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Netheril's Glory Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: Shadow Maggot.
Although it is cheating, these difficulties alone are not enough to make punk give up. After all, the most suitable material for cultivating the Wraith Moth has been found out. Since there is no way to get ready-made experimental results, you have to experiment step by step.

After careful analysis and thinking, Punk discovered that there are about three kinds of magic insect larvae he can get now.

The first is the shadow maggot, the second is the Arcane Devourer, and the third is the Abyss Worm.

These three kinds of larvae can all be used as raw materials for cultivating the Wraith Moth, and their larval magic energy is mostly around one standard unit.

But the abyss worm needs to be crossed out in the experiment list, because if you want to catch the abyss worm, you must open the abyss portal. It is not a wise idea to do this in Sunset City. Think about making trouble in the small town of Niailan. Anyone who is not blind can see the movement, okay?

Finally, punk intends to start with the shadow maggots, which are the best to obtain and the least easy to make a big move.

Shadow maggots are creatures that live on the plane of shadow. Although they are real magical creatures, they belong to the bottom type of the food chain. Their position in the plane of shadow is like weeds on the ground. After adulthood, it is a larger insect, and there is no so-called fighting power at all.

To be honest, punk doesn’t think that creatures like shadow maggots have any adaptability. After all, there is no such thing as climate in the plane of shadow. Kind of stuff.

But punk doesn’t worry about adaptability. It’s a big deal when catalyzing the fusion to put the experimental body within the influence of the "Hitzi Tower's Containment Fluctuation". Is the power of legendary magic not enough to make up for the mere adaptability? What's the gap?

Now that he had made up his mind, there was nothing to hesitate, and punk immediately set out to capture the shadow maggots.

For a formal mage, the shadow maggots are very easy to grasp. You only need to gather high density dark elements on the shadow plane, and you can attract dozens of silly shadow maggots in less than a day, and the shadow position The face is not as aggressive as the abyss, just opening a small mouth will not cause a large amount of shadow energy to leak, so punk can safely open up space cracks in the basement.

What, if you ask me what if I was discovered by the strong of the shadow plane, do you still have to ask, run, if a shadow hunter really pops out after the crack opens, punk will definitely activate "any door" without saying anything. Run, anyway, the sky is falling, there is a high support, then naturally there will be "good people" from Dylan Kingdom to help with the aftermath.

In fact, most creatures on the Shadow Plane are very disgusted with the main plane, and they are reluctant to enter the main plane in most cases, so as long as punk closes the cracks in time, don't worry too much.

Extinguishing the only magic lights in the basement, Punk stood next to his well-drawn magic circle, with dots of black powder flying out of his palm, and a misty and hazy crack appeared in the center of the circle.

Soon, punk completed the release of magic. He raised his wand and pointed it at the black crack suspended in mid-air. A large amount of magical power gushed out. These blue magical energies lit up your runes one by one on the magic circle. , Finally, after all the runes were lit, the crack in the center of the magic circle began to expand little by little, and soon reached the level that can accommodate a child to pass through.

"It's finished, the shadow energy in this position is not lively at all, the opening of the crack should be the border area of ​​the shadow plane."

Punk gently brushed away some of the shadow energy spilling in the crack, and said secretly in his heart.

Under the effect of the room isolation magic circle, this shadow energy will not transmit any abnormality at all.

Seeing that the cracks had stabilized, Punk silently took out a dark black crystal ball from the storage ring. This Hunyuan crystal ball was filled with black clouds and mist, and those were the dark elements gathered by punk.

He put the crystal ball in the doorway of the crack, allowing the dark elements to be extracted into the plane of shadow.

"The next step is to wait patiently."

Punk was motionless to provide magic power to the magic circle, and at the same time staring blankly at the dark and irrelevant cracks. Although he didn't like to wait, the experiment was not impatient. This kind of waiting was destined to repeat an unknown number of times.

The process of collecting shadow maggots lasted from morning to afternoon the next day. The benefits of establishing a base in a slum were now reflected. Those hungry and hungry people had no intention of visiting their neighbor who never went out. In life, even children have to go to the trash mountain to find food wholeheartedly. They have no leisurely curiosity and adventure at all, so punk has not been disturbed in any way.

If he chooses to pretend to be an ordinary person living in the city, he will not be as stable as he is now. Even if punk does not care about the noise and noise on the street, a person who has not gone out for several years will be suspicious.

After a day and night of hard work, Punk has harvested dozens of shadow maggots as he wished. Among them, there are about five larvae that meet the requirements, which is enough for the initial experiment.

Under the dim magic light, punk could clearly see the shadow maggots locked in the glass jars crawling violently trying to find an exit, but the magic-enhanced jars could not be escaped by a group of shadow maggots.

These little guys whose length is close to the palm of the hand are like a leech without a head, with dark, shiny and smooth skin. Although they look large, their actual weight can't even reach a milligram. They are placed in the air. It can even float inside.

In fact, shadow maggots do not have a head. They are semi-energy creatures. The way to absorb energy is to swallow free matter and energy through the skin. It can be said that this thing is not much different from the plants on the ground except that it can move.

"Very good, looks very energetic, I hope you can surprise me, right"?

Punk shook the transparent bottle with satisfaction, separated the five tangled shadow maggots, and then used a pair of alchemy tweezers to pick out one of the most lively shadow maggots.

The clipped shadow maggot obviously didn't like being caught by things, so it began to twist and struggle desperately, and its long body was completely coiled on the tweezers, and at the same time it released a cloud of shadowy mist that looked scary.

But punk won't be frightened by a little mist. The smoke released by shadow maggots looks dark and toxic, but these mists are just imaginary, and people with a little common sense will not be frightened by it.

Creating a breeze to dissipate the smoke, Punk took the tweezers and walked to the experimental platform in the center of the hall step by step.

A brown-skinned young man was lying on the experimental platform. At this time, the unconscious young man did not know that he had become the number one punk experiment.

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