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Netheril's Glory Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: Anti-kill.
The brilliance of an instant, the passing of an instant, a collision in an instant.

It is really appropriate to use the above sentence to describe this "kinetic energy cone" of punk.

The purple streamer is like fireworks flying across the sky. Under the package of the "Master Amplification Technique", even in a vacuum environment, the "kinetic energy cone" that instantly doubles in speed still leaves a little bit of bright light. Carrying a little hazy color energy, the dark purple cone the size of a finger just hit the "negative energy finger" with almost the same speed in mid-air.

The purple kinetic energy and the gray-black negative energy collided fiercely. Based on the center of the collision, the entire test field was swept away by fragments of energy, and the space at the center was even more collapsed. Once it was surrounded by a brilliant circle The ring of black dots flashed in mid-air. It was a scene produced by the distortion of light after the space was torn apart.

At the moment, punk successfully intercepted the attack of the soul shepherd, and now the blow full of anger has become a cloud of negative energy fog that is not threatening although the temperature is below zero, and the wind is charging fast. The element easily cut away the gray-brown energy mist, and the second sharp tooth resentment who followed the wind element even got a certain supplement from these negative energy.

The attack of the soul horror is forcibly added with a cooldown time, so in a sense, every spell of the soul horror is more precious than punk’s spells, because punk has the opportunity to have a short time after a spell fails. A spell was issued to remedy it, and after a spell by the soul shepherd was wasted...In the next three seconds, it could only be stuck in place like a wooden stake and stared.

Now, punk’s spell interception has successfully destroyed an attack plan of the soul shepherd. In the next three seconds, the soul shepherd who has lost the casting method and two fangs of the grieving soul follower is a large size. Dead target.

Although the layer of "negative energy surrounding" on its body made the target's firmness maddening, it would be helpless if its punk didn't have a master-level method. But at this time, the wind element and the sharp tooth resentment rushing to the soul shepherd are completely master-level summoned creatures. Although they are in a bad state at this time, they are more than enough to break the defense of the soul shepherd together.

Staring at the wind element and the sharp-toothed Wraith with the three eye pupils burning with the raging soul fire, the spirit shepherd finally gave up the plan to cast spells. The speed of these two summoning creatures is too fast, and the distance is now It’s only a second and a half since the last time it cast the "Negative Energy Finger". These two monsters can attack unscrupulously for one second, and the Soul Wrangler, who is a complete ranged warlock, cannot fight melee with two specializations. The summoned creatures compete against each other.

The punk's order was loyally executed by the two summoned creatures. The Sharp-toothed Wraith personally summoned by the soul shepherd was the first to pounce on it. Hundreds of shining sharp teeth bite into the negative energy of the soul shepherd. On the protective cover.

For the Sharp-toothed Wraith who is good at breaking energy defenses and can absorb negative energy, the "negative energy surround" spell on the soul shepherd is more like a very large and thick cake, it does not take much time to turn into a snake shape The Sharp-toothed Wraith immediately penetrated the barrier formed by the negative energy, and a small hole was also bitten out of the originally tightly-fitting negative energy shield.

Next, before the soul shepherd mobilized negative energy to block the hole, the sharp arm of the wind element slammed into the soul shepherd's neck like a dagger ready to go, and stayed inside with it. The sharp tooth resentment was also pierced!

The attack of the wind element did not pierce the core of Sharptooth Wraith's spell, but it was just right at the heart of the soul shepherd!

That's right, unlike most undead creatures, the soul fire on the head of the soul shepherd is just a confusing illusion, and its real fire is actually hidden in the third joint of the soul shepherd's neck.

The blade of the wind element is as fierce as any swordsman master, and the praise of "a little bit of cold light" is not enough to describe the murderous blade!

Losing the only layer of negative energy protection, the fragile half-skeletal and half-energy body of the soul shepherd was easily pierced by the wind element with full force, and the flickering soul flame was nailed to the neck of the soul shepherd and swayed violently. stand up.

It's over!

In the battle of the strong, even if the battle has been deadlocked for several days and nights, a little mistake is still enough to make the victory and defeat be separated instantly, and now, the "encounter" of punk and the soul shepherd is also time to come to an end.

The soul shepherd who was pierced by the soul fire looked at the wind element in disbelief. The "negative energy finger" that it was ready to release in the next second slowly collapsed into pure negative energy. , And the gaze of the soul shepherd started to become cloudy a little bit...

It was actually looking at the punk through the translucent body of the wind element, only to see the black mist on the face of the soul shepherd dissipated a little bit, revealing a pale skull with its mouth wide open.

In the next second, a sentence full of negative emotions such as anger, unwillingness, resentment, hatred, despair, etc., roared out in the deepest voice of the soul shepherd's throat:

"Kaya, Juzi shaved, and Oppai forced the cola, oh, oh yeah!

(Dead Words: No, this is impossible, this is not a fair battle at all)"!

Hearing the roar of the soul shepherd, Punk stared coldly at the soul shepherd who hadn't left the center of the proving ground until this time. His voice was colder than that of the soul shepherd, a downright undead:

"Villing Launay Hughes, Di, Motomo Oh Fern!

(Dead Words: Your fairness is meaningless in the face of survival and profit, child, you are so naive)"

Afterwards, there was no chance for the soul shepherd to leave a last word, and under the order of punk, the elemental energy of the wind exploded suddenly on the blade.

The violent elemental energy of the wind exploded directly in the soul fire of the soul shepherd. This soul flame that had been dwindling and dying finally turned into a blooming light spot under the cutting of countless small wind blades, completely in this world. Lost track.

At the same moment when the wind element completed the beheading, the Sharp-toothed Grievous Soul, which was still devouring the remaining negative energy crazily, also turned into a black mist and disappeared. This made punk once again confirm two facts:

First, the soul shepherd cannot cancel the call of Sharptooth Wraith.

Second: The soul shepherd is indeed dead!

After all, what punk "controls the summoned creature" usurped was only the control of the summoned creature. Now that the soul shepherd dies, the sharp-toothed resentment it summoned will naturally disappear.

"It's really troublesome, I finally got this guy done, what about the projection? Come out and collect the corpse!"

After confirming that the soul shepherd was really dead and couldn't die anymore, Punk calmly cancelled the summon of the wind element, and then he casually dropped the lantern in his hand and leaned against the wall and sat down.

I have to say that this is the most uncertain and thrilling battle he has ever fought. Any mistake will lead to a complete disaster. Even punk feels a little tired after the mental strain that lasted for such a long time. So he doesn't mind using words to tease the dull projection to relax!

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  1. «Кая, Джузи побрились, а Сиська заставила колу, о, о да!
    (Мертвые слова: Нет, это невозможно, это вообще нечестная битва)»!
    Да, я действительно поверил что именно это он и сказал


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