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Netheril's Glory Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: Break in.
Since the decision to fight, there is no need for extra procrastination, and because the attack method is simple and rude, so Punk and Bloodclaw do not need too much planning. After the two of them are ready to fight, they will start with Golem II. Flying over the city of Mimig to the church in the old lamplight neighborhood.

Punk naturally uses the old "floating technique" plus "advanced swift technique", while the blood claw uses blood on the back to condense a pair of wings that are not huge but flap at an extremely fast speed.

In the high air, punk can see that the enemy's defense can be roughly divided into three layers. The innermost layer is naturally the small church itself. I believe that Erock himself carried five bottles of "highly concentrated holy water" in it.

And near the outer woods of the church, a group of apprentice-level priests are meticulously protecting the operation of the guard circle. This is the second layer of defense, and the third layer of defense is because they are on the edge of the outer guard circle. , Consists of a small team of ordinary soldiers led by apprentice-level priests.

According to punk’s plan, in order to prevent Erok from seeing the two official-level powerhouses join forces and then knowingly lost to destroy the holy water or come to the end of the "different", they'd better skip the first two levels of cordon and land directly. On top of the church.

But no matter how that church is Erock’s temporary base camp, no one can guarantee that the other party will leave some magic tricks on it. It is a bit dangerous to get close to it rashly, so Punk and Bloodclaw chose the second one in the end. Landing in the center of the cordon, if it is determined that the enemy has not arranged any powerful means, he will directly enter it. If everything here is a trap, it is also convenient to escape.

Maybe two high-level professionals joined forces with each other in a sneak attack. They are so cautious that people can’t help but feel that there are some mothers-in-laws, but neither punk nor Bloodclaw dare to underestimate any opponents of the same level, or that sentence. ——They are all masters with a bit of a family background, who didn't have a hole card!

This tactic of falling from the sky halfway has undoubtedly brought bad luck to those apprentice-level priests. Logically speaking, they should be the safest. If the enemy is tentatively attacking, then the ordinary soldiers who meet the enemy on the front line should be the ordinary soldiers. If it is an assassination, then the first target should be Erock in the church, but who made them meet two strong men who are careful and don't play their cards according to their routines.

Therefore, a side-to-side killing was staged on the side of the quiet woods outside the church!

Faced with the sudden arrival of three figures, one red, one black and one gold, those apprentice-level priests who were meticulously on duty were all in a dazed state, but they soon had no mental state to speak of—because of the dead. Will not be stunned.

Seeing the horrified faces of these priests, the blood claw hair with a grin and laughter danced in excitement, and a pair of gloves made of squirming blood instantly covered the hands of the blood claw.

As an outright evil and lawful camp, don't look at Bloodclaw and Qi Qi as a big joking boy, but when he can let go of his mood and kill wantonly, this guy will definitely become extremely cruel.

He is an evil warlock, a warlock who does not "break out of the prison". The instinct of the evil blood race is surging in his blood. The painful wailing of the living is the greatest pleasure of Bloodclaw!

Before the paladins and priests could react, the bloody claws that laughed wildly turned into a blood-red blast and passed by every enemy in the yard. All the knights who were "swept" by them all turned into it within a second. A cloud of blood mixed with pieces of meat--their bodies were torn into pieces with an average size of less than five square centimeters by blood claws within a few tenths of a second.

There are also veteran priests who have some life-saving methods among these people, but these small methods are so fragile in front of an official-level warlock, even a slight block is difficult to achieve.

Waiting for a few seconds, when other priests nearby came to support, all they saw was the crushed black and red flesh...and a "red breeze" that was gently skipped.

"Happy, so happy, so fun."

Blood Claw stared with blood-red pupils, grabbed the last young priest alive, and then unscrewed the opponent's arm as soon as he shot it.

"Well, this feeling is super fun, my maids said they like it very much, and you should hurry up and say if you like it."

Just after speaking, Bloodclaw unscrewed the other arm of the young priest, and the blood gushed almost soaked the bloodclaw's windbreaker.

As an apprentice-level pastor, the believer of Chenxi Church did not die from excessive blood loss. Although he convulsed in pain, he still roared at Bloodclaw:

"Evil heresy, the great Lord of Dawn will punish you. What awaits you is only to be thoroughly purified. After death, you are destined to fall into the abyss and be eaten by those same filthy worms"!

"Troublesome magic stick, believe it or not, now the Lord of Dawn can't save you"!

Blood Claw was obviously dissatisfied with the prey's hard reaction. He stretched his hand to the opponent's left leg, and the sound of bone fragmentation "cracked" again.

"Blood Claw, there are no traps inside, hurry in."

Punk ignored the blood claws that were torturing the followers of the Lord of Dawn, and the paladins who rushed towards him were also slapped to pieces by the golem's number two slap.

There was only one thing he had done from the beginning-to perceive the fluctuations of divine art with all his strength.

Now punk can basically confirm that the church inside is not trapped.

So far, it has not been more than twenty seconds for the two people to arrive in the old lighted area, but this time is enough for Erock to react and try to escape (The Doctrine of Dawn allows believers to "strategic retreat" for kindness) , So punk just reminded the blood claw symbolically and quickly ran to the small church exuding rich light energy. It is not like running away empty-handed after causing trouble.

"Hey, wait a minute! You will need a companion, safety first, OK"!

Bloodclaw is not a person of no importance. Seeing Punk's whole person turned into a black light, he rushed towards the chapel with Golem II. He quickly tore the dying young priest with a paw, and then jumped up to chase punk.

Of course, he would definitely not help, he was afraid that punk would swallow all the spoils by himself!

Facing the stone gate of the church, Golem No. 2 slammed into it without slowing down. The giant gate carved with granite turned into a pile of rocks like it was hit by a high-explosive bomb. Punk and Bloodclaw also saw Erok inside the church.

At this time, the other party's mastery of magic has been halfway through.

"Official Summoning System Divine Art-Summon Lower Divine Envoy: Send a divine envoy with ten paladin levels from the kingdom of God to fight for the summoner. This divine envoy has independent soul and personality, and has vitality and the summoner Sharing, 30 minutes duration

Note: Divine Envoy has the right to refuse the order of the summoner"!

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