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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1330

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Chapter 1330: Upcoming promotion.

"Huiyue Level Conjuration Magic Spells——Hidden Cold Light"!

This was the spell that punk had just used, and it was the spell that suddenly lit up the night sky.

That's right, Mage Huiyue didn't intend to send the second document to Aikar at all. The light spot that flew in front of Priest Huiyue was actually a Bright Moon-level spell disguised as a data message.

So far, punk has no intention of continuing to cooperate with the "pious", and the reason for his action is also very simple-because in the passage of 200,000 years, the "soul-swallowing technique" of "Destroy Whispers" has been Almost completed, he no longer needs more experimental materials to continue to consume, and naturally there is no need for Aikar as a collaborator to continue to exist.

Demolition of the bridge across the river?

Maybe it’s just crossing the river to demolish the bridge. There is no hesitation in disproving punk’s despicable "crossing the river to demolish the bridge". In fact, as early as the first day of the cooperation agreement, the sinister spellcaster had decided to cross the river and demolish the bridge in the final stage of the cooperation. "Whisper of Destruction" is also destined to always be a potential enemy rather than an apparent ally.

After all, to be honest, this guy really knows a lot of punk secrets. He also got a lot of valuable information about "Piknut's soul fusion", considering that the essence of "soul fusion" is a soul. The direct plundering of another soul, and the number of strong people in the multiverse is so limited, so two professionals who hope to use this to enter the seat of God are originally potential competitors.

If you can get rid of a "potential opponent" whose strength is far inferior to one's own, then why not the punk with a blank face from beginning to end?

So driven by such a profit, Master Huiyue suddenly made a move after obtaining the last soul gem.

It's just that... things didn't seem to go as smoothly as "Destroy Whispers" imagined, because the shattered flesh and blood of a priest was not splashed in the hot radiance that lit up the darkness. On the contrary, it was not yet. When the punk's supplementary attack was released, a milky white phantom was already floating out like a flying catkin.

It is a shadow constructed almost entirely using extraordinary powers. It is not so much an illusory and distorted law, but it is simply a projection of a mind that makes it difficult to define "existence or not", and it insists on describing it. In other words, this image that dances with the wind now has the same effect as Walkway's "Teleportation".

It's just that it's different from the spell effect released by the caster. This method, which obviously belongs to the category of transcendent magic, seems to be able to last for a long time.

"You want to kill me? Sai'an? Forget it, I had expected that you would cross the river and demolish the bridge when the research is about to end now...you mages of the chaotic camp are always so untrustworthy at all, I have gradually Got used to it".

Plainly ignoring the torrent of laws surging around him, Aikar, who directly wandered out of the "hidden cold light" kill range, seemed confident in his expression. It seems that this guy was ready to help himself long before he decided to cooperate with punk. The "killer" of getting away, and now... this weird transcendent magical technique can indeed be called the description of "awesome talent".

He really got away unscathed.

"This is my last life-saving trump card, and also my most powerful means of life-saving... There is no lethality, but a sudden use is still helpful to escape danger, right? Although the same method cannot be used twice in front of the same mage It’s always an out-and-out "iron law", but... it doesn’t matter, goodbye, Sai'an, we will definitely not meet again in a short time. In fact, if possible, I hope I will be with you. "Monsters" should never meet again."

Floating like catkins in the wind, Aikar, whose voice has become more and more silent, seems to be using some kind of mental-level displacement method to leave this dangerous star field. Although his current transformation projection does not have any attack ability, but it is in defensive power. On the one hand, this magical technique is still very powerful.

For example, the "Destroy Whisper" just now has tried seven or eight completely different Moon-level magics in an attempt to attack or interfere with the departure of the "Pious One", but as a result... it is of no use.

In less than one ten-thousandth of a second, the figure of the mysterious priest Huiyue disappeared completely under the cover of the dead starlight, leaving nothing but a face in the empty star realm space. The expression of "Destroy Whisper" and the body of Montonk in front of him............


With a light sound of breaking, the second orange-yellow gemstone traded by Aikar suddenly shattered silently. It seems that the priest who expected his partner to cross the river and tear down the bridge is already the last gemstone. A self-destruct method was arranged on the board, and now that the caster really broke the agreement, the soul of Rodati was naturally not preserved.

So far, this amazing cooperation that spanned 200,000 years and traded the souls of double-digit legendary professionals is finally over!


"Forget it, I ran and ran away. I can do it again next time I see him. My "Soul Swallowing Technique" is about to be completed. Next... it's time to start to advance to Yaori."

Silently shook his head and put away Montonk’s body. The quietly colored Mage Huiyue didn’t pay much attention to Aikar’s escape. The meaning of “revenue blood” means that now that the hostile priest has escaped......... The fifty-ninth level of Huiyue Peak spellcaster who has made many preparations for the promotion to Yaori is not interested in doing "chase" so troublesome and time-consuming. Things.

In fact, the current punk doesn’t even care about the return of the "guildmaster", because as the "Piknut's soul fusion technique" has been thoroughly studied, the improvement of the "soul swallow technique" is about to be completed After two hundred thousand years of sleepless efforts, "Destroy Whispers" finally felt the opportunity to break through to a higher level!

As long as this unique "soul-swallowing" can be completely completed, this precious "opportunity" will become a ladder for the caster to advance. Then punk will no longer care about when the "guild leader" will come back, let alone other dazzlings. The throne of the sun is eyeing, because the caster who has obtained almost all the most high-end knowledge in the era of Netheril can have enough self-protection strength without spending too much time.

The ocean is wide and the sky is high, and the sky is high enough for the birds to fly. This is not an exaggeration!

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