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Netheril's Glory Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Receive task.
The evil camp organization "Nightcrawler Alliance" actually helped the "Glory Army" of the good camp! This is no longer the mouse serving the cat as the bridesmaid, it is simply the cat serving the mouse as the bride. The "silver cane" that released this mission is so sure. Will anyone know that their actions are beneficial to the hostile camp and will accept the mission?

But it doesn't seem surprising to think about it. After all, the members of the "Nightcrawler League" are mostly profitists. As long as they can get enough benefits, who cares about the hostility of the mere faction.

And punk guesses that Princess Trelinka would never expect to receive help from the hostile evil camp during this continual defeat, and she, as the god of justice, would never accept this kind of "help", so Punk can basically conclude that this action was completely spontaneously organized by the "Nightcrawler League". As for the purpose, although I can't guess it for the time being, it is definitely not because of the "patriotic feeling" of the "Silver Cane"!

In fact, punk very much doubts that the purpose of the "Nightcrawler League" is to make this inadequate preparation and the civil unrest that is destined to fail to continue, and even develop into a powerful force that can completely contain the "church".

But these things have little to do with punk. He doesn't care about the future direction of Dylan's kingdom, let alone whether there will be more religious vassals in the "sowed" Church of Dawn. The only thing he cares about is benefits.

To be more precise, what he cares most about now is the "high-concentration holy water" and the wealth of the official-level priests.

Let alone whether killing a priest can get useful equipment, just say that the five bottles of "highly concentrated holy water" are very precious wealth.

The power it contains can be used to dispel curses, which is almost equivalent to a magic scroll that can be instantaneously cast "master-level curse magic-curse extermination".

And as a kind of strategic material that can be provided to thousands of soldiers after being diluted, the value of "high-concentration holy water" is absolutely higher than the gold coin that punk hurriedly dug out from the ruins of Dolazi, not to mention the concentrated purification effect. The potion is sufficiently restrained against dark creatures.

Punk can be sure that if you sprinkle a bottle of "highly concentrated holy water" on a dark creature such as an undead, the damage it will cause is definitely not inferior to a master spell!

In fact, the twenty-five bottles of "highly concentrated holy water" were distributed to five churches in order to share the risk, and they were all equipped with an official-level priest to protect them.

After learning this news, punk has actually decided-if there are no traps, this church attack must have its own benefits, and the second target is the "No. 307, Old Light Street District, Mimige City." Church.

Punk has seriously considered the risks and benefits-this action is a joint action, which means that more than one person will attack the church. Those "companions" who attacked the church with them are not trustworthy, but they are not trustworthy. When the "silver cane" expressly prohibits cannibalism, the chance of infighting is not that high.

Moreover, the churches that preserve the "high-concentration sound holy water" and are ready to be transported to the front line are all located in the northern part of the Dylan Kingdom. The "Mimige City Old Light Street No. 307" that punk is about to attack is the most remote city.

This means that the archbishop of the "Kingdom of Dylan", "Kasperchi", who has a leg up to the master level, can't make it.

In addition, the pastor transporting the Holy Water Church in the "Old Light District" is only level ten, and his intelligence has been collected by the "Nightcrawler Alliance". If punk is still not daring to attack such a good target, he doesn't need to go. If you are looking for a path to the strong, you can simply find an old forest hidden deep in the mountains!

"Now that it has been decided, let me see the intelligence of this target"!

The punk whispered to himself, and then injected a ray of information-carrying magic into the black card.

After receiving the magic power, the black card shook slightly, and the tiny silver writing on it quickly changed. At this time, it read:

Mr. "Black Robe" is very welcome to accept this mission. During this mission, you can exit at any time, but you must not attack your teammates until the mission is completed, otherwise the silver cane will personally kill the traitor!

Mission Objective: Church No. 307, Old Denghuo District, Mi Mige City.

The task has participants: black robe (codename for punk), blood claw.

Mission Intelligence: Tenth-level official priest Elok led ten apprentice-level priests and ten apprentice-level paladins to prepare to carry five bottles of "highly concentrated holy water" to the battlefield and immediately participate in the battle.

Erok is a devout believer of the Lord of Dawn. The current patriarch of the Moss family was promoted to an official priest seventy-nine years ago. He injured his jaw forty-six years ago, so he always carried an iron mask and a bright white priest in his hand. The scepter is suspected of being an official-level equipment!

According to the investigation, Erok is good at using the summoning magic, especially the "official level summoning system-summoning low-level divine envoys", and the "official level shaping power system-the sword of the sage". Roque has at least six paladin class levels.

Note: The Erok camp seems to be kind and chaotic, and doesn't care about the life and death of the low-level priests!

I have to say that the details of this information surprised punk. He originally thought it would be good for the "Nightcrawler League" to obtain some information such as target level and origin, but he did not expect the "Nightcrawler League" "The intelligence is so detailed that even the enemy's preferred methods have been investigated and understood.

Punk put the black card back into the ring, but his expression was extremely low.

The mission this time can basically be said to be tenable. A well-prepared mage definitely has an unimaginable combat power, not to mention that he has a not weak warlock partner.

What really scares punk is the "Nightcrawler League" or the silver cane behind the Dylan Kingdom. Originally, punk thought the "Nightcrawler League" was just a hastily established underground organization, but now it seems............ The penetration of this alliance into the kingdom of Dylan has reached a frenzied level!

But after thinking about it for a while, Punk couldn't help but shook his head and sneered secretly in his heart.

He did not cancel his decision to accept the mission to attack the church. In fact, it is precisely because of the strange performance of the "Nightcrawler League" that punk is more curious about this strange alliance.

The most important thing is that the Hatzita magic box gave punk plenty of confidence. He decided to activate the shielding ability of the magic box and explore it. Even if the silver cane set up any conspiracy or trap or even pursued it personally, punk was confident. Rely on the power of the "Hitzi Tower Magic Box" to avoid the past.

To put it bluntly, even if punk simply digs a hole temporarily and hides it, the silver cane and the archmage Sangues walked past the entrance of the hole, they would not even want to find the trace of punk, and calculating punk with prophecy spells is completely nonsense. Talk, this is where punk's confidence lies!

Now the only thing that makes punk quite depressed is only one question-why is his partner going to be Bloodclaw!

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