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Netheril's Glory Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: Advanced concentration potion.
Although punk has made up his mind to study the super magic technique of "magic compression", the super magic technique is not so easy to learn.

According to the inheritance records of cheap parents in memory, the most important thing to be proficient in "magic compression" is to have extraordinary control over magic. To put it bluntly, it must be controlled precisely. If ordinary wizards can draw with magic, then Masters who want to learn "magic compression" must be able to embroider with magic.

Punk is not a peerless genius. In fact, his ability to control magic power can only be regarded as average. Therefore, when he uses "magic compression", he has to divide the large amount of magic that needs to be compressed into dozens of small parts, and the parts are separated. The compression is then carefully blended and filled into the spell model, because only in this way can it be ensured that the magic power does not go wrong.

But this "divide and hit" method is too wasteful of time. People who can really use "magic compression" at least can compress all the magic required to cast spells in one second. , How can there be any effort in actual combat to let you slowly compress the magic.

So the first and most important problem of punk comes on the stage gorgeously-the lack of magic control.

There are no shortcuts to solving this problem. There is only exercise, which allows the soul to control the magic power during the exercise year after year, day after day.

But punk can’t accept that ordinary step-by-step exercise. The inefficient exercise method is too long, and it’s so long that it will affect the promotion. Even punk, a semi-prime elves, can’t accept it for hundreds of years. After all, it’s legendary. The life of the following creatures is limited, and energy is even more limited. It is naturally impossible to meditate when used to exercise magical control, and promotion will naturally stagnate.

In fact, this kind of "investment" that takes a lot of time and may not be able to succeed is also one of the important reasons why many mages stop at the super magic skills.

Although control exercise is a necessary process, there are some shortcuts to exercise itself. It is like a person simply running on his own, and another person in the gym receiving the guidance of a professional coach, and two people exercise at the same time. The efficiency is definitely different.

Therefore, punk decided to find a way to increase the efficiency of the magic control exercise.

Punk quickly thought of two ways to increase the efficiency of exercise. One is to receive "Hitzita's Soul Concentration Fluctuation" to try to strengthen the magic control skills during meditation.

However, this method is probably not effective or limited. After all, the meditation thoughts studied by the great masters are very balanced and can be strengthened in all aspects. Punk does not have the ability to distinguish which part of the meditation is controlled by the strengthening of magic power. Can't be called "targeted".

And the other one is much more reliable... that is an ancient potion formula-a high-level concentration potion!

The formula of this potion was collected by cheap parents of punk. It is said that the history of this magic potion can even be traced back to the time of Netheril. It is also a rare auxiliary spiritual medicine with rare side effects. According to the instructions, it only It will cause "a little bit" of fatigue on the soul level.

While bringing this side effect that is "insignificant" from the description, the "high-level concentration potion" also has a strong positive effect. It can greatly increase or decrease the degree of biological concentration. It is said that in the era of Netheril, There are many powerful wizards who use this kind of focused medicine to assist in upgrading or learning advanced spells.

In order to be as clear as possible. Punk ordered the system to analyze the medicine in detail.

Ding——The results of the system analysis are as follows:

Pharmacy Name: High-level Focusing Pharmacy

Pharmacy grade: official grade

Pharmacy ability: greatly improve biological concentration.

Drug side effects: cause "a little bit" of soul fatigue.

Medicine ingredients: black leaf grass, grieving moth, ghost lamp mushroom.

Difficulty of potion refining: simple

Punk quickly made up his mind to try this medicine. He was not very worried about the side effects of "a little bit" of soul fatigue. After all, what does the "soul nurturing spell" that comes with the "Hitzita Magic Box" say. It is also a legendary spell. It is impossible to solve the side effects caused by a formal level potion, right?

The formula of the high-level concentration medicine is not complicated or even simple, and its refining difficulty is also very low, but the real difficulty of this medicine is the rare raw material.

To be precise, it should be a rare occurrence of the resentful moth.

The two ingredients of the potion-black leaf grass and ghost lamp mushrooms are easy to obtain. Among them, ghost lamp mushrooms can be bred on the corpses of intelligent creatures full of dark elements, and it takes only one or two months to cultivate them.

And black leaf punk is even more so. As a very commonly used but not perishable alchemy material, a large box is stored in the wizard guild of Dolez City, and punk pretends to be taken away when destroying Dolez City. .

But the Wraith Moth is completely different.

In fact, the Wraith Moth is absolutely not found in the nature of Faerun Continent. Even in the multiverse, there are only a few extreme planes that produce it, because it is a thorough alchemy creature. It needs to be "made" step by step by the alchemist himself.

Fortunately, Punk remembers that there are a large number of theoretical knowledge books left by Menesi that there are related materials about the manufacture of the grieving moth, but due to factors such as the writing ability of the book’s writer, the description of this method in detail is not very detailed. .

Punk found the old tome from the ring and searched it. Although he clearly remembered all the contents of the book, punk always felt that facing the book was conducive to his own thinking.

However, the more punk looked at the production method recorded in the "Introduction to Alchemy Raw Material Processing", the more speechless he felt. At the end, punk's heart can be described with an emoji:


"Damn it, the bastard who wrote the entire book really wanted to spread knowledge. He wouldn't just show off his strength, right"!

Punk murmured silently in his heart,

The method recorded in the book is very complicated and cumbersome, but in summary it is five steps:

The first step: find a creature, but it is best not to exceed your professional level, so as not to be killed by the grievance moth that you cultivated in the end!

Step 2: Find a magic larva whose energy level is about one standard unit of magic power, and let it parasitize into the body of that creature.

The third step: catalyze the worms to eat away at the host's body, and at the same time use the "formal-level alchemy spell-emotional fusion" to fuse the host's hatred and pain with the larva.

The fourth step: kill the fused adult which is the Wraith Moth.

Note: The selected magic larva should not be too strong, otherwise it will swallow up negative emotions. Of course, it should not be too weak, otherwise it will not be able to bear negative emotions. At the same time, the larvae also need to have strong adaptability to prevent death in the middle of the fusion.

Tips: It is recommended to use "Mengluo worm larvae", the pro-test results are very good.

——————Legendary Mage—Hungry Butterfly—Lili Yaduo-Mystery.

To be honest, the first four steps of these steps are nothing, but the final "attention" is very cheating, and bugs that are not strong, not weak, and have strong adaptability are so easy to find.

As for the "intimate" tips left by the last legendary mage, it was not at all thoughtful, it was completely ruthless.

The larvae of Monlogo worms are indeed weak, but they are all master monsters when they reach adulthood, and the larvae never leave the mother's belly before they reach adulthood.

It is easy for a legendary mage to kill a mother of Monlog and catch a group of larvae, but for a formal mage like punk... Are you sure you didn't lie to me to send breakfast?

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