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Netheril's Glory Chapter 229

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Chapter 229:  secret meeting.
Green Vine City, in the secret room of Lord Dolan's castle.

Under the gloomy candlelight, the chubby faces of the Dolan clan linger with a lingering gloom. This patriarch, who usually looks like a kind old man, is sitting on a plain wicker chair with a kind of unreliable prestige. It seems that there is still a little bit weak and easy to talk there.

Behind Patriarch Duolan stood the only official-level strongman of the Lvteng family, the veteran soldier Beigean, and a circle of old men in dark clothes sat on the round table in front of him.

All elders, without exception, have their father-in-law wearing the badge of the Green Vine Family, and the badges are all wiped clean without exception.

These people are all the powerful elders of the Luteng family, and each has the right to interfere with the direction of the whole family. Generally speaking, these frail elderly people will gather in the Luteng family when the survival crisis of the Luteng family occurs. Secret room.

At this time, the meeting room was extremely quiet, only the deep or shallow breathing of everyone was looming, and everyone was waiting for the person sitting on the main seat-the current patriarch of the Luteng family, Dolan-Luteng, to speak. No one dared to be there. At this time, they spoke without permission, and they all knew what kind of vigor and resoluteness the fat man had hidden under that solemn mask.

Dolan looked around deeply at the elders present, and then spoke in a hoarse voice:

"As the 32nd patriarch of the Lvteng family, I now hold a secret meeting of the family under the witness of my ancestors. At this secret meeting, everyone is only allowed to discuss the specified content, and all accountability will be carried out after the crisis is over."

Dolan's tone was full of indisputability, and all the elders couldn't help but shocked after hearing the word "crisis".

Facing the elders' doubtful eyes, Duolan sighed faintly, and turned over the two parchments on the table:

"I got two bad news this afternoon... According to the emergency magic message from members of the Royal City family, Dylan Kingdom Protector Archmage Sangus and Dylan Kingdom Branch Archbishop Kasparqi were in Dylan. King Lun’s King’s City "Yaljiao City" has...

"What...this...is this true"

"How is it possible? If you die together, doesn't it mean that Kasparki also died in Yajiao City"!

"It's over, the Kingdom of Dylan is over...A master-level bishop died here...The Church of Dawn will never let go..."

"What can I do, the Honor Army has been defeated and retreated..."

"Don't panic, now Princess Trelinka is the only orthodox royal family. As long as we declare our surrender, the Church of Dawn is in the good camp after all, and they must let us go"!

Hearing Dolan’s news, the quiet chamber immediately exploded, and the elders immediately debated various methods, but most people tended to persuade Princess Trelinka to surrender to the Church of Dawn.

"be quiet"! !

Seeing the chaos of the scene for a while, the worried Dolan yelled. At this moment, the hoarse voice made the sound of candles swaying.

Hearing the patriarch's big drink, the elders suddenly remembered that Dolan had just said that he had received bad news, not one...two.

Thinking of this, even the loudest elders looked at the other parchment in Dolan’s hands with a mask of horror. It’s bad enough to know that Kasperchi and Archmage Sangus will die together. How bad is news that can be compared with such bad news?

Dolan, who was staring at more than a dozen pairs of surprised eyes, almost tremblingly picked up another parchment. He had to tell these elders--there is no worst news, only worse news:

"According to the report of the scout team following the "Nightcrawler" one day ago... they did not find the whereabouts of the Nightcrawler, but found it on the official road of the Dylan Kingdom..."

After reading this, Duolan's always sonorous and powerful words trembled involuntarily.

"...Discovered... the corpse of the envoy of the Kingdom of Camos-Kulun"!


There was a breathless silence in the conference room...

Dolan slowly put down the parchment in his hand. He tremblingly took out a vial of medicine from his pocket and drank it to stop the rapid increase in blood pressure.

After hearing this news, the elders stopped talking, and many of them took out potions and drank them to prevent themselves from fainting.

The practice of the elders of the Greenvine Family is not exaggerated at all, because the second news announced by Dolan is really terrifying, terrifying to the degree of despair.

Everyone knows that as early as when Princess Trelinka launched an uprising, the Kingdom of Camos had already wanted to take advantage of the civil unrest in the Kingdom of Dylan to attack, but after all, they had no name, and they were put on one if they attacked for no reason. The name "evil" is over.

Being labelled as evil on the plane of Faerun will attract attacks from the Church of the Good Gods and good adventurers. It is precisely because of the fact that the Kingdom of Camos is impossible to become an unknown person, Princess Trelinka will be in Camo. The Kingdom of Sri Lanka launched an uprising while eyeing the situation.

But now the special envoy of the Kingdom of Camos died on the land of the Kingdom of Dylan, and he died within a day after seeing Trelinka. It happened that he had just angered Trelinka before he left. Princess, and theoretically, the only person in the entire vicinity of Greenvine City that can pose a threat to the envoys with official-level fighters is the official-level powerhouse of Greenvine City. The wound on Kulun's body happened to be physically caused.

Now, so many "just" points to Green Vine City and Princess Trelinka, but the Kingdom of Dylan says that Cullen was killed by a thug who passed by... Who believes it! Don't mention prophecy spells, there are methods that can interfere with prophecy spells, especially when the master protector of the Kingdom of Dylan is still a spellcaster.

All in all, the Kingdom of Camos wanted to fight, and their envoy was probably assassinated by the Kingdom of Dylan. The envoy who was killed was the heir of the noble Marquis. Now the Kingdom of Camos is fighting for "dignity trampled and must fight for dignity." Declaring war on the Kingdom of Dylan in the name of, even the church of Heim, the god of justice, will not intervene, and the church of Chenxi, which ostensibly "never interfere in internal affairs", can only choose to wait and see.

The Green Vine City is located on the border between the kingdoms of Dylan and Camos. Princess Trelinka is still in this city. The burning war must be the first to burn this city. The Green Vine family cannot retreat. .

If Lvvine City depended on the kingdom’s support before the Dylan Kingdom’s civil strife, it might not have been able to fight, but now... the kingdom that has become a puppet of the Dawn Church would not send chasing troops to the ground. It’s not bad that the Glory Army is full of holes. It is impossible to resist the main force of the Camos Kingdom, which has been well-reserved for a long time.

The elders in the secret room of the Green Teng family took a human spirit who was not political, and within a few minutes, everyone wanted to understand the stakes in it, but it was precisely because they understood that all the talents could not help but become silent. .

They... don't know what to do at all, and can't think of how to keep the Greenvine Family that is about to fall.

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