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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1339

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Chapter 1339: The Ending.

It's still a white space, or an unknown place in the multiverse, or a smooth round platform, or a gathering of members of the Silent Alliance.

Unknowingly, it has been nearly a million years since the last collective meeting of the Silent Alliance. In this one million years, I don’t know if it is a long or short period of time. Too many things have happened one after another. Many things.

The wizard guild disappeared. With the fall of Messul, the once-famous legendary organization lost its last shining professional. With the advent of the "Dark Forest" era, the wizard guild was already distracted. Nature will inevitably fall apart.

In addition, there is the Pantheon... This ancient organization of gods once even faced the Netheril Empire in the most glorious era, but until now... the Lord of Dawn, recognized as the "most powerful god", was early Has become a feelingless puppet, the missing goddess of life directly announced her withdrawal from the Council of the Gods, the god of justice Tyr went to the sea of ​​chaos and never returned, many legends and even the priests of Morningstar died... ...Unknowingly, the Pantheon has also fallen, just as even the glory of Mira and Chikassa will be silently extinguished one day, maybe there is really no organization in the world that can truly last forever.

But... At least for now, the Silent Alliance is still the most powerful legendary force in the multiverse, although many "silents" in the isolated island era have gradually faded away from their ambitions and changes under the torrent of time. They have become one of the "cowardly" reclusive legends they once loathed, but don’t forget that they are the silent ones after all. When the summoning message of the magic crystal card appears in the silence, they are still willing to send a projection to this quiet place. Clean white space, listen to their leaders' speeches.

Although this time, the figure that appeared on the round table is no longer the former "chairman"...

"Hello everyone, silent, I am very glad that you can come to this meeting. Yes, under the tide of fate, this should be regarded as a rare reunion. After all, compared to the last meeting. In other words, we have lost a few more companions and added a few rare new faces. It's really...sorrowful and gratifying."

Speaking of clear emotions and thoughts, the serious and cold mental power fluctuations soon spread throughout the entire misty silent space, and with the straightforward opening of such a sentence, the projection that appeared on the round table was also in the first It took away the eyes of all silent people in the audience.

This is a spellcaster wearing a robe of shining gems like stars. The colorful magic splendor casts a dazzling spot on the white round table, and in his hand he holds a crystal-like crystal-cast blue. The tall staff, shrouded in a deadly atmosphere, the beauty of this staff is almost dreamlike.

However, there was a very familiar silence at the scene. The legendary gathering was always so without refutation or communication. No one knew what these silent people were thinking, but now that the "meeting" has begun, or someone has already boarded it. Yuantai, they naturally won't continue to be in a daze without being polite.

After all, what sweeps the entire venue right now is an uncompromising aura of the shining sun, and no one dares to be unreasonable in the face of the existence of a throne of shining sun.

What's more... Now that the caster projection who leads everyone's eyes is wearing a gorgeous robe, although the staff in his hand looks so pure and perfect even if it is just a projection, most of the silent people present know this The prominent status of a powerful Yaori professional.

Yes, he is looking at the majestic and powerful legend in the entire multiverse. His many experiences are simply a history of killing. Until today, I don’t know how many mortal kingdoms are still circulating the "World Destroyer". The legend, even for many professionals, his name is an indescribable taboo.

The legendary calamity, the incredible genius, the successor of Netheril, the end of justice and the tragedy of kindness............

Yes, unknowingly, this seemingly calm multiverse, but actually undercurrents rushing all the time, has been crowned by an "old and powerful throne of the sun"!


"Very well, it seems that everyone here knows me. I must admit that this saves a lot of troublesome time for self-introduction, but even so, I think I still need to announce two news before I say "business." ".

I didn't care about the surprised eyes of the silent ones, and the mage who calmly stood on the round platform didn't need to care about any so-called "surprise". As a powerful and one of the best Sun Throne, he has always been alone and arbitrary.

In fact, even the "news" he announced were only the news he was willing to announce. The silent people present were destined to only need to listen quietly, approve silently, and support silently.

The caster hates noise.

"First, the third "President" of the Silent Alliance, the founder of the "Executives", and the killer of Messur-under the crown of our respectable Sun Throne, Ms. Frantal has fallen Up".


"Secondly, I-the 63rd-level shining sun spellcaster, "Destroy Whisper" Punk-Sean will be the fourth president of "The Silent League" from today!"


Raising his head blankly, Master Yaori had no emotion in his gaze. His brief and concise declaration sounded like it was explaining the fact that "one plus one equals two".

Even though either of these two things are enough to set off a huge wave that shook the entire multiverse, but... they seem to be worthless in today's "Destroy Whispers".

After all, after completely ignoring the many silent people in the audience or the complicated staring or surprised and suspicious gazes, the expressionless punk has calmly finished his frank declaration, regardless of whether the multiverse after this meeting will be because of him today. How silent and boiling the words of "Chairman" have now issued his first order since he took over the "League of Silents":

"The discussion time is over, and what you know is enough. The new era has arrived, and there are many choices that must be changed... Then, let us pay a little attention to the new legends who have just joined us. Spellcaster, then seriously discuss the topic of "destiny"!"

(End of the book)

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