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Netheril's Glory Chapter 250

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Chapter 250: Vedracia (1).
After listening to the narration of the projection, not only was Punk not worried, but he let out a long sigh of relief, and a smile appeared on his face.

The fourth trial is indeed extremely difficult. The long and extremely long life of others is enough to make most "firm-willed" geniuses lose themselves, but punk alone is not afraid of this, yes, not at all.

Punk souls are evolved souls in the void. Maybe they don’t have other aspects. But in terms of “self”, punk can guarantee that even if the god seat level can be comparable to one’s own life, it’s not certain.

Long time? Is it longer than the "long" of "no time", the consciousness is obliterated? Will it be more horrible than the endless silence in the void?

So punk is really fearless. If someone can pass a trial, then punk will definitely be the easiest and most comfortable one.

"It's great, time is urgent, I think we can start."

Punk did not hide his joy, he said to the projection with a smile.

For punk’s unusual self-confidence, projection didn’t say much. It was originally a rather rigid intelligent program. The large number of soul arrays set up by the great masters in order to limit the intelligent program succeeded in losing this advanced virtual soul. For all emotions, including curiosity, since the successor asked to start the trial, it naturally has nothing to say.

In the eyes of punk, the projection just nodded very calmly, and then, his consciousness slowly blurred, the space seemed to begin to rotate, all the brilliance slowly diffused, blurred, and finally returned to darkness!

------Dividing line------

This is the end of Netheril civilization, when the war between Netheril civilization and the gods has lasted for 100,000 years.

At this time, the civilization of Netheril was still brilliant, the terrifying Phelan magic sunflower had not yet been born, the gods were vulnerable in front of the floating city, and almost every day, such and such floating city entered such and such gods to kill. The news of a certain god is talked about by people.

In this magnificent era, in this great era when the Netheril civilization is about to reach the legendary detachment level, and then detach from the entire universe, in a humble floating city, a humble magic family A little life came out.

At the end of this year’s tender season, the old patriarch Moss-Zakas, the only official powerhouse of the Zakas family, happily lifted a sleeping baby in front of the only seven members of the family. Say loudly:

"Vedrazia-Zakas, my lovely grandson, he will be a powerful spellcaster"!

The life of Vedrasha Zakas was thus doomed in a deep sleep.

Vedraxia’s talent is very good in the eyes of the old patriarch, at least better than his own "stupid" old man who has not seen a little master level threshold in his life when he is stuck at the peak of the official level, and it is not Vedra. Xia's father and his two elder brothers can't reach the level of an idiot can be compared.

Therefore, the old patriarch placed great hopes on Vedrasha. He simply gave up his glorious path to advance to the master level. After crying for the first time in his life, the old patriarch resolutely used all the originals. The resources used to assist him in the promotion are replaced with the best, the most precious enlightenment resources of the mage are used to cultivate his own "good talent" grandson.

The Zakas family’s business is to make magic potions. The old patriarch’s magic potions are absolutely high-quality and cheap. Therefore, the "Zakas potion family" is also in the official circle of the "Shadow of the Sky" floating city. Considering a small reputation, the wealth is even closer to some of the masters who have just been promoted.

Born in such a wealthy family, Vedracia’s childhood was absolutely super-high in material life. He had a luxurious room exclusively for himself, and there was a peer who was purely a playmate in the eyes of young Vedracia. The maid takes care of daily life, and the poor people may not see it once in a lifetime. There is an unlimited supply of spiritual power, magical food and snacks. It is an insult to use the term "little master" to describe Vedraxia refining. He is almost a small emperor, except He had to follow the instructions of his grandfather to complete some tasks that he considered "a waste of time". The other aspects were nothing but nothing. Apart from the majestic old patriarch, no one, including his two brothers, dared to follow him. Say "no".

The old patriarch obviously didn’t know how to educate children at all. If it weren’t for Vedrasia’s sensible little maid, who would be upset if she was upset, she would always remind that Vedracia would really become a complete one. The dude is now.

Fortunately, as a wise little mage, Vedrasha finally didn’t get awkward. His childhood was spent fighting with his little maid. Later, he went to the Mage Academy to study Vedrasha. Come, the only thing he was dissatisfied with his childhood was an old patriarch who forced himself to learn some "boring" things and eat some "disgusting" things every day.

Unconsciously, Vedrasha was already a fifteen-year-old boy. He had to get along with his beloved little maid day and night under the stern eyes of the old patriarch and bid farewell to his beloved little maid, and then set foot on a journey to a spellcaster academy. The spaceship truly enters the world belonging to the caster.

Vedraxia, who has just embarked on the path of a mage, is actually rebellious, because he does not want to be a mage at all, but like a knight like the janitor Shan Keshi, and the reason is very simple and childish-Vedra Xia thought it was cool to teach people with his fists, nothing more.

Well, how can we expect a rich young master who lives in the ivory tower every day to understand what opportunity is and what is cherish.

In the rebellious second adolescence, Vedraxia resolutely and resolutely learned the vindictiveness that was not considered at the time, and was also complacent, because he felt that vindictiveness was much easier to learn than obscure magic.

In the next fourteen years of student life, Vedraxia actually learned magic while practicing vindictiveness, and abruptly came to a magical and martial arts double practice. If it weren't for his trainee-level spellcaster instructor, he discovered this in time. One point, this future Great Austrian Master really wants a magic warrior no matter what.

Now that it has been discovered, there is nothing left to say.

Of course, Vedracia’s grandfather, the old patriarch, knew that his grandson was not a genius of both magic and martial arts. Practicing vindictiveness would only ruin the child, so he rushed over and wiped out Vedracia’s impulse. Grief, simply and rudely cut off Vedraxia's warrior path.

In fact, at that time, although Vedracia had succumbed to the majesty of his grandfather since he was a child, he showed a "painful change", but he was not happy at all until he became a great teacher, Vedra. Xia Du felt sorry for the time, not because he didn't love magic, but because vindictiveness was the beauty he longed for in childhood.

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