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Netheril's Glory Chapter 191

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Chapter 191: Kill Erok.
Eloco actually didn't expect that he would be attacked. The transportation of "high-concentration holy water" is absolutely confidential. At least he was very low-key all the way to Mimige City. As for the high-profile beware of reaching Mimige City. Because it is too close to the enemy's front line, I have to guard against it.

He didn't even worry that he would be attacked by the "Glory Army". After all, although Princess Trelinka had five loyal and official-level powerhouses, they were all busy leading the army and could not be sent to attack. Killing himself, Erok relaxed his vigilance for granted.

Until this time, two obviously premeditated formidable enemies were in front of him, and Erok was still confused by the second monk!

But even if he is confused, it does not affect Erock’s combat response. He is a devout believer of the Lord of Dawn. If he can die to perform the mission of the church, it will not scare him, but will make him feel honored ( One of the creeds of the Church of Dawn-the order of the church is absolutely sacred).

When the door of the chapel was smashed, Erock almost subconsciously used his best magical technique-summoning low-level envoys!

Accompanied by the pious prayers of the official priest, a white portal opened beside Erok, and a divine envoy with white wings on her back sold the portal in one step. She was wearing a white and light armor with a long sword clearly attached. The effect of the "devil-breaking" spell.

Seeing a battle god come out, Punk immediately said to Bloodclaw:

"How about, you kill or I kill"!

"Leave it to me"!

Bloodclaw accepted it without hesitation. Although he didn't want to participate in the battle at all, punk's vigilance was definitely the highest at this time. If Bloodclaw stood by and watched, wouldn't it be suspected of a sneak attack? Then punk would definitely fight him with him. Therefore, two people are in a fighting state or not in a fighting state is the basic principle of cooperation against the enemy.

In my heart, I also secretly worried that Ye Changmeng wanted to finish the work sooner. Bloodclaw didn't work out the trick of not working hard. I saw him smirk, and a lot of blood gushed out from his body, and finally in the body of Bloodclaw. On the left, a human body made of squirming blood is formed. It is eighth similar in height and size to Blood Claw himself. The most weird thing is that this "blood man" still has an exaggerated evil smile on his face. .

"Hey, beautiful lady, would you like to dance with me."

While talking, Bloodclaw and the temporarily "divided" blood man ran to the war-inspiring divine envoy at extreme speed, and the two blood-colored figures and a white light and shadow immediately fought into a ball.

Seeing that Bloodclaw was not fooling, Punk was not paying attention to his movements. Although he was facing a priest who was three levels lower than himself, Punk would never be careless.

It was still the same as the usual field control mage tactics, Golem 2 rushed to Erok with four or five spell gain buffs, and Punk quickly began to prepare spells.

"Here! Take it to death"

In the face of the extremely unfavorable form, Erok didn't have the slightest fear. He shouted while waving his hand and used two official-level magic arts-the Blade of Retribution!

The sparkling golden blade of light traversed two dazzling and sharp trajectories in the space, and the sharp rays of light seemed to have the illusion that the eyes would be cut!

But since punk knows the spells that the opponent is good at, how can he not prepare, in fact, long before launching the assault, punk has blessed himself with an extra layer of spells specifically for Erok.

Official level conjuration spells-protection of goodness!

Super magic skills-magic compression!

This spell that specifically restrains the power of the good camp has played an extremely good effect. The two "Blades of Retribution" that are purely of the good camp have not even touched the "Advanced Mage Armor" of punk, and they turned into divine powers in a twist. Dissipated.

Erok apparently did not expect that the two attacks he was proud of would be directly resolved in this way, but the ever-changing situation did not allow him to make extra thoughts. You must know that he launched the attack at the same time as the punk attack. Not slow, at this time, Erok’s two "Blades of Retribution" had nothing to do, and the punk's attack had reached Erok within a thousandth of a second.

"Damn, your brilliance in the dawn will surely illuminate the darkness"!

Feeling locked in by magic, Erok immediately prayed loudly like the Lord of Dawn. At the same time, a white brilliance lit up from the short stick in his hand, a layer of light film that looked as thin as foam but exuded an indestructible atmosphere. Eric was covered in it.

But the development of the situation once again exceeded his expectations. The magic that Erok felt had indeed come, but this magic was not a powerful attack spell that Erok had imagined!

I saw that the "steel bondage" of Golem No. 2 was successfully released, and the steel branches coiled upwards from below the light film. These flexible branches successfully restricted Erock’s movements. He could not move his body at all for a while. Down, within about 0.5 seconds, Erock, who was hindered by the steel bondage, was a real living target!

Just at this critical 0.5 second level, the punk spell unimpededly hit the light film that enveloped Erok.

"Formal Grade Conjuration Spells-Lesser Split"

"Super Magic Technique-Magic Compression"!

Under the influence of the peculiar energy, the light film in front of Erok is generally vulnerable to a single blow from the glass hit by a heavy hammer, and all the places spread by the "secondary split" spell pattern are all fragmented.

Seeing that his most important defense method was broken by one blow, Erok was shocked. He hurriedly tried to activate the magic on his scepter once more. It stands to reason that Erok has not yet reached the end of the road, because This official-level divine technique called "Dawn Barrier" can be used up to three times a day.

But Erok’s behavior was destined to be useless. In his horrified eyes, the staff that should have lit up the holy brilliance not only made no response, but instead appeared a dark green crack through the body of the staff, and the crystal inlaid on the head of the staff also appeared. Suddenly extinguished, all this ruthlessly illustrates the fact that this staff was destroyed in the attack of punk's "secondary cleavage"!

"How is it possible? How could the "Secondary Pyrolysis" have such............power".

Eric stared at the shattered sceptre with prominent eyes, and muttered to himself.

This is also the last thought in the life of the priest named Erock.

Just the next second after the light film shattered, Golem No. 2’s claws entwined with the energy of the abyss pierced through the side of Erok’s head, directly destroying the opponent's brain.

Punk used the super magic technique-magic compression greatly strengthened the "secondary splitting technique", and Erok had only the "Dawn Barrier" layer of defense. After breaking the "Dawn Barrier", he still had a lot of remaining energy. "Secondary Pyrolysis" immediately set the target on the magical items on Erok's body, and his best quality scepter was naturally the first to bear the brunt!

The entire battle took a very short time. It was only less than five seconds after Golem No. 2 broke into the door and Erok was killed. Everything ended in the electric light flint room-this is the battle of the strong, long Hundreds of years, as short as one second!

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