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Netheril's Glory Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: experiment.
The young man named "Experimental Body No. 1" by punk was lying quietly on the experimental platform. Many complicated magic lines were portrayed on his body, and his head was connected like a brain-reading machine in a sci-fi movie. Metal helmet.

Although it looks a bit sci-fi style, in fact, this set of "equipment" is a collection device for negative emotions.

After all, negative emotions, no matter how intense, are just emotions. Strictly speaking, they should be the existence of "concepts" in the soul. Therefore, this set of magic patterns was created with reference to the magic model of the descending spell. It can Bring "concepts" such as emotions to reality and make it a stable existence of energy.

Punk stood beside the subject. He used a knife to puncture the intestine of Subject No. 1, and then cast a hemostatic magic to prevent the subject from losing too much blood. Finally, he opened the slightly trembling wound with his hand. The shadow maggot wriggling desperately put it in.

The subject itself did not fall into a deep faint. He immediately woke up with pain after being cut by punk's lower abdomen and intestines, but his body was bound by arcane energy, and he couldn't move a finger, and his vocal cords He was also imprisoned, so even though he felt a slippery cold thing entering his body with great horror, Subject One could only convulse and convulse constantly on the test bench, and could not even make a sound.

Punk did not pay attention to the reaction of Subject One. With the existence of alchemy life support equipment and healing spells, he did not need to worry about the physical safety of the subject. As for whether the poor guy would go crazy...anyway, punk needed It's just that a lot of negative emotions are produced, and the negative emotions of lunatics may be more.

Now punk is more concerned about the trouble he encountered as soon as he came up-the shadow maggot's rejection of the host.

In fact, the shadow maggots that were forcibly stuffed into the intestines of the experimental subjects are very unwilling to be imprisoned in a pile of flesh and blood. They are not parasitic organisms themselves, and shadow maggots like cold environments and hate warmth very much.

So this shadow maggot kept burrowing around in the lower abdomen of the subject to find an exit, just refused to stop and parasitize.

Seeing the constantly creeping bulge in the experimental body’s abdomen, the punk couldn’t help frowning slightly. If the negative emotions of the parasite and the host want to merge, they must establish a physical connection, but this connection is not only with the help of magic. It’s okay. The engulfing of the parasite’s flesh and blood is an indispensable prerequisite. If the shadow maggot refuses to make a home in the host’s body, then even punk forcibly imprisoning him in the body of the experiment is meaningless, so he must Let the shadow maggots parasitize honestly.

Punk began to seduce the big bug. He first tried to influence the mind of the shadow maggot with psychic spells.

"Apprentice Grade Mind Spell-Mind Cue"

This spell can give hypnotic hints to creatures below the trainee level, and even modify the subconscious mind.

After completing the method, a thin silver silk thread appeared on the punk fingertips. He gently stretched out his white fingers to connect the silk thread with the shadow maggot's body (the shadow maggot has no thinking organs).

According to punk’s idea, since shadow maggots don’t like the environment inside the human body, then change its consciousness and force it to like it. Anyway, this kind of environment will not make shadow maggots lose their lives, just like many people don’t like heat. The weather is the same, not like it does not mean that you can't live in it!

But the punk plan failed.

While the silver thread was connected to the shadow maggot’s body, he discovered that the thinking of this low-intellectual thing did not know how to modify it. Strictly speaking, the shadow maggot’s instinct, memory, and consciousness are all one, and instinct is consciousness. Consciousness and memory are directly connected. After being modified by punk, the shadow maggot's ability to act seems to be disordered, because his instinct to control the body is wrong.

There is no way, punk can only give up this crippled shadow maggot and choose a new one.

After an experiment with shadow maggots, although Punk did not deepen his understanding of this creature, he realized that these low-level biological thinking is closer to the animal beasts on earth.

So the question is, what else is needed in addition to the necessary "temptations" to domesticate animals or beasts?

The answer is "intimidation"!

All creatures have the instinct to seek advantages and avoid harm. This instinct includes making the right choice between "uncomfortable" and "harmful", so punk decided to use some dumb method, that is, more on the subject's skin. Inscribed with some subtle electric shock runes, so that every time the shadow maggot tries to escape from the body of the subject, it will feel pain. After realizing that escape is equal to pain, the shadow maggot can only choose to parasitize in the body of the subject .

Punk is very lucky. This time the experiment was successful. Although the shadow maggot is a low-intelligence creature, its memory ability even exceeds that of the gorilla on the earth. After only a few electric shocks, this guy is honest Recognizing its fate, it began to eat the flesh and blood of the host and grow up.

Under the action of magic, the shadow maggot's metabolism and growth rate have been accelerated hundreds of times, and within a week, this shadow maggot can swallow most of the host's flesh and blood.

"Finally solved, at least there should be no problems with the integration."

Punk felt the vigorous shadow maggot and the same vigorous experimental subject No.1 and nodded.

The cultivation of the Wraith Moth will take some time. During this time, Punk intends to capture more "experimental subjects", because both the experiments in the research process of the "high-level concentrated medicine" and the refining of the medicine after the experiment is successful are inseparable These experimental subjects, so Punk intends to "harvest" a group of hungry people from time to time. Because this is a slum that no one cares about, so long as the total number of hungry people is grasped, the church people will not doubt it.

The determined punk thought carefully about the countermeasures. As a mage busy with experiments, he didn't have the time to go out to "hunting", so it is essential to summon some servants to do it for him.

He carefully recalled the trainee-level summoning spell, and finally locked the target on a somewhat unpopular spell.

"Although there are many flaws, this is the most cost-effective and safest choice, but how does this spell feel more suitable for those witches who hide in the old forest and eat children"?

Punk looked at the description of the spell and thought with amusement. At the same time, in just a few milliseconds, the model of the apprentice-level spell had been constructed.

"Apprentice-level Summoning Spell-Summon Black Fairy: Summon a Black Fairy with five stalker levels to fight for you for ten hours"!

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  1. Because you are the witch who hides in the old forest"slums" and eat children "slum people"


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