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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1332

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Chapter 1332: the truth.

In the impression of punk, from the very beginning Ms. "Eternal Sleeping Eye" is a very mysterious special character. He has never forgotten that the prophecy about "destiny" was spoken by this "special character", and he has not forgotten " The "guildmaster"’s "weird treatment" to "Eternal Sleeping Eyes" is extraordinary. In fact, long ago, "Destroy Whispers" was very suspicious of this class that has always been mysterious, said to be Huiyue, but has never participated in the battle. What kind of extraordinary identity does the reader have, and now............

It seems he was right.

Because just when the Sun Mage used a dangerous Sun Spell to point to herself, the calm and composed "Eternal Sleeping Pupil" did not show any expression of fear. In fact, the surprised attitude she displayed at this moment was obvious.

I saw that I was in a deep darkness with only magical brilliance to light up the night sky, this lady who was exquisitely dressed like a rich lady quickly spoke calmly:

"You unexpectedly... you have become a throne of the Sun with such a smooth progress. It seems that you are really more talented than Frantal. I must apologize for the fact that I underestimated a genius. You may really be me. The most incredible and powerful professional I've ever heard of... Oh, yes, Frantal is the name of your excellency "Chairman". In the remote plane of Feng Kina, Frantal means Flowers blooming in the winter, and my real name is Lumina Gaelin".

Apologized and complimented very calmly. The words of "Eternal Sleeping Pupil" sounded quite a dreamlike ethereal feeling, whether it was her introduction to the name of the "chairman" or her own name. Although her behavior is very decent, but in terms of feeling... a little bit of inevitable unnaturalness has not diminished at all.

In fact, at least in the perception of the caster, the current "Eternal Sleeping Eye" lady looks like she was forced to meet punk, and then she really has to explain her intentions. .

"I am Miss Frantal's servant, and every act of monitoring you is an order given to me by the "President" before leaving. Don’t get me wrong. There is no malice in her giving such an order. What you did I, as a non-combatant, have no qualifications and no capital to stop anything, so in the order of Miss Frantal, there is only one task I need to perform from beginning to end, and that is to successfully advance to the Throne of Yaori. After that, especially after studying and understanding "Piknut's Soul Fusion Technique", it will tell you the truth about everything."

Speaking very seriously and entangled in these seemingly formulaic words, the expression of "Eternal Sleeping Pupil" looked very entangled, because she seemed very unwilling to execute the orders of the "chairman" and punk to narrate anything, but Some kind of powerful restriction forced her to do what she ordered.

This should be a very embarrassing state.

You must have guessed the purpose of the "guildmaster" going to the "Sea of ​​Chaos". That's right, in the battle with Messoul, she was terribly severely injured, and it came from the soul of "Piknut". Injured by the fusion technique, Messoul’s dying counterattack merged a piece of soul fragment into Frantal’s soul. As a result, the "guild leader" fell into the weakest state ever, and this was also her. Hurrying to the "Sea of ​​Chaos" to avoid the cause of danger, but..."

"But the paper can't contain the fire after all, right? It has been missing for 300,000 years, and the missing node is so "coincidentally", let alone those old veteran thrones who are familiar with her, even a lot of Huiyue professions. I’m afraid everyone can guess the reason why the "guild leader" is hidden. There must be more than one shining-level powerhouse going to the sea of ​​chaos to search for the "guild leader". After all, "Piknut's soul" Fusion Art "Although it is very complicated, but if even I can study it in the Lunar Stage, then most of the Sun Shine professionals should have already mastered this spell early."

In a word, "President" was in the current situation, and punk's eyes on "Eternal Sleeping Eye" quickly became a little interesting.

Obviously, Frantal is currently in the most weak and special period, and the damage of soul fusion cannot be easily wiped out. Isn't the "guild leader" at this time an undoubted "treasure" and wealth? If the "Piknut's Soul Fusion Technique" can be used to actually fuse the soul of a shining powerhouse, then it will be enough to verify whether the magic that has stirred up the entire multiverse can actually bring about the "God Seat" The future!

This temptation is too great, and any ambitious Yaori powerhouse cannot refuse. Even punk plans to go to the "Sea of ​​Chaos" to find the "guild leader" after learning Yaori's ultimate move, let alone a trace of the "guild leader". Tell me what other professionals have in mind.

I am afraid that more than one Yaori has already been searching for it early. This may be one of the reasons why many Yaori strong who always like to mix with muddy water suddenly behave so quietly.

However, what is the purpose of "Eternal Sleeping Eye" at this time, in front of the "Whisper of Destruction" of "Wolf's Ambition"? Frantal wouldn't lose sight of the nature of a "monster", right? She should know what choice a certain cold-blooded mage will make after being promoted to Yaori.


"Don't tell me that the "guild leader" sent you here to save her in the "Sea of ​​Chaos". That would be too ridiculous."

Staring coldly at Lumina's beautiful face, a gloomy greed appeared in Master Yaori's words.

The "Soul Swallowing Technique" he worked so hard to accomplish is not a display. Speaking of which, the current spellcaster is also eager to plan to find a strong enough soul to swallow it to gain power.


"Franthal didn't need you to save her, she is the most powerful throne of the Sun, and she never needed anyone's malicious "save"! This time she sent me to tell you only one thing-that It is to go to the sea of ​​chaos to receive her inheritance, to receive a piece of wealth passed down from the first generation of "President of the Silent Alliance", that's it!"

Desolately ignoring the cold eyes of "Destroy Whispers", "Eternal Sleeping Pupil" almost used the most reluctant tone to say what the "guild leader" really wanted to convey to the caster.

It seems that in the deepest part of Lumina's heart, she must be very disgusted with the existence of punk and very difficult to accept the decision of the "chairman", but now she must obey the order and say everything.

This may also be a very deep and helpless sorrow.

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