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Netheril's Glory Chapter 230

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Chapter 230: The decision of the green vine family.
"Okay, now that the time has come, everyone just listen to my thoughts."

It was Patriarch Dolan who broke the silent atmosphere in the meeting secret room. He pretended to be calm and gently sipped the tea on the table, but the trembling porcelain cup still exposed his mood.

Dolan simply put down his tea, rubbed his temples with his chubby fingers, and then said his plan almost without ups and downs in tone:

"First of all, we cannot surrender to the Kingdom of Camos. When accepting the title of nobility, the Greenvine Family declared allegiance to the Kingdom of Dylan. If we surrender to other countries, we cannot face the Church of Noble Zhong Nu The pressure of the Church of God"!

After saying this, Dolan paused and looked around a circle of elders who bowed their heads in silence. Seeing no one objected, Dolan continued:

"But at this time, the Green Vine family is extremely weak. All the troops, financial resources, and material resources invested in the "Glory Army" have been lost. Faced with the double blow of the Dylan Kingdom "Church School" and the Camos Kingdom, our Green The Teng family can’t do without backing, so...I—Dolan-Lvteng, the thirty-second patriarch of the Luteng family, proposed to surrender to the Church of Dawn. From then on I believe in the Lord of Dawn, and.........to offer to the Church of Dawn. Bewitching heretical leader-Trelinka"!

"What... Patriarch, you..."

Several elders raised their heads in shock, and even an old man stood up in surprise. At this time, all the elders' eyes were filled with disbelief.

But Dolan did not stop the narration of his plan. He overwhelmed the elders' surprised whispers with a louder voice, and faced all the elders with unshirkable and oppressive eyes:

"As long as the pastor of Chenxi Church is allowed to preach to the descendants of our family from an early age, he only needs to dedicate 80% of the family’s property, and only need to dedicate the "Glory Army" and Trelinka to the Chenxi Church. Will definitely choose to accept the Green Vine Family, and the honorable Zhongnu Church will also choose to close one eye...

"The patriarch...wait a minute...cough cough...cough cough cough cough!"

An elder finally couldn't help interrupting Dolan's hoarse words. He stood up on crutches and said to Dolan, holding back his cough:

"The patriarch...doing as you do can indeed get the protection of the Morning Light Church, but...but the title of our Lvvine Family...what about our territory of Lvvine City, the Honorable Zhongnv Church will never allow us to continue to keep...cough Ahem... Keep the title!"

"Yes, what about our knighthood? This is the hereditary knighthood that our ancestors won after fighting with the ancestors..."

"There is also the territory of Green Vine City, which has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years... Without the territory, we are still nobles, how can we maintain the dignity of the nobles..."

"Become a running dog of the church... What face do we have to meet our ancestors..."

After listening to Patriarch Dolan’s plan, the elders who were working couldn’t help but talk about it. They were all aristocratic nobles from childhood to most. Even the professionals seemed to them to be vulgar savages, who had never been a noble. People will never be able to understand those nobles' dedication to titles, territories, and so-called noble blood. Many of them would rather lose their lives than let go of their corrupting glory.

Seeing these noble elders who were arguing that they could not be ashamed of their ancestors even if they died, Duolan only felt his head hurt as if it were about to split. He forcibly resisted the impulse to wake up these stubborn ones one by one by lifting the table. The roaring voice roared:

"Enough, noisy, how to live and die with the territory? The glory of the ancestors? The noble blood? Don't you feel honored until the family is destroyed and everyone is killed? You have to wait for your descendants. Is the bloodline of being demoted to slaves precious? Or do you have the face to face your ancestors when the family is destroyed?"

Amid Dolan's roar, all the elders were silent. They also knew intellectually that Dolan's words were very reasonable, but emotionally, these people could hardly accept the ending of the Greenvine Family.

Seeing that the elders had nothing to say, Dolan stopped roaring again. His hoarse and low voice returned again. This time, Dolan did not seek the opinions of the elders any more, and he made a decision in an unquestionable tone. command:

"All the elders must immediately gather the bloodlines of the family directly after the meeting is dismissed, immediately realize all the family properties in Greenvine City, immediately recall all the private soldiers of the Greenvine family who participated in the "Glory Army", immediately disperse the bloodlines of the sidelines and leave the Kingdom of Dylan, Greenvine The family is now in a state of emergency...

Also... go back to find some businessmen to study... we may become a business family in the future...".

After speaking, Dolan slowly turned around. He walked heavy steps towards the exit of the secret room and said to the veteran soldier Beigean behind him:

"Grandpa Bigean, I'm going to trouble you again. Now we must summon a guard to capture Princess Trelinka. She is a knight at the apprentice level, and it will be hard for you to do it again."

"It's nothing, it's an apprentice-level knight, but it's a simple effort."

The veteran soldier Bi Ge'an answered without sorrow or joy, but anyone could hear the determination and solemnity in his words.

With the opening of the heavy iron door, a cold wind blew into the secret room of the Green Vine Family, and all the elders couldn't help shivering.

The older elders smiled bitterly and shook their heads. They knew that Dolan was also warning those elders who were unwilling to give up their noble status and territory. The current Lvvine family is at a huge turning point. Once internal Disagreements will be shattered, which is something no one wants to see.

Fortunately, most elders care about lives higher than territories and titles. They glanced sharply at the elders who were extremely unacceptable to reality, and then followed Dolan out of the secret room.

Before you know it, the night has once again enveloped the entire Green Vine City. The winter blizzard descended in the dark in this western border city, and the fluttering snowflakes kept flying up and down in the cold wind, and the pedestrians on the road one after another. Speeding up the pace of going home, when such a blizzard is about to arrive, even the warmer Green Vine City becomes bitterly cold, and the biting cold wind is not inferior to the northern part of the Dylan Kingdom.

The cold winter of this year is as long and cold as ever, and even the most optimistic farmers have to worry about their rations for the next year.

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