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Netheril's Glory Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: snowstorm.
The blizzard in Green Vine City began to invade in the evening, and did not stop until late at night. Not only did the blizzard wind not reduce its momentum, but under the cover of the deep night, it became more and more violent.

Princess Trelinka was standing in front of the window of the Green Vine Castle. She opened the beautifully crafted window and felt the snowflakes coming against her face under the advancement of the cold wind, and a little bit of cool air was secreted into her heart.

As a seven-level trainee knight, even if the temperature in the room drops to more than ten degrees below zero, Trelinka will not feel uncomfortable. The reason why she only wears a thin skirt to prevent the cohesion of vindictiveness is to feel The chill in the blizzard.

Not for the so-called girly feelings, and there is no literary lyricism, but because it can make Trelinka feel sober and get rid of the awkwardness that lingers in her mind.

It has only been a day since the negotiation. Every time Treylinka thinks of Cullen’s dignified face, she still has a kind of nausea from the heart. She has thought about lying in bed to escape the terrible reality through sleep, but Dangte When Relinka tried to fall asleep, she felt a deep malice approaching herself again.

After tossing and turning into the middle of the night, Trelinka finally gave up her plan to sleep. The ominous feeling almost made her unable to breathe. That's why Trelinka would open the window to feel the coldness of snowflakes in the middle of the night when the snowstorm was most prosperous.

As for the instinctive premonition... Trelinka no longer wants to think, or she doesn't care anymore. After a whole day of thinking, Trelinka has clearly realized that she is "revolutionary". Failure, the "Honor Army" was not as brave and fearless as she had imagined, and Chenxi Church was not as easy to compromise as she thought. The final result would only be the defeat of the Honor Army.

For the first time, Trelinka has given birth to the idea that "even if all the "Glory Army" become soldiers of the Kingdom of Camos, it doesn't matter, they don't have to pay for the inevitably failed war."

I have to say that Kulun’s words still have a great impact on Trelinka. The only wish of the current Princess Trelinka is to save the lives of the soldiers of the "Glory Army". As for the glory of Dylan’s Kingdom, she also... ………It doesn’t matter anymore.

In the deep night, the three-wheeled moon has disappeared, and bit by bit of dead silence is slowly lingering in the blizzard. I don’t know when there is a bit of ice scum in the squally wind. Obviously, the blizzard has not reached its peak. , It is slowly evolving to a worse point............


Princess Trelinka’s door was knocked open very suddenly. In Trelinka’s astonished gaze, a team of more than ten apprentice-level warriors burst into her room. They were one of them. They all stood by the window, their eyes fixed on Trelinka.

"What are you doing? Is this Dolan's order?"

Trelinka did not try to escape or resist. A knight at the apprentice level could not fight a dozen or so apprentice warriors, and Trelinka could clearly feel that there was something outside the door that she could not resist. The strong breath is walking towards this room step by step.

When observing these soldiers wearing the clothes of the private soldiers of the Lvvine family, Trelinka was surprised but still had the illusion that "someone deliberately let the soldiers wear this kind of clothing to frame the Lvvine family", but felt that there was something outside the door. After breathing, Princess Trelinka finally despaired.

There is only one official-level powerhouse in the huge Green Vine City. Who else can that breath that is absolutely irresistible to the trainee level besides the veteran soldier of the Green Vine family than Ge'an?

Seeing the old man walking to the door unhurriedly, Trelinka realized this fact sadly.

"Well, Princess Trelinka, you should know that it is meaningless to resist, and this trip is not to take your life, just hope that you can live in a different place with the old man."

Beige bowed respectfully. If you ignore the gleaming blade in his hand and the murderous soldiers in the room, Beige'an really looks like simply asking her Royal Highness to move.

Looking at the old man whom he admired with a complicated expression, Trelinka asked with a pale face:

"Why, why betray me? Is this Dolan's decision or the decision of the entire Lvvine family? Isn't it enough that I agree to marry that Kulun from the Kingdom of Camos?"

"It's a pity that this is the decision of the entire Lvvine family. It is unchangeable and unstoppable. As for the reason, the old man can tell you at his own initiative. First: Archbishop Kasparchi and Master Sanggos died together. Second:...Cullen was killed!

how about it? Do you understand now?"

The ice slag of the blizzard hit the gorgeous floor, and the rustling sound revealed the endless coldness and coldness.

After hearing Beige’an’s words, Trelinka finally saw a trace of silence in her eyes. Bingxue was clever and she couldn’t figure out the stakes in it. In fact, she heard the six words "Cullen was killed" ( The lingua franca is six pronunciations), Trelinka was already desperate. Although she still had difficulty accepting the betrayal of the Lvvine family, at least she recognized the fact that the betrayal of the Lvvine family was inevitable.

The most painful thing for Trelinka is that in the face of the double blow of the Kingdom of Camos and the Church of Dawn, where else in this world can provide shelter for the 150,000 "Glory Army"?

Bi Ge’an watched Trelinka’s eyes lose their luster little by little, and he sighed silently. As a veteran soldier who had lived for more than 900 years, Bi Ge’an knew that the princess in front of him was heartbroken. It's just a shell filled with despair and sadness.

"Oh... everyone, pay attention, now execute the order of Dolan-Lvteng, the chief of the Luteng family-immediately arrest the leader of the "Glory Army" for betraying the country, blaspheming the great Lord of the Dawn, and bewitching the heinous witch Tere. Linka, temporarily detained in the Luteng Family Prison, will be sent to Yajiao City at dawn tomorrow to receive trial."

After finishing speaking, Bi Ge’an walked to Trelinka and touched her brow with a finger. A grudge instantly penetrated Trelinka’s soul and formed a strong blockade, which was lifted at Bi Ge’an. Before this lock, unless Trelinka possesses formal power, she will never be able to use a trace of vindictiveness again.

Seeing that it was impossible for Trelinka to escape, Beigean sighed heavily, and he left this cold room full of blizzards with a sullen expression.

The soldiers will take care of the detention of Trelinka. Now Bigean just wants to find a place to drink strong tea, not thinking about anything including the future of the Lvvine family.

The official-level warrior Bi Ge'an is over 930 years old. As a pure human without a long-lived race bloodline, he has only 70 years of life left to break through hopelessness. He has no need to think about so many things.

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