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Netheril's Glory Chapter 249

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Chapter 249: will.
"Slap, slap, slap"!

After Punk used the restoration spell to repair his eardrums, the first thing that entered his ears was the projection of a unique "oral applause".

This projection, dressed in a large robe, is still insincerely congratulating with a monotonous voice while mechanically applauding:

"Congratulations, successor, you have passed another difficult level."

"Don't say your congratulations, it sounds like a strong ridicule"!

Punk patted the non-existent dust on his body and stood up. Just now, the clothes on his body changed back to his original equipment in a blink of an eye. The tattered linen robe disappeared automatically, and a dark red energy charm was flowing all over his body. Wen's black hooded robe has quietly returned.

The way the clothes are changed is still without warning and sudden, but punk is now somewhat psychologically prepared for these various "suddens". He didn't make a fuss and complained to test, but calmly sorted out himself. On the edge of the hood, make sure that his pointy ears are completely blocked.

"Out of the curiosity necessary for the successor, I would like to ask, is this thing cultivated by the Great Omen, I originally thought he was a summoned creature?"!

Punk kicked the corpse of the spirit shepherd lying on the ground with his delicate leather boots, as if he was kicking a tattered doll.

This large corpse has now lost all its energy support and has become a pile of fragile bones. Punk can even make a "crash" sound when kicked up.

I have to say that as a relatively rare magical creature, many parts of the soul shepherd's body are precious magic materials. For example, these bone meal can be used to refine many high-level alchemy potions, and his semi-powered eye pupils are also useful magic Materials, if it weren't for the punk storage ring that couldn't be used, he would definitely put away the corpses on the ground as soon as possible.

However, since the soul shepherd can still leave a corpse after death, it proves that it is not a summoned creature, but a truly complete living body.

"This creature is of course not a summoned creature. It was teleported from an undead demiplane attached to this ruin."

Projection’s answer is quite natural, and every word is full of self-feeling good.

But the projection's self-feeling is really good. After all, he is not the person who played the game. The punk feeling as the person involved was not good at the time:

"Damn it... well, I've got a ghost... let me first ask, how much is this semi-planet master undead creature?"

"Of course, although there is no legendary powerhouse in a subsidiary demiplane, there are still hundreds of thousands of master-level undead."

"...The guy you summoned must have been carefully selected, right? I can think you are sure to make sure that this guy doesn't have any powerful cards? Considered some unusual situations of combat effectiveness"?

"...It doesn't matter, I believe you, heir, the help provided in the trial space "in theory" can deal with all creatures below the legend"!

"God, what if this guy's strength is higher than your estimate, and it bursts out so that I can't hide and get killed in seconds"?

"Then it's dead, what else can I do?"

"............ You said so reasonable, I was speechless......"

Punk resisted the urge to activate the energy cone for this projection. How strict is this guy's test? Sure enough, the Great Austrian Master built this place to cheat people, right!

But it doesn’t make sense to say this until now, on the one hand punk has passed, on the other hand...

"The designer of the Big Maze doesn't follow the routine, can I get swollen? I'm also helpless."

Looking at the projection of the 10,000-year-old fish face, punk didn't bother to argue with this guy. He knew that no matter how ridiculous this damn trial was, he would have to follow it. Who made this place? That is, the generous rewards are worth comforting!

"Very good, now I am also recovering. I think we can carry out the last trial as soon as possible. To be honest, I already miss the delicious fruit pie."

The punk spread out his hands in a seemingly unlovable way.

Speaking of fruit pie, punk really likes it. As a semi-prime elves, he likes food such as fruit very much. To make it easier to eat snacks, fruit pie is the only "entertainment" he spends an hour learning. Project", now his storage ring still contains several pieces of fragrant fruit pie that was baked a week ago.

However, the hope is not fulfilled, and the fruit pie that punk has a little hoped for may be destined to be indefinitely.

"I don't know if you are lucky or the unlucky successor, the next trial is a little bit different from what you think"!

"Not the same? Are you sure it's just a little bit"?

Hearing the projected answer, punk couldn’t help raising his eyebrows. He didn’t have any premonitions about the punk level of the Netheril civilization relics. Punk could be sure with the words of the projection—take it. It's not difficult to know the trials that come down, but the degree of strangeness is definitely high enough.

The facts gave punk a calm response-you guessed it right, and there is no reward.

"The next trial is a trial of will. You will directly enter the memory of a learned great Austrian teacher, and then in the first person, you will experience a total of 24,000 years of life from his birth to his fall on the battlefield. .

But don't worry, because the time in memory accelerates, the life you actually consume only needs 460 years "just"!

During this period, the knowledge of Vedraxia-Zakas, the erudite great Austrian teacher "far-space scholar", will also be learned by you. At the same time, this knowledge is the first stage of inheritance."

"In other words, is the trial of the will included?"

Punk asked.

"Yes, what you have experienced is not just the learning process of a great Austrian teacher, but also all the memories and emotions of this strong man in his long life, from small to large, meticulous and omnipresent, if you can If you are not lost after experiencing a period of economics that is the same as real life, then you can prove that your will is qualified."

"That's it, this is really... a difficult test"!

Punk muttered to himself solemnly and softly.

You must know that humans are actually fickle creatures. After more than ten years of different environmental changes on the earth, a person will become completely unrecognizable. Those who have dreamed to the end but are lost in the mediocrity don’t know. Fanji.

But now, facing a high-level life that is complete and meticulous, and has a life span of 24,000 years, if a creature can maintain itself, it can no longer be described as a genius. It should be called a genius. Monsters, monsters through and through!

The current situation is that as long as the Netheril civilization is "monsters", ordinary geniuses are not seen by those great wizards. Compared with the final trials, the previous trials are not difficult at all, and can only be said to be. "Genius" is just an entry.

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