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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1338

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Chapter 1338: Last fight.

"So you didn't take much effort to kill a great and famous divine power god"?

"Well, yes, but there is another cunning guy who ran away. He used an ancient scroll with the "Kalari Limit Escape" shining sun spell". My ability is limited. After more than three thousand years of chasing, I still haven't Catch up".

"It's good to be able to kill one. The gods are weak and easy to defeat. They even have to go together to dare to come to the Chaos Sea. The god of justice, Tyr, has already lost what he deserves as a professional. The prudence and awe of God, this gives you such a relaxing opportunity, but if they stay in the kingdom of God and cannot come out, it will be difficult to deal with."


"What's this? Is it preaching? I'm not so complacent just because I solved a trivial waste."

"Even if you are preaching, give me some time to preach. After all, I really don't have much time. Speaking of which...you are really a guy who is destined to have no womanhood."


In the silence and chaos, the handsome young man in black robes and the beautiful girl in the gorgeous gemstone robe watched each other and talked calmly. They were as casual and relaxed as old friends discussing the weather, and there was no emotion between their words. The collision is also a confrontation without scheming and conspiracy.

It's just that compared to the teenager who has been staring intently at the slender light blue wand in the girl's hand, the girl with slightly trembling fingertips seems to be in a much more complicated mood.

There is no doubt that the handsome young man in the void at this moment is the "Destroy Whisper" that has found the ultimate goal after 300,000 years of searching, and the beautiful girl with complex expression is naturally found, or has been found. Waiting for "President" Frantal who was found by "Destroy Whispers".

It must be admitted that the dialogue between these two Yaori professionals is still quite awkward. After all, the "guildmaster" whose soul fluctuates very unstable seems to lose consciousness at any time, while the caster who is standing on the side is in perfect condition. They are almost unable to bear the bloody killing intent in their eyes!

This is the sea of ​​chaos, how lonely and lonely it is here.

"If nothing else... you are going to die today, "Chairman", I have completed the research of "Piknut's Soul Fusion", and now I am going to use my own improved "Sean's Soul Devouring Technique "Harvest Your Soul"!

"That's it, I know."

Quietly, a smaller but more solid "Nanaan's Matte Black Box" has silently appeared beside Frantal. It is obvious that even if she is like a pool of secluded springs The cold eyes can't stop the ruthless spell.

But even so, even if she has fallen into such a desperate situation, the "guild leader"'s expression still hasn't changed. She just stared at the gloomy and cold powerful spellcaster in front of her very calmly, and then quietly took off. The gem robe and storage ring on his body, together with the staff in his hand, placed them in the still chaos around him.

One by one, neatly and cleanly.

There was no resistance or questioning, and some... just an endless depth that looked like death at home.


"My adoptive father...that is, the second Silent League "President" Moleg-Early morning, before he died, he gave me this powerful Fano Oden staff, and he asked me to promise that I don’t care about my future experience. Nothing can never succumb to "destiny", and I must do my utmost to fight "destiny" to the end... I have been fulfilling my promise, even if I step into the realm of Yaori, I have not slackened every second.

But now... I am about to die. Mr. Messoul’s powerful attack destroyed my soul, and Tiamat’s attack destroyed its last hope of recovery, even though both of these enemies were eventually destroyed. I killed, but my life is as long as a candle in the wind, now I only hope, and I can only hope that you can take over my wealth, and then continue to fight against destiny, at least this way... No matter you What is the future of the "genius" beyond me, I, Frantal, have already fulfilled the promise of "do my best" early in the morning.


It's not like an explanation of last words, but more like a feeling of helplessness. Although the words of the "guildmaster" to punk seem to have great expectations and hopes, in fact, it is not difficult to tell that the caster is at this moment. Lantal is really just fulfilling her promise to the second-generation "chairman", she didn't expect punk to do anything at all.

It is too difficult to detach from fate or something. Even Frantal, who stands at the apex of the multiverse, would not be optimistic from the beginning.

It's really disappointing. After all, the message of "Eternal Sleeping Eye" sounds like some kind of great inheritance, but in fact this is just a "promise" of a "dead horse as a living doctor".

At least punk feels a little disappointed, after all, he has been underestimated by others.

Of course, there is no reason not to give things for nothing. The Yaori Mage who spent a lot of time and energy to find the "guildmaster" was originally to plunder these wealth. Since Frantal, who is now fearless of death, is willing to give up everything, then " "Destroy Whispers" will definitely accept it all without any kind of politeness.

It's just like vegetation enjoying the sunshine.

"As expected to be a generous Ms. Frantal, then let your soul turn into my power. Soul Swallowing will increase my professional level, and I will use your fall to move to a higher level!"

Be polite and unabashed.

The first step in obtaining wealth must be to devour the soul of the original owner, so that the caster can also know from the memory of being swallowed whether the "guild leader" has done anything to her "heritage"............

Alright, okay, in fact, now punk is really curious about Frantal's reaction when facing death, after all... she is the third "chairman" of the Silent League.

However, in fact, the cold and cold girl did not show any special reaction. After hearing the "excessive" request of punk, the expressionless girl was just as calm as hearing the wind blowing in the field. Nodded, and then in the next second, she silently closed her eyes and released the broken soul that was full of cracks and in an increasingly unstable state.

The "guildmaster" did not lie, she was really on the verge of death under the unresolved serious injury of the "soul fusion".

"This beautiful and luxurious robe is Methul's alchemy masterpiece "Robe of Ten Thousand Laws". I believe you will be able to analyze its use alone. "Eternal Sleeping Eye" will tell you how to control Fano Oden's rod. The point is, with your learning ability, you will definitely be able to handle it very quickly-then so far, my unqualified "chairman" has fulfilled all my promises and completed my last fight against "destiny". The next story... is the legend that belongs to you alone, Punk-Sean-the great "Destroy Whispers" crowned"!

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