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Netheril's Glory Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: Group suggestion.
Punk drank the whole "concentration potion" in one sip, and the strong medicinal power quickly dissipated in his mouth. A cool feeling quickly spread in his mind. Punk's thinking began to wake up slowly. In his senses, in the air In the breeze, the dust became unusually clear.

Without wasting time, punk immediately closed his eyes and began to recall the memories that lasted about fifteen seconds.

"Order the three demon wolves to intercept the blood claws......no problem, the demon wolf's response was very clear, the order was completely implemented, and the blood claws were successfully intercepted...no problem.

During this process, there is no abnormal magic wave, and the blood claw does not use any special abilities......a fireball is drawn across the sky......no problem...

The high temperature of the fireball evaporates the water mist in the air, and the entire battlefield illuminated by the fierce brilliance...This is not something worth noting...It is not something meaningful, it is not something..."

"Not a fart"! !

Suddenly, Punk opened his eyes abruptly, he only felt that a layer of haze in his brain was torn to pieces in an instant, and all his memories were renewed in his mind.

"Damn it, so how could it not be worth noting that the fireball suddenly flew past the big one? Who gave Lao Tzu a "hint technique"!

Punk instantly fired a "kinetic energy burst" next to him, and a demon wolf whose summon time was about to end was directly blown out. Punk was extremely rare among the roar of a large number of kinetic fragments hitting its own protection spells. Scolded out loud.

"Damn it, a master-level mind-based spell-suggestion? Or is it a less powerful "group suggestion"? If it weren't for this concentrated potion, I guess I would have to think about going next year.

Punk only felt a cold sweat all over his body. Even the master-level "cluster suggestion technique" was able to cover up such a conspicuous thing like just now so that he could not get rid of the suggestion within a few minutes, and even weak blood claw Any special feeling, this undoubtedly proves how powerful the strong man who releases this spell has.

Obviously, the effect of this "group suggestion technique" must be to make all creatures below the master level subconsciously ignore the very conspicuous fireball flying in the sky. Under the influence of the spell, all creatures whose soul level is not strong enough. The fireball that is so bright that it can be called the "sun in the middle of the night" is regarded as gravel on the roadside, and the unremarkable things such as the thin grass in the field are ignored. The minds of all creatures that perceive the fireball are aware of the fireball at the same time. It has already been affected, even the punk who is paying attention to all changes in the battlefield is no exception. All he can do is feel that his thinking is abnormal.

"What the hell is going on, isn't there any secret hidden in that big fireball, but the master-level powerhouse can't use such an inefficient and unstable way to convey secrets?"

After the terrible suggestion effect was lifted, punk began to think about what the big fireball that undifferentiatedly released "cluster suggestion" to all the creatures passing by.

"First of all, we can be sure that no neurotic master mage will use this method to deliver letters. The time for that big fireball to fly in the sky is not one or two minutes or one or two hours, and the distance it travels is not known. Long, for such a long time to maintain the release of "cluster suggestion art" absolutely requires a stable enough source of magic power and strong enough spellcasting ability. It is impossible to do it without the top master alchemy creation. No master will let it go. Precious things are flying in the sky."

Punk quickly ruled out the possibility of accidents, and he began to try to think about the circumstances under which a master might do such a thing.

"The direction the fireball flies from is...to the east, isn't there the most prosperous city cluster in the Dylan Kingdom? It seems that Wangchengyajiao City is also to the east, and the direction the fireball flies... is the west, except for Green Vine City. There is only a luxuriant forest with no margins left...".

Suddenly, punk seemed to think of something, he quickly took out the "Nightcrawler League" black card that he hadn't looked at for a long time and put it in his hand.

The black card that originally had a pitch-black luster looks ordinary and unusual at this time. The hot silver writing that once shone with a crystal luster has disappeared. There are only a few magical fluctuations between the textures, which is the most punk. What we value is.............

"Sure enough, the mana mark of the silver cane is gone"!

Punk squinted his eyes slightly, he threw away the "black card" that had become a normal black piece of paper, watching the black piece of paper flying up and down in the wind, a large number of clues connected in punk's mind. Finally, you have a correct conclusion about that nondescript fireball.

"It seems that the "Silver Cane" is indeed the "vest" of the National Protector of the Great Mage Sangues. Although I don't know why he used this identity to issue missions to the extremely unstable "Nightcrawler", but...now the "Silver Cane" The disappearance of the mark means that Sangers has given up control of Black Card... and the most likely reason why he suddenly gave up control is... he is dead"!

"The only master-level powerhouse known to the Dylan Kingdom is Sangers, and the fireball that clearly carries the power of the master-level flies over from the direction of Youyajiaocheng, but the great master of the country is usually in the palace of Yajiaocheng. Sit down, if nothing happens......the origin of this fireball is ready to come out."

"The death of Sangges is basically equivalent to announcing the disaster in Yajiao City. At the same time, the members of King Dylan, who lived in the same palace as Sangs, may not be spared. In this case, the fireball is flying in the right direction. Facing Green Vine City, and only Princess Trelinka in Green Vine City has the status of King Dylan..."

Thinking of this, punk's pupils flashed by.

"Inheritance, treasure, or inheritance... I don't believe that you release a big fireball and spend a lot of time "using group hinting" to cover up half of the kingdom of Dylan. Go all the way to find Princess Trelinka. The "gift" of value.

The gloomy weather did not affect the joy of punk. He almost immediately made up his mind to see what moths were in the big fireball. Under the influence of "group suggestion", I am afraid that no one can be like punk in such a short time. Li perceives the existence of the big fireball, which means that there will be almost no competitors in this "exploration", and 90% of the big fireball may be passed to the princess of Trelinka who has no power to bind the chicken. Your Highness.

Moreover, although punk is a bit weak now, he has the "soul nurturing spell" of the "Hitzi Tower Magic Box". After a day, he can be restored to his peak state. At that time, all the magic items will be charged, which is the green attack. He also had at least 70% certainty of Tengcheng, after all, the only official level powerhouse in Tengcheng was an eleventh level veteran.

"Sangers, Sangers, the beautiful "crowd suggestion technique" is really powerful, but it is a pity...I found out after all."

The magic vortex in punk's eyes slowly revolves again. He is not a safe caster. This kind of adventure that is not dangerous and may have huge benefits will never be missed!

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