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Netheril's Glory Chapter 189

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Chapter 189: Old lights of Mimig City.
Mimige City is a border city smaller than Dolez. As a city in the barren land of the kingdom that often needs wealthy territory relief and has no strategic significance and no wealth, it should have been ignored, or Said a peaceful and quiet one.

However, since Princess Trelinka launched the uprising, for the first time this small city could not stay out of the war, and because it was close to a main traffic area in the northern part of the Kingdom of Dylan, the city ushered in for the first time. The martial law of the war and a group of menacing troops!

On this day, a big man who made the whole city dare not show the atmosphere arrived. It was a formal pastor wearing a white priest’s robe and wearing a bright morning church badge. Although this pastor looked young and delicate, he could not Whether it is temperament or actual action, there is not a trace of tenderness and love for the people.

On the first day of the arrival of the so-called "Iron Masked Priest Erok", the entire Mimig City entered an unprecedented state of martial law. Not only were people outside the city not allowed to enter the city, but people inside the city were not allowed to leave. Even the curfew was advanced from late night to early evening.

The block close to the Church of Dawn is even more forbidden to leave even a non-priest. All the poor have been driven out of their homes, and the whole block is even shrouded by a huge barrier of perception, every fifty. Mi has a low-level priest on duty.

It can be said that in the vicinity of the church in the old lamplight district at this time, it is impossible for any creatures visible to the naked eye to sneak into this area!

"I said, Dawn Church is crazy? Although a few bottles of "high-concentration holy water" are valuable, they don't need to be protected.... Scary, that circle is supported by "energy storage gems". Right, those priests patrol soldiers put on the alarm divine art scroll, right? How much it costs, is it more expensive than the five bottles of "highly concentrated holy water"!

Blood Claw lay on the roof of a residential building about two hundred meters away from the enchantment of Chenxi Church and looked at it from a distance, and he couldn't help feeling that Chenxi Church did not regard money as its "wealth and wealth".

"Nothing strange"!

Punk sat next to Bloodclaw and said without raising his head:

"This time, the Church of Chenxi received the support of the noble faction headed by the king. To put it bluntly, it directly used the funds of the treasury. After the war, they have to pay back what they can't use. Of course they don't feel bad about squandering!

And this time, the Church of Dawn has sent five official-level priests and twenty-five bottles of "high-concentration holy water". It can be said that most of the family assets saved in the Dylan Kingdom over the past few hundred years have been used. This time Maybe it's the final decisive battle. How could they not worry about the people of the "Glory Army" fighting for destruction!"

Punk could easily see that the purpose of the church gathering so much power this time was nothing more than being tired of the war that lasted for half a year or worrying about the Kingdom of Camos, which was staring at it, so it was like solving this "doomed failure" once and for all but let Chen Xi The disgraced "Glory Army" of the church.

Bloodclaw saw enough of that low-level but extremely effective warning circle, he patted the dust on his clothes and stood up, and said with a grin:

"You said that we can be regarded as a hero to save the beauty. I dare say that if our "Nightcrawler Alliance" did not intervene in solving this group of high-level priests and those "high-concentration holy water", if we let such a group of crushing powers Arriving on the battlefield, that Trelinka probably won’t last for three days, and can’t even escape. 80% of them will be alive, right? Oh, what kind of desperate hell would a beautiful princess who fell into the enemy’s irresistible encounter? What? It’s exciting to think about, right?"

Hearing Bloodclaw's serious ridicule, Punk sneered and replied:

"I have to remind you three points,

First: The civil strife in the Kingdom of Dylan is obviously controlled by people. The "Glory Army" is just an internal chess piece. Chess players will not let the key chess pieces be easily destroyed. If you don't save it, someone else will save it!

Second: No matter how they say, the Chenxi Church is also a member of the good camp. Even if the innocent princess is caught, they have to take into account the royal family's face and may be executed soon, but the probability of "encountering" something is very low!

Third: You are just a simple robbery, not a hero to save the beauty! "

"Oh, you really don't understand "art". Isn't the hero saving the beauty much better than robbery, and you don't know the perverted methods of those nobles, if a beautiful princess is captured...hehe , Ha ha ha"!

"How to say, don't you know the nobles very well"!

Punk immediately captured the only meaningful piece of information in the whole blood claw nonsense. In the words of Blood Claw just now, punk immediately judged that this vampire warlock might have had a noble background.

But Bloodclaw also realized that he had leaked the information, so he quickly turned away from the topic:

"We have to hurry up. It would be no good if the damned Eroc ran away with "Holy Water", right? Let's hurry up and plan an attack."

Punk faintly stared at Bloodclaw's laughing face, and then not entangled in the topic of nobility, he frowned slightly and thought about it, and then said his own conclusion:

"My plan is to carry out an assault right away, go directly in from the front, and kill Erock and the others as quickly as possible. I want to come there and the priest will definitely spend a lot of effort to plot a sneak attack, and a frontal assault on him may have the effect More unexpected than a secret assassination, the most important thing is..."

Having said this, punk had a cold smile on his face.

"...We are extremely arrogant and dare to directly provoke the "Nightcrawler Alliance" of the Church of Dawn. Isn't it possible that the sneaking is very detrimental to Lord Silver Cane's aura?"

After hearing the punk plan, Bloodclaw also agreed:

"Yes, the "Nightcrawler League" is the most brutal criminal organization. It is too boring to be sneaky. It is to be arrogant, it is to be high-profile. It is best to vomit blood from the Lord of Dawn and his elders"!

At this time, Blood Claw's face was also filled with a cold and strange smile.

To say a thousand words and ten thousand, although the punks have joined the "Nightcrawler League" in name, they may not be more active in making "contributions", and things like stabbing a knife will only be more handy.

According to the idea of ​​punk and Bloodclaw's supremacy of interests, openly provoke the Church of Dawn and openly in the Dylan Kingdom "terrorist attack" cauldron will naturally be carried by the "Nightcrawler Alliance" or the "Silver Cane". It is better to have a little with yourself. It's good if you don't catch up.

Moreover, they were quite jealous of this "Nightcrawler Alliance", which had an unknown origin but clearly revealed a conspiracy. This time, it happened to be tested with the hands of the Church of Dawn and the Kingdom of Dylan.

"In the face of churches and royals that have lost a lot of wealth and manpower and angered, how did the "Nightcrawler League" and the mysterious "Silver Cane" ghost react?

When the civil strife broke out and the Kingdom of Camos was looking forward to it, in the face of the sudden outbreak of the Nightcrawler Alliance, what would the "patriots" of the Dylan Kingdom do? I'm really curious............"

Punk prepared the spell blankly, while thinking coldly in his heart!

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