in his mind. Occupying a more dominant position, coupled with the presence of an official-level mage grandfather as a backer, Vedraxia did not work hard at all during this period. The so-called learning is more of a clumsy deal.

Until the second major event happened, the future great master's focus was still on partying, drinking and playing with women.

This "self-willing and depraved" life lasted until Vedraxia was twenty years old, when he returned home during his seven school years.

This time when I went home, Vedrasha, who was still thinking about how to deal with his grandfather, heard an amazing news—the little maid he admired, Katie, is married!

This is not the worst. What makes Vedracia desperate the most is that Katie really found someone she loves and held the wedding happily. There is no persecution and unwillingness, and there is no such thing as a bloody rich man. To rob her of a good family girl, Katie fell in love and united with a young poor man who opened a brewery 100% out of her own will.

In fact, Vedracia admired this Katie who grew up with her since she was a child, but Katie did not like her childish eldest master. This world is not an online novel. The maid generally only fears her master instead of There is love, not to mention that Katie knows that she cannot be Vedracia’s partner. Katie is just an ordinary person. She has only a short life span of a hundred years, and Vedracia’s life is much longer than her. .

So after Vedracia left, Katie also naturally asked Zakas to cancel the ten-year contract signed that year.

The old patriarch, who has no emotional intelligence at all, is of course happy to see it. He knows his grandson’s admiration for this ordinary servant’s maid (it can be seen with psychic spells, but he can’t guess it). The old patriarch does not allow a worthless The woman was delaying the life of his grandson, and he was thinking about "sending" her back to her "home" if this Katie dared not leave. At this time Katie came to ask her resignation, and the old patriarch naturally agreed.

"I can make my grandson give up without letting my grandson resent. I'm so smart."

The old patriarch at that time absolutely thought so, and Vedraxia was very sure.

Vedraxia returned home excitedly, the first news he heard was that his grandfather was clever, and the woman he had booked ran away with someone. How could the young and energetic Vedraxia stand it.

Although he usually respects himself, a little stubborn little maid, he doesn’t even know how possessive he is. Vedraxia, who had lost his grudge forever under the orders of his grandfather, was directly. Erupted.

For the first time, he really worked hard to learn a spell, it was an apprentice-level prophecy spell, and then the teenager Vedrasha had a drunk drink on the night of Katie’s birthday, and he went directly to his husband with the staff. Katie celebrates her birthday happily in a small brewery.

That torrential rain night, drunk Vedrasia ignored Katie’s cry and pleading, and burned her husband to ashes in front of Katie. The hatred in his heart could not be suppressed. The more Katie begged. , Vedraxia became more angry, because he knew that he had lost Katie's heart forever.

The next day, after waking up, Vedracia did not wait for his admiration of the girl to change his mind. He only waited for his grandfather’s confinement order and... the news of Katie’s suicide...

As the heir to the magic family, Vedracia killed a poor man and only needed to hand in a hundred gold coins to be finished, but Vedracia could not forgive the mistakes he made for the rest of his life. Until ten thousand years later, it has become Vedrassia of the Great Orchestra will still grieve and blame herself when she thinks of her first childhood love.

This incident completely changed this usually carefree and rich young master. In order to make himself forget the guilt that can drive any kind-hearted mage crazy, and to punish himself like an ascetic monk, Vedrasha threw away all his entertainment. Dedicated to the study of magic.

The frantic Vedrazia showed his talent. This guy is more fascinated and magical than the craziest lich. He no longer eats three meals a day, and instead uses a week of high-concentration nutrient solution. "Food", he was promoted all the way to the master level, and he did not leave his laboratory for a full 800 years.

If his family hadn't been able to provide him with the resources to continue learning, this guy would definitely stay in his laboratory until he reached the legendary level.

This is the life course of Vedraxia until the master level. It can be said that most of the time is learning, learning and then learning. He doesn’t know anything about fighting, a master spellcaster. He didn’t know even a friend, as a master. Spellcaster, so far he has only killed one creature with his own hands, and that killing was still a killing that was too regrettable. I have to say that Vedraxia is also a wonderful work among masters.

Vedrasha has entered the master level, and his family is more prosperous. The old patriarch ran out of life when his grandson reached the seventeenth level and died with peace of mind. He was very pleased with his grandson's achievements, although his grandson He refused to be present to see him off on the grounds of being busy with the experiment.

But by this time, Vedracia’s study time has come to an end. The Zakas family who lost the old patriarch originally seemed to let Vedracia become the next patriarch, but this has become taciturn and no one can see. The caster refused without hesitation. He left the laboratory where he had lived for eight hundred years alone and resolutely walked towards the frontline battlefield of Netheril civilization.

The people of the Zakas family naturally tried their best to persuade them, and the reasons were reasonable-you have never participated in even a battle, how can you go to the battlefield?

However, Vedracia turned a blind eye to the persuasion of the people around him. Although he is now the backbone of the Zakas family, and the absolute right holder of the family, in fact, in Vedracia’s heart, his family is already incomparable. strange.

All the people he knew, including his parents, brother, and grandfather, had exhausted their lifespan and died. The richer Zakas family also renovated the old small castle entirely, and the vegetation here is against Vedrasia. They were all unfamiliar to them, and even those servants who saluted themselves respectfully didn't even know one of them.

I don't know why, at this time, Vedracia just wants to leave his family. If you stay far away, it is best not to come back again. In fact, Vedracia, who has just left the laboratory, has no sense of belonging here.

So the caster, who had become very assertive, left. He silently signed up for an ordinary army of wizards and began a war career as a "far-space scholar".

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