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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1333

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Chapter 1333: Fano Oden's Staff.

"Legacy? Is the "chairman" dead? And what is the so-called "wealth inherited from the president of the first generation of the Silent League"? Why is the "chairman" looking for you as a spokesperson for such an important matter, you What is his identity?"

Inquiring expressionlessly the "Eternal Sleeping Eye" in front of him, calmly "Destroying Whispers" did not mean to be dazzled by "pies falling from the sky".

There is no free lunch in the world, and any inadvertent detail may hide murderous intent. If the "guild leader" really left any "legacy" to be handed over to himself, then that powerful and mysterious throne of the sun What is the purpose and plan under Mian?

These things must be clarified. Before Lumina can give a clear answer, the prudent Sun Sun spellcaster will never guess wildly.

"Dead? No, Miss Frantal is still alive, or... for the time being, but her life is about to come to an end. In fact, in the sea of ​​chaos, she was affected by the "five-colored dragon mother" Tiamat The attack-and it was also a terrible attack using "Piknat's Soul Fusion Technique" in disguise, so she was seriously injured and her injuries were greatly aggravated. Now Frantal's fate has been It is destined that she may be able to barely stay in the depths of the chaotic vortex, but she has lost the ability to fight again and even leave the chaos beyond, so for the "guildmaster" you...In a sense, she does I'm about to die".

The lonely expression of the punk "President" informed the current situation of the punk "President". The sad emotions revealed by the "Eternal Sleeping Eye" could not even be concealed by her frivolous veil. The host, Frantal, has extraordinary feelings, and this feeling made her unable to let go of what happened to the "chairman".

However, the order must be obeyed. Even though the sad emotions have turned into almost substantial spiritual energy lingering around, the "Eternal Sleeping Eye" who has worked hard to explain to punk as clearly as possible:

"This is the place you chose to advance to Yaori. I think the concealment of this star field should be strong enough, so I'm here to tell you what's next. This is also the "chairman" and hope you can know Everything of... Do you know? The president of the first generation of the Silent Alliance, that is, the strong man who founded the Silent Alliance at the end of the "Awakener Age" by himself is named Vicarage- Fano Oden, it is said that he is the sun professional who has been closest to the god seat since the demise of the Netheril civilization. He is also the special existence that fell helplessly after failing to promote to the god seat!"

Seriously, he said a name that is not very well-known. "Eternal Sleeping Eye" seems to admire the legendary Mr. Vicarage very much. She even uses it when it comes to the fall of this strong man. The pronoun "He" is used to show respect.

Of course, punk doesn’t understand the history of the Silent League presidents in the past, and even the third-generation "President", Frantal’s name, he just knows, so even if he realizes that Lumina’s emotions are a bit special , "Destroying Whispers" without emotional fluctuations just continued to quietly listen to the other party's narration.

"Your Excellency Vicarage’s promotion failed. The god seat, which was once difficult in the era of Netheril, has become difficult to climb under the supervision of the "long river of destiny". The strong man who opened up a new era crossed the sky. I don’t know how many difficulties and efforts have passed, but he finally fell in front of the most immeasurable "destiny............

However, as "the powerhouse closest to the gods in the age of the awakener", his failure does not mean that the journey of resisting fate has ended. In fact, at the last moment of death, he spent his entire life resisting fate and cast his own soul. Become a god-level staff, although his own will did not touch the god-level mystery after all, but he continued his obsession with a powerful weapon-the staff of Fano Oden , The magic wand is cast from the soul of the god-level professionals. It has the power to predict "destiny". It can even interfere with the direction of destiny to a certain extent. It represents a strong person yearning for a higher level. The stubbornness of the Silent Alliance is also the highest wealth inherited from generations of "Presidents" of the Silent Alliance... And I, Lumina Galin, is the virtual soul of the Staff of Fano Oden, and I am responsible for teaching the staff of Fano Oden. The holder learns to observe the "destiny". "Gailin" means the path guide in Encore's language. "Eternal Sleeping Eye" is just the code name given to me by Miss Frantal, which actually predicts the trajectory of "destiny" It is the power of the god seat staff.

A solemn explanation of the wealth and identity of the "Chairman", Ms. "Eternal Sleeping Eye" seemed to be even more sad.

However, her heavy emotions are not difficult to understand. After all, you don’t have to think about that the fallen Mr. Vicarage must have set an amazing strength limit and loyalty to the "servant" who has the task of inheriting knowledge. Without breaking out of the prison, Lumina will inevitably be loyal to each of her masters.

And her current master is about to die in pain in the corner of chaos, but she can't do anything because she doesn't have the power. This feeling is definitely enough to make all intelligent creatures very painful.

Moreover, she can see that after listening carefully to every word she said, the gaze that punk showed was neither a surprise nor gratitude, because there is only a deep suspicion on the face of the caster now...

"How do you prove that what you say is true? How do you prove that the "guildmaster" did not set up a trap to wait for me to snare it? How do you prove that the Fano Oden's Staff you said actually exists? Proof... "The president" really intends to choose me as the next president"!

Perhaps such a straightforward questioning is very indifferent and ruthless, but the caster never likes to make rounds. After all, he is a newcomer and his ability to protect himself is extremely limited. However, there are many ambitious in this "Dark Forest Era". The shining sun powerhouse may be planning to find a good prey to try whether "Piknut's Soul Fusion Art" is effective...why can't "President" be one of them?

Maybe at this moment, she is waiting to catch a hapless "prey" to recover from her injury as soon as possible. The necessary caution is absolutely indispensable.


"I'm just a virtual soul with no combat power. I can only be ordered to tell you that the "guild leader" is waiting for you in the Chaos Sea, and even because that chaotic place cannot obtain spatial coordinates, you still need to rely entirely on your own. The power is looking for the "guildmaster", looking for the Fano Oden's staff that she held in her hand, sorry...I can't prove anything, this is a multiple-choice question that belongs to you alone, the respectable, great "Destroy Whisper" crown under"!

Well, after listening to the extremely indifferent question from the caster, Lumina seemed a little angry.

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