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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1337

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Chapter 1337: Black box.

"Spells of the Sun Shining Spells of the Conjuration System-Nana'an's Matte Black Box"!

This is the attack on Tyre and Kava, a powerful magic that limits the movement and counterattack of fighters in a large area.

And with the appearance of this Yaori ultimate move, it is naturally self-evident who wanted to follow the divine power rivet to attack the two great divine powers.

That’s right—this powerful being is the "Whisper of Destruction" Punk-Sean, who has entered the realm of the Throne of the Sun. After learning the complex but practical spell of the Sun's "Nanaan’s Black Box" 'S professional level has been improved again, so this 61st-level Yaori Throne, who already has sufficient self-protection ability, stepped into the sea of ​​chaos decisively to search for the "guild leader".

Of course, the method he used is no different from Tiamat, the God of Justice, and the God of Neutrality. It is also a carpet search, and punk is the combination of the gods of Beatir and Kava faster.

To be honest, it sounds like a "carpet search" is really stupid and inefficient, isn't it? It completely relies on time to pile up the huge area of ​​the sea of ​​chaos, and the boring degree of the search process can be called a torture, and it has to be at any time. The act of leaving marked rivets is full of inevitable safety hazards............

But there is no way, the Sea of ​​Chaos is such a place, even the powerful existence of the Yaori level can only be honestly and slowly searched here, there is no so-called shortcut in this chaos............ Well, I was wrong. There are actually shortcuts. For example, tracking the coordinate rivets left by others is a shortcut, and punk was "lucky" to find this "shortcut".

In fact, it’s hard to say “lucky”. After all, Sir Tyre’s overblown “rivet” arrangement is too “bright and beautiful”. Punk can’t even see it. He easily found the two gods who walked by. , The splendid road like a street scene, and then followed very calmly.

Well, the tracking process is very smooth, that is, the flaws were exposed during the sneak attack, because "Destroy Whispers", a powerful spellcaster who is good at frontal combat, is really not good at hiding himself, so in the divine power scan of the God of Justice, he will inevitably be exposed. He disappeared, and then lost the possibility of a "sudden attack".

But it doesn’t matter, doesn’t it? After all, Tyr and Kava are two gods. No matter how strong they are, they can never be better than a wizard of the same level. So there is no need to hesitate at all. The indifferent "Destroy Whisper" decided here for the first time. Solve two troublesome competitors!

The guys in the Pantheon are too fond of nosy, it's time to teach them a lesson!

"You can't run away, "Nanaan's matte black box" will limit your footsteps, you are destined to fall here forever"!


The violent roar of the law shook a large area of ​​opaque chaos, representing that the deck of death had surrounded the two gods in it.

Yes, unknowingly, punk is already so powerful, even without the help of any magic equipment, he can still rely on a great divine power who is able to kill the sun, such as the current god of justice. Tyr had to use his extraordinary magic to resist for the first time. After all, it is not difficult to see from the horrible fluctuations of these dark laws of destruction. Once someone is wrapped in them, then this hapless eighth achievement never wants to leave. .

"Great Divine Power and Extraordinary Divine Art-Mingguang Cube"!


The dazzling light and shadow suddenly lit up, and the surging magical ability almost formed a substantive wave that swept the boundless chaos. At this moment, the God of Justice has completely ignored the existence of concealing itself to avoid being hidden from unknown." President" and Tiamat investigated, he must give priority to the impact of Yaori's ultimate move to save his life.

Of course, the power of the gods is far inferior to the spellcasters of the same level. Naturally, the power of the extraordinary magical spells cannot be compared to the ultimate move spells of the same level. Therefore, Tyr alone wants to resist a magical spell alone. The full blow of the actual combatant Yaori Throne was purely idiotic, so he only slightly resisted the advance of the "No Light Black Box" and had to quickly say to the Kava behind him:

"What are you doing in a daze? Do you still have your extraordinary powers waiting to die? Don't hurry up and help me, I'm going to be unable to stand it anymore"!

The god of justice, with his hideous and distorted face, his body shattered and bleeding, and who struggled to resist the power of the law of destruction, had fallen into the most difficult and dangerous dilemma in a blink of an eye.

"Nanaan's Matte Black Box" has a very strong blocking effect. Once surrounded by this thing, even the mental level displacement method is useless!

However... Thanks to the support of the efforts of the God of Justice, the current "black box" has not been completely closed after all, so in the deep and silent night, the edge of the "black box" actually still has a little bit of almost slight There is a small gap that cannot be found, but Tyre, who is struggling to support it, is definitely impossible to stop the resistance revealed by the decline and turn and run away, and his companion Kava...

But it's not necessarily true.

"I’m so sorry, dear Mr. Tyre, the great god of justice, I will always thank you for your selfless dedication today. I will take care of your believers and pastors, and even if I have the opportunity, I will inherit your god. Country, but now... goodbye, you idiot who got into disaster because of your arrogance, I mean to say never see you again!"

The indifferent voice turned into an icy mental power fluctuation and revealed to the depths of Tyr’s soul. Under the stunned gaze of the god of justice, the neutral god suddenly took out a magic scroll and shredded it. It means to help before, because the soul of this guy has been transformed into many incomparably peculiar light white spots under the reshaping of that unknown spell, and then in the next silent moment, these little stars and little lights follow. The last gap in "Nanaan's Matte Black Box" was all gone.

Obviously, unlike the ancient god of justice who became impulsive and arrogant under the influence of the priesthood, as a relatively young and great god of power, since Kava dared to step into the sea of ​​chaos to find wealth, he must have done his best. Be fully prepared, and the powerful escape method he now uses is undoubtedly one of his important preparations.

When the "box" created by Yaori's ultimate move was completely closed, in the deadly darkness that looked like a coffin, only a god of justice with an expression of disbelief remained.

Yes, this great divine power who once stood at the apex of the Pantheon has fallen, and his death has also been officially announced-in this quiet and dark multiverse, a more glorious star has officially risen. Up.

Punk-Sean... he is a powerful throne of the sun!

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