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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1335

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Chapter 1335: Chaos Sea.

If we were to divide the plane into camp, then 80% of the camp on the mountain plane of heaven would be "good and lawful" in the eyes of the world, and the endless abyss would naturally be the out-and-out "evil chaos", perhaps most ordinary Should all of the planes be considered "neutral and lawful"? But the sea of ​​chaos... this world that no one knows when it began to exist should undoubtedly belong to the "neutral chaos".

In academic theory, it is difficult for many famous researchers in history to define what kind of natural environment the "Chaotic Sea" is, because if it is defined as a special "space of stars" in general, the chaos of The sea also has a weird core that is unknown and obviously exists. It even has gravitation, magnetism, and even very obvious climate change. Although everything in the chaotic sea is chaotic and untracked, such an area is bound to be different. In the general weird star realm.

But if you define it as a "special plane"... Can "things" that don't even have entities really be called "planes"? From the outside, the vast "Sea of ​​Chaos" looks more like a cloud and mist floating around............

All in all, the Sea of ​​Chaos is such a weird thing with a diameter of one million light-years in diameter. The law of chaos boils and subsides in such a hazy ocean. Once the legendary professionals below the moon step into it, they even rely on themselves. The power of's can't be done away, because the space coordinates in the chaos are completely chaotic, and the general teleportation spells can't even think about positioning in the completely chaotic law fluctuations.

But for those who have reached the level of Yaori... Although the law of chaos is very troublesome, it is still not insoluble. After all, they can already add their own understanding to the "rule", and the interference from the outside naturally can't be any more. Easily destroy the construction of location coordinates, so even if they are in a chaotic package, the powerful Sun Thrones can still know where they are and where they are going.

Simply put, you won't get lost.

For example, at the periphery of the Sea of ​​Chaos at this moment, a young man wearing a white robe with tight lips is flying with a short teenager with a somewhat sullen expression in the blank chaos.

They are not professionals, they are two great gods of divine power. The young man in white robe is the kind-hearted deity who is second only to the Lord of Dawn, the "God of Justice" Tyr, and the little young deity is Is the always low-key "Neutral God" Kava!

There are not many great divine powers in the Pantheon. Today, after the Lord of Dawn became a clergy puppet, and the goddess of life announced his withdrawal without an explanation, the gods including Kava and Tyre were counted. There are only four normal great gods left.

Although the organization of the gods controlled by the priesthood will not fall apart because of this, the glory of the gods has long been misplaced.

It is obvious that it is not only the many legends who endure the silence of the "isolated island". Facts have proved that the situation of the gods is also worsening day by day.

However, no matter how far the Pantheon has fallen, Tyre and Kava, who are flying at high speed in the sea, seem to be out of the mood to consider, because even if the speed of travel has not been reduced at all, but from the two great gods It's not difficult to tell from their facial expressions that their mood swings are a bit numb.

Yes, they came to search for the "guild leader" in the sea of ​​chaos. It sounds like "hunting for the throne of the sun" is simply domineering, right? But in fact this is a very mechanized and extremely boring job.

Think about it, fly silently in a chaos where the scenery has not changed at all except for the perception of the law coordinates, silently release the perception to carry out a carpet search, silently continue to fly and repeat the above work... and the area you want to search is a diameter A super ocean with a price of one million light-years...

It will not take long for people with weak willpower to estimate that they will be driven crazy. The gods of justice and neutrality are firm in mind, but today, after nearly 400,000 years of such boring work, they also feel it for the first time in their lives. The pain of brick movers.

Speaking of it, this kind of purely mechanized manual labor seems to be too inconsistent with the status of a great divine power god.

"The search for area No. 96482476351 is completed, and then the search for area No. 96482476352 is started... How much we have searched the Sea of ​​Chaos, tell me KaVo, let me know that our progress is ninety-nine percent complete Right"!

"You think too much, Tyre. Our search progress has only reached 9%. The carpet search has yielded nothing so far. Our luck is not good. The "chairman" should be in the remaining 90%. In an area."

"Ha...Haha, nine percent? We have searched for 400,000 years and only nine percent? Hehehe, this is really a cruel torture, hehe".

"...Has anyone ever said that you laughed like a mad evil god, Tyr"?

"Shut up! I'm in a bad mood now! The damn "President" is where she hides. I never felt that finding someone was such a cruel thing. Why should I have to do this kind of thing? This is a punishment so I would want a happy one more!"

The violent release of the divine power searched the 96482476352 area. It seems that Tyre has a lot of mental instability. Although he said "to have a good time" or something must be angry, but his irritable mood is not mixed up at all. false.

After all, he even released the "positioning rivets" embedded in the space by releasing the great level of divine art, as if it was reflecting an angry mind, it became hot and bright.

"Although we need these rivets to mark the "searched area" and "unsearched area", don't leave marks too publicly. Maybe the shining sun professionals entering the Chaos Sea are more than you and me. These marks may be affected. People tracked".

A little helplessly watching the god of justice throwing away the solemn disguise and revealing his nature, Kava sighed silently and could only casually persuade him.

But unfortunately, his persuasion is of little significance, because finding a piece of the most unpleasant law and smashing a magical rivet is now Tyre’s only means of entertainment, so even if he gets the warning from his fellow travelers, he can wave his hands casually. God just said casually without caring:

"Come on, who will follow us, Tiamat? She is walking in front of us. It's almost the same for us to follow her, old Eman? Didn't we invite him to act with us before? He even saw us Reluctant on one side, after all, this chaotic world is still the only two of us who are unlucky. Maybe the "chairman" of the silent person has already left. We are still looking for someone in this stupid way, who will be all right. Come in and follow up!"

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