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Netheril's Glory Chapter 252

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Chapter 252: Vedracia (3).
Although Vedracia’s war career was short but dangerous enough, the reason was not because of how dangerous the battlefield he faced. Those old wizards who had experienced massive battles could see Vedracia’s rookie nature at a glance. In order to make this The guy has a chance to survive or don't hold back other people. The wizard group that Vedraxia is arranged to join is actually a battlefield logistics role.

But at that time, Vedraxia was also a master-level spellcaster no matter what, and also put on a "I am reliable" (taciturn) appearance, so he was logically assigned the position of team leader.

But I’m afraid that the head of the wizard group did not expect that Vedraxia is a master-level spellcaster, but at the same time he is also a master-level stunner. If there is really a career of stunner, then Vedraxia's stunned green professional level is definitely much higher than his mage level, and I am afraid that there is only a thin line between reaching the legend.

In any case, Vedraxia, who was immature and stunned, stepped onto the battlefield with anticipation, yes, it was anticipation.

Remember the childhood dream of Vedra Xia? He once wanted to be a soldier.

In the face of battle, some people will be cowardly, some will be brave, some will be cowardly and cowardly, and some will be cowardly and courageous, and Vedraxia belongs to the type of bravery from beginning to end.

It was nothing before going to the battlefield, but when I arrived on the battlefield, I saw the blood of the magic war splattered, the corpses spread across the fields, the countless fireballs lit the sky, and the magical brilliance shattered the tall war golem. , Vedraxia, who was responsible for hiding behind the golem for output, immediately ignited. Regardless of the deputy captain’s dissuasion, he resolutely took his team to assume the responsibility of assault, and followed the three assault teams all the way. Behind the enemy.

That's right, Vedraxia was so immature in the stunned period. Where can you expect a nerd mage who has been studying in the laboratory since he was a child to mature?

The result of the assault is naturally self-evident. Facts have proved that Vedraxia is not a war genius at all. He was seriously injured and rescued from a war that he had never experienced since childhood, and his branch was not made in combat at all. The squad was completely wiped out.

After the war, Vedracia escaped the punishment of the military court because he insisted that he was "serious and lasting", but he was also transferred to a logistics department set up in the "City of Far Sky", and no one asked for permission. He is on the battlefield.

This incident made Vedraxia clearly realize for the first time that he is not a genius, and it is even more impossible to achieve what he wanted. There are many things that are far more difficult and complicated than he thought. He lost the opportunity to continue fighting but also grows. A lot.

Life in the logistics department is boring, Vedraxia's annual military mission is to refine a few potions, except for the rest of his time is to continue to learn.

The ascetic Vedracia still does not drink alcohol and does not touch women like in his own laboratory. He has taken a few apprentices, but Vedracia is not a good teacher. He has no intention of teaching. The apprentice was just a general role, and later he never came back after participating in a combat mission collectively.

In this way, Vedraxia has been in the logistics department for more than a thousand years, and his level has reached the pinnacle of master level nineteen.

Over a thousand years, Lengtou Qing Weidraxia has matured a lot. Although many of these maturities were learned from his apprentices who fought for resources, it was considered mature. Until this time, Wade Rasha really became enamored with magic instead of using magic as a tool to numb her to pass the time.

However, Vedrasha at the pinnacle of the master level still has no dreams. He doesn't think he can make any achievements in this life, and he doesn't realize that one day he will be able to advance to the legend and become a great master. His most wish at that time was the above. Can pay a little more bonus to buy a few magic books to read.

If nothing else, Vedrasha should practice medicine every day in the logistics department like countless logistics academies sent wizards, collecting resources for promotion to the legend in vain, and then slowly marching towards the legendary road that has lost expectations. Finally, You can't see the threshold of the legend to give up completely until you die. In the last few hundred years of life, you can find a few talented apprentices to pass on a few small spells of your own invention, and finally run out of life and die on the velvet bed.

Vedrasha himself feels that his body is like this. As a mage with little self-confidence, he is not interested in making more changes. This negative life lasts until a certain day in the cold winter of a certain year. , A key person who changed Vedraxia's life appeared.

That is a genuine and legendary spellcaster-"Fire in the Sky"-Hassan Benja!

This powerful legendary strong man was seriously injured and retreated from the battlefield. The terrifying curse from the gods made this powerful spellcaster no longer able to participate in high-intensity battles. There was not even much time left to live to save him. The method is not without, but those precious resources should be used on the "more valuable" spellcaster, unless Ha Sauna puts out a sum of money that he cannot use to exchange it, otherwise he can only wait for death in the back sadly. , After all, he is just a not-so-strong legend. In the era of Netheril, the legendary powerhouse has gone. There is no more than one, and a lot less than him.

The cruelty of the Netheril civilization has never been in doubt. Strictly speaking, there has never been such a thing as unity in the entire Netheril civilization. Except for a few people who truly love "civilization", the reason why others desperately unites to resist the gods is But it was because these gods wanted to kill everyone. The Netheril civilization was never a charity, and the Netheril era was also the most thorough era in which the principle of equivalent exchange was implemented.

Hasan, who was waiting to die, returned to his floating city. Disheartened, he just wanted to find a few disciples who had seen it to pass on some knowledge, so that he would not even leave a trace. Can't do it.

Hearing that the master of the sky city, the legendary powerhouse Master Hassan, openly recruited apprentices, many masters who thought they were talented could not wait to participate in this event, Vedraxia also passed, but it was because he wanted to Be an apprentice, just because he didn't want to be too unsocial, not seeking to go on.

The talents of the masters in Far Sky City are really not very good, but it is not surprising that Far Sky City is a thoroughly logistics floating city after all. In this age of war, talented and motivated spellcasters are good. All of them have gone to the battlefield to fight for resources, so no one wants to live for the elderly in this logistics city.

In the end, the disappointed Hassan could only find a tall one among the short ones, and barely accepted three apprentices, and Vedraxia, a caster who was barely tall, was chosen.

In this way, Vedraxia defeated thousands of competitors by accident without even realizing it, and became an apprentice to a legendary powerhouse.

In this way, Vedraxia's legendary road began so vaguely.

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