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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1331

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Chapter 1331 Bright Sun!.

Perhaps from the perspective of a mortal, the so-called legend is the most unmatched culmination of all living things, right? The legendary powerhouses turn their hands into clouds and hands into rain. The aftermath of the battle can easily destroy a plane and kill all the creatures on it. The legends tamper with the laws and travel through space. It is easy to reach from one end of the universe to the other. The laws of physics, which are regarded as truth by most people, are kneaded like soft plasticine in their hands, and even the torrent of time can never be used by a legendary powerhouse.

But in fact the so-called "legendary" is still just the beginning. In this era of isolated islands where the "long river of destiny" has set off waves, the shadow of the dark forest has enveloped the entire multiverse. Ordinary legends can only live in the darkness that no one knows. Among them, they were trembling and holding their breath, while the professionals of Morningstar and even Huiyue had to gain and lose because of the scarcity of resources...

The cruelty of the world is too incisive and vivid. Even the apex of the throne of the sun has to take into account the trouble of "calling names" and say a thousand words, who can embrace true freedom? Does the so-called "power" have an end?

This is a terrible unknown, but also a sweet adventure. Everyone who embarks on a journey to explore the unknown is destined to bear the loneliness of the "known" and the dark indifference, in that place full of forgetfulness and the "unknown" No one knows what will ultimately be obtained on the road.

Who can be sure whether the life of billions of years is more worth pursuing than the short sound of a mortal? Who can be sure that ignorance and ignorance are not a kind of mysterious happiness?

Unimaginable, incredible, immeasurable... Maybe such "unknown" itself is the deepest loneliness......

In a dark corner of the star realm where neither the law nor the stars could leave a trace, the punk's shining sun level promotion was a logical success.

It must be admitted that this is a very natural promotion. Although in most rumors, any promotion to the Throne of Yaori can only be described with terrible adjectives such as "difficult and unattainable", not to say anything that causes the world to be different. Like, but the dangers are many and the difficulty is surprising but it is often indispensable, but when it comes to punk...

Maybe it's because the Void Soul with incredible willpower is so powerful? Maybe it's because the caster has accumulated a deep accumulation of 200,000 years of experimental research? Perhaps it is the soul skills that punk’s spiritual skills can be quickly mastered by the Yaori-level theoretical knowledge from Netheril?

Anyway, "Destroy Whispers" to see that the path to advance to the Yaori realm is as simple as opening an ordinary door and then calmly walking in. In fact, with the caster, the real improvement of the "Piknut's" is completed. "Soul Fusion", the former "Destroy Whisper", is already a throne standing among the "top powerhouses".

He easily possesses the power of the shining sun level, and of course there is also a shining sun level spell that has been improved-"Sai'an's Soul Swallowing Technique", which can be swallowed up in a blink of an eye as long as the enemy's soul is touched. Powerful spells!


"Is this the power of the sun? It is indeed unimaginable at the Huiyue level, because it specializes in the "destruction" law, and now the "destruction" power I control is no longer a mere application of the law, I even Being able to add one's own understanding to the "laws" is just like the power shown by the "guild leader"... Maybe the sign of stepping into the god seat level is "creating a law that belongs to you"?

Gently shook his palm, the expressionless caster was still a little emotional in his heart.

He has been more than seven hundred thousand years old all the way to this day. The once "supernova" has also become a "well-known veteran powerhouse". Now he has achieved the throne of the sun, and punk has completely become the culmination of the multiverse. That group of strong people.

I think that when he first came to this world, the "small goal" set by the caster was only to enter the legend. In a blink of an eye, the vicissitudes of life passed, and even the wizard's union became history and legend. He actually stepped into it silently. Such a realm............

"It is something to be proud of, but even Yaori is just a new beginning. The "long river of destiny" is still difficult to deal with. I still need to practice the magic knowledge of Yaori level as soon as possible, and master at least one as soon as possible. Fortunately, the shining sun killer moves, the knowledge in the city of those who never sleep and watch the library is sufficient."

Silently calmed down the rare excitement, the indifferent Master Yaori never changed his absolute calmness.

In fact, before he was promoted to Yaori, he had already formulated his "learning plan" after successful promotion. For example, he first needs to master some commonly used Yaori spells, and then learn a Yaori killer as soon as possible to greatly improve his own skills. Combat power, and before that............

Ms. "Eternal Sleeping Pupil", how smooth is the process of my promotion to Yaori compared with "President"? After observing me for so long, you should come out and express a little opinion-I strongly recommend that you give me a serious compliment, after all, I am ready to start practicing some interesting Japanese-level spells."

Turning his gaze coldly and looking to his side, the punk stared into the darkness and his eyes were quickly filled with the meaning of killing.

As for the reason why the caster was upset just after finishing the promotion, it is also very simple, because in the deep darkness, the Yaori mage, who already has the ability to perceive the sun level, discovered a very familiar soul at the first time. fluctuation.

That is the soul fluctuation of "Eternal Sleeping Eye"!

You don’t need to think about it. This guy who doesn’t know what he wants to do must have been spying on the caster for a long time, but she seems to have a very, very powerful means of hiding, which is even more than a dozen levels of Huiyue level. The exploration of the magic circle couldn't detect the abnormal degree, so it was not until the "Destroy Whisper" was promoted to the Throne of the Sun, and the "Eternal Sleeping Eye" hidden in the shadow was finally exposed.

No one wants to be monitored by others, and punk is of course no exception. In fact, if it weren’t because he was really curious about the mysterious "Eternal Sleeping Eye", he would monitor himself so quietly. The promoted "Destroy Whisper" can't use Yaori-level spells, and he has to rush to "close combat" to kill some "death-seeking" guys.

But now... even if it takes a lot of time to barely complete a crappy shining sun-level space blockade spell, the caster who doesn’t need to worry about the enemy's escape does not mind trying to prepare an equally crappy and reluctant attack spell while listening to the expression. What exactly the "acquaintances" who "see death as home" are going to say.

"Isn't it... something related to "President"?"

Master Yaori, who had some doubts in his heart, guessed like this.

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