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Netheril's Glory Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Pupa.
Black goblins are a type of large goblins. They possess a talented spell called "Dark Fog", which is enough to make any ordinary person obedient.

Considering that there are few people wandering around at night in the slums, the action efficiency of a black goblin may not be high enough, and punk simply summoned five black goblins in a row.

For a formal mage, the apprenticeship spells are naturally handy. As the magic circle slowly disappears, a group of short, dark-skinned creatures appear in the basement hall.

These little monsters with their heads only reaching the punk knees and with big ears and flat noses are black fairies. The five fairies summoned at this time looked smirk, but in fact, it was just their muscle structure that made them look. They seemed to be laughing all the time, but in fact these black fairies were expressionless.

"Very well, go to the fairy of the night, wandering in this slum at midnight, and bring back the first human you meet"!

Punk gave orders to five black goblins in neat rows.

The fairies who were summoned naturally obeyed absolutely, so in the deep night, one after another weird short creatures rushed out from the door deep in the slum, they will be the nightmare of those who wander outside at night. .

Unknowingly, a week later, the experimental subjects "collected" by punk were already filled with a cage. These precious "materials" were taken into the hut by the black goblin in their drowsiness, and then fell asleep and locked in by punk. To another room in the basement.

The shadow maggot that parasitized Experiment No. 1 has also entered a rapid growth stage. In fact, this little black guy is growing very strong and healthy. When punk went to check, the shadow maggot was already more than it was when he "checked in" at the beginning. Its body lengthened about five times, and its body seemed to have undergone some changes.

The shadow maggot almost swallowed the host’s intestines, and its posture began to become bloated. A part of the black body almost grew together with the experimental body No. 1. Through the "perspective", punk could clearly see this. Only the shadow maggots differentiated into thin and long "tentacles" clinging to the arteries of experimental subject No. 1 and sucking blood.

"It looks like it's time for fusion."

After carefully observing the state of Subject No. 1 and the shadow maggot, Punk came to this conclusion. Although this time is still relatively early, the growth of the shadow maggot seems to have undergone irreversible mutations under the catalysis of multiple magic. It's almost impossible to say whether it is an adult or a larva.

The state of the subject is not optimistic. Although Punk has been using efficient healing spells on him, and has also input a large amount of nutrient solution to support his life, but the body tissues have been continuously swallowed by the shadow maggots or let the subject one. No. 1 has reached its limit, and the negative emotions he produces seem to have reached a critical point. The current No. 1 experiment seems to have lost its response to pain and nausea.

"Sure enough, if you are not a professional, it is difficult to support a creature with a huge appetite to parasitize for a long time, and their will is not strong enough. The most important thing is that the collapsed consciousness seems to be unable to correctly perceive the state of the body." .

After a series of stimulating experiments, punk discovered that the negative states such as pain and despair caused by the collapse of consciousness and the devouring of the body of Subject No. 1 are no longer in the form of pain, but have become all kinds of bad things. The emotions are mixed, so he decided to start the fusion experiment!

It shouldn’t be difficult to integrate parasites and negative emotions. At least Punk clearly remembers that the description in the book is that “using a large number of experimental subjects uniformly can create a large number of grieving moths in no more than seven seconds. "!

But now punk believes that 80% of this description is written by a legendary god, because... Within seven seconds of seeing a ghost, only a legendary powerhouse can handle such a complicated thing.

Punk carefully wrapped the shadow maggot with the negative emotions of Subject One, and at the same time vomited silently in his heart.

In fact, just like the unwillingness to live in the beginning, shadow maggots are unwilling to leave now, and they don’t want to be wrapped in a group of very aggressive energy. Punks who use alchemy to promote the integration process can clearly feel that shadow maggots are against each other. This kind of energy rejection, these negative emotions seem to be unwilling to merge with the shadow maggots, because they seem to realize that punk is the initiator, and the negative emotions such as hatred are always trying to rush out of the control of magic to punk. Conduct an attack.

Of course, even if an ordinary person's negative emotions are energized and strengthened by spells, it is impossible to break free from the shackles of the alchemy circle, let alone harm an official mage.

However, the current negative emotions and parasites are repelling each other, and they simply refuse to merge on their own.

Finally, punk had to grit his teeth, "Since you don't want to fuse, then I will force you to "help" you fuse."

After more than ten hours of waiting, the shadow maggots and negative energy did not disappear. Punk had to admit that he had no ability to make the two things live in peace, so he had to personally integrate the shadow maggots' body and negative energy a little bit. Together.

Still the usual "divide and strike", punk used the mental differentiation of negative emotions, turning them into independent small pieces, and then "grafting" these small pieces into the body of Tao Ying maggots one by one.

After a full night of struggle, this troublesome project is finally completed!

Punk looked at the chrysalis on the experimental platform that was entwined with black air slowly and couldn't help but mutter to himself:

"It's a hell of a grievance moth. No wonder it can't be mass-produced. This thing takes too long. I am afraid that only the legendary strong can build a group like ants."

Up to now, the experiment of the resentful moth has been successful, although there are still many flaws, such as "the success rate is average, the product quality is difficult to guarantee, the production efficiency is low..." and the like (sounds like Three products are not available), but at least in this way, punk's high-end concentration medicine is finally available.

As time passed bit by bit, the chrysalis in the center of the hall moved faster and faster, and the growth rate of the Wraith Moth even exceeded punk’s initial expectations. After just a few minutes, the size of the moth expanded by two. Biduo's chrysalis began to appear cracks, and from the cracks faintly floated a stream of gray and black energy and painful wailing.

Immediately afterwards, a pair of wings composed of negative emotions burst out of the pupa. On the palm-sized wings, the painful and howling faces continued to twist and wander, and the pupae became more vulnerable with the endless whine.

In a few minutes, the entire pupa was completely broken, and a gray-black moth with a bloated body and a human face appeared in the basement..

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