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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1334

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Chapter 1334: ready.

"Eternal Sleeping Eye" left after saying the news she needed to tell. As she described herself, this time she met "Destroy Whispers" only to "tell the truth", and she didn't know the "President" "It doesn't matter whether punk believes her words or not, she has already followed the order to complete her task."

As for how the next Yaori spellcaster will choose... In fact, it is the same in the final analysis. After all, the sea of ​​chaos is very big, even if the Throne of Yaori wants to find someone in it, it is very difficult, no matter what. Lantal had prepared a "legacy" or a trap. If punk wanted to gain something, he had to find the badly injured Sun Sun spellcaster.

As for "Destroy Whispers", do you want to find the "guild leader"............

"Fano Oden's staff, the magical equipment of the god seat level, can understand the path of fate...No way, this temptation is really too big."

It must be admitted that before floating quietly in the deep darkness like this, the slightly frowning spellcaster was actually very excited about the staff mentioned by "Eternal Sleeping Eye".

As we all know, the threat from the "long river of destiny" has always been the "sword of Damos" suspended above the heads of all legendary professionals. Whether it is a reclusive professional or a combatist careerist, they must face their own destiny. The Throne of the Sun had to face the nightmare of "calling", and super powers such as Messoul also fell helplessly after being "called".

And that Fano Oden's rod can actually observe "destiny" and even manipulate the trajectory of "destiny" to a certain extent? Moreover, judging from the prophecies that the "Eternal Sleeping Eye" informed to punk in the ordinary legendary stage, the "guildmaster" has indeed made more than one prediction about "destiny".

God knows what an outrageous and incredible conception this is!

Now that the "Destroy Whispers" is also a powerful shining day, before enjoying the new and powerful power, he also needs to seriously think about his next path forward. After all, there is no such thing as the "long river of destiny". Undoubtedly, it is the greatest threat to every Sun Throne, and if you want to face this threat best...Fano Oden's Staff is destined to be a perfect creation symbolizing a "shortcut"!

So in this case, is punk really going to find the "chairman"?

The answer is yes. Although the cautious caster has reason to suspect that the temptation of Fano Oden's Staff is a trap, he still has no reason to stop.

After all...just the realm of Yaori is not the culmination of "Destroy Whispers". He is still looking forward to the gods and even more distant endless void. No matter whether facing "destiny" means danger, he must continue to fight. Go down.

In order to be able to continue on the road of chasing “powerful”, “Whisper of Destruction” now needs to prepare enough wealth for his journey-the legendary magic equipment is indispensable, and a soul of the shining sun level is not Too much.

"Sai'an’s Soul Swallowing Technique" is a shining-level spell. It has been improved by the caster for 200,000 years and is not a display. If it can swallow a shining-level that has lost most of its combat power due to injury The soul...then "Destroy Whispers", what reason is there to fear and shrink back?

There is no such thing as taking advantage of people’s dangers in fighting for the interests of the people.

"Frantal...It's time for this journey to the Chaos Sea. The path of the sun has been laid out in front of me. I need to make good use of the power of the Soul Swallowing technique. There is always the first time in everything. Why can’t the soul of the “guild leader” be my “first time” to reach the apex of a higher level? Anyway, even without Lumina’s announcement, I must search for the whereabouts of the “guild leader”, even if the time comes. Really encountered a trap..."

Secretly clenched his fists, feeling the torrent of magic power surging in the depths of his soul wantonly, the caster with cold eyes had no fear at all.

After all, punk is very confident of his own strength.

"What if I encounter a trap? I have already memorized Netheril's knowledge by heart. No matter how many methods the "guild leader" has, there is no reason to be more knowledgeable than me. When the soldiers come to cover the water and earth, see Who is more capable...but before that, I have to master some commonly used Yaori-level spells and at least one Yaori killer as soon as possible, and wait until my strength is officially completed." This trip is geared toward " The journey of "destiny" has officially begun!

Make up your mind, the decisiveness is extraordinary! Regardless of whether it is for a shining sun-level soul "in front of your eyes" or for the legendary Fano Oden staff, the shining sun spellcaster must seize the time to make good use of his every minute and every second.

As for what Yaori's ultimate move he wants to learn...

To be honest, there are so many choices, even "unprecedented" choices.

Because the knowledge of the Netheril Yaori Library is theoretically open to the students enrolled by the Great Olympian of the Gods, so even the skills of the Gods are mentioned in it, and various high-quality Yaori kills are mentioned. The number included is as many as thousands.

You know, this kind of forced selection of patients with difficult disease is really easy to picky. Even punk has selected a lot of powerful spells for a few hours before finding the three most suitable for them. "Killman Candidate List".

The three shining sun spells are "Herager's Fragmented Void", "Morodo World Destruction Bomb", and "Nanaan's Matte Black Box".

Three Yaori killer moves with distinctive characteristics and specialization in the law of destruction. They are all powerful magic that has left a strong record in history. For example, "Herager's Shadow of the Shattered Sky" is a large-scale continuous The scope of attack spells that release the afterimage of the law of destruction to attack, a large number of fragmented shadows are constructed under the mysterious spell model to take into account the scope of lethality and the single defensive effect.

The "Morodo World Destruction Bomb" is a very "simple and rude but effective" type of powerful explosive spell. A destructive law explosion at the level of the sun's ultimate move is even enough to annihilate a large plane in an instant.

In addition, "Nanaan's Matte Black Box" is also very good. The black box with powerful killing effect can easily limit the enemy's actions and attacks. When necessary, you can even shut yourself in the box as a means of defense. Maybe Compared with the above two spells, it does not have such a strong destructive effect, but its flexibility and control capabilities are a huge advantage that cannot be ignored.

Don’t think about all the three things for now. The learning of Yaori’s ultimate moves is a very time-consuming process. Punk’s current plan is to choose one of these three magic skills to master, and then quickly go to the sea of ​​chaos. "President".

But... which one should I choose?

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