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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1336

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Chapter 1336: stalker.

Tyre doesn’t think that his act of arrogantly arranging supernatural powers and rivets will be followed by others. After all, there are only a few practical professionals in the multiverse. Everyone can count them directly with both hands. Who can track them? He has a good mentality, and this great divine power is still very confident in this situation.

Although Kava, who followed Tyr to the Chaos Sea, felt that this behavior was a bit inappropriate out of caution, after thinking about it for a while......he seemed to be unable to provide a reliable reason to refute his grumpy temper. The god of justice, after all, "they always feel that something is wrong" is not a good reason. The Sea of ​​Chaos is the place where the laws of chaos meet. No matter where it is, it is strange. His "feeling" can't explain it at all. what is the problem.

In that case......just forget it?

"Forget it, unknowingly, Tyre has once again experienced the erosion of the priesthood and the faith of the believers for millions of years. He seems to be more arrogant and impulsive than he was before. If I want to come, one day I will also fall into this. Looks like, I have no qualifications to teach others."

Kava shook his head helplessly and lonely. Kava, who stopped doing more words, chose to remain silent and concentrate on searching the 96482476352 unknown area in the Chaos Sea. Although a few light years away, the rivet beam that was injected with too much sun-level supernatural power was still there. I was swaggering to show my brilliance, but...

It doesn’t matter. Behind him, Tyre with a bright smile has once again lit up a towering divine rivet. The bright light is as hot and dazzling as the little sun rising from Yeye in the depths of the chaotic darkness. This beam of light is connected in series with the previous beam of light, and they can even show a beautiful "street scene" in the perception of Yaori professionals.

"How about it, pretty, right?"

Looking at his "masterpiece" proudly and complacent, Tyre really has no sense of worry at all.

Well, it must be admitted that the brilliant light in his eyes is indeed blooming like a torch, even though the bright divine power rivets cannot illuminate the eternal chaos after all.

But... at least when a flickering black shadow suddenly appeared under the shadow of the light, the turbulent magical ability was still capable of discovering this strange figure that was seriously inconsistent with the background of the sea of ​​chaos.

Strictly speaking, this is really "somewhat useful" right? At any rate, the two gods who were still concentrating on investigating the "unknown" don't need to be attacked by mysterious enemies, because at the moment when the shadows irradiated by the divine power beam appeared, Kavabun who was still sluggish in the last second In an instant, he took out a light red slender cane and reacted.

"Who! Who is there!"

"Damn it, Kava, your crow mouth is nonsense, now we are really being followed"!


Although Tyr is a little arrogant, he is not a fool. After discovering that a weird shadow has disappeared in a flash, he certainly will not take this dangerous sign as his own illusion, but the next two gods. The reaction is still a bit different. Although they are almost ready for battle with the fastest speed, the first thing Kava does is to search for the enemy’s location, while the first thing Tyre does is Complain...

It can only be said that the god of neutrality is still too young, and the erosion of faith he has endured is not deep enough, so in the face of danger, he can still have the rationality that a professional should have, but in contrast to the arrogant god of justice...this The performance of an ancient great divine power god actually became very immature long ago.

But Kava ignored Tyre's complaint, because the complaint could not solve any problems. Now that he noticed the presence of the enemy, the first thing he needed to do was to protect himself and be more vigilant.

Obviously, the powerful enemy that was accidentally discovered by the brilliance of the divine power must have been followed by the divine power rivets arranged by Tyre. After all, the degree of "brightness" of the thing is simply "planting the sun" at the node of the law. Like them, carrying out a carpet search of the entire Chaos Sea, as long as that person is not blind, he will certainly not be unable to discover the existence of the divine rivet.

But the question now is...Who is this guy who has the courage and ability to follow?

It's a pity that no one will answer Kava's question. Real battles never require extra words and emotional expressions. In fact, the moment when the shadows were exposed, this destined and inevitable battle of the shining sun has already begun. , Because I didn’t wait for Tyre’s complaint to be finished, I saw dozens of dark decks suddenly appeared in the surrounding space, and they began to carry amazing speed and law fluctuations to the two gods in the middle. Just closed it.

This attacker seemed to be planning to single-handedly challenge two great gods!

What is this behavior? This kind of action is simply too deceitful and deceptive, and it is simply an insult and provocation to the great divine power! Didn't you see Tyre and Kava standing in the chaos beginning to burst into bloodshot anger?

So what should the two gods' bodies suddenly encounter such an arrogant attack?

you still need to ask? Anyway, everyone is a big boss with a reputation and a face, and now they have been directly slapped in the face by others, then it was...Run!

Thirty-six strategies, the best strategy, the words of the ancients are sincere and do not deceive me! You know that dozens of lacquered black blocks that cover the sky and the sun are a powerful Sun Sun killer move. This means that the enemy who is currently attacking the two gods is definitely someone with Sun Sun killer move. Shining sun spellcaster-what are you waiting for if you run into such a terrible enemy? Can't find death?

It’s not bragging or self-defeating. The deity’s combat effectiveness can only be described as "nothing good" after leaving the kingdom of God. To put it bluntly, any actual combat legendary spellcaster can at least deal with two simultaneous players in the peak state. Level actual combat gods don’t let the wind fall, and it’s not a problem to hit three of them with one strong point. This rule is still valid even at the Yaori level!

In fact, this is one of the reasons why the Pantheon has several great gods and a large number of gods, but they are still weak. Normally, as long as the gods who go out are sane, there is only one fact that he needs to recognize-that That is, no matter what you encounter, you will first go back to the kingdom of God and talk about it.

If you can't run...

That would be a big trouble!

For example, in this vast sea of ​​chaos, the gods of justice and neutral who were suddenly besieged by a shining sun's ultimate move are facing the most difficult trouble...their kingdom of God is far away from them, and at the same time , The attack of that mysterious enemy is already close at hand!

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