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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1340 (The End)

* This Chapter is Machine Translated  

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Concluding remarks.

First of all, I must thank the readers who accompanied me all the way. It is your support that gave me the motivation to write. You are all my best friends.

Then of course, I also want to thank the platform of Qidian Chinese.com and the responsible editor, thank you for giving me a stage for my work.

Sai'an's story comes to an end here, and the next road is left on his own.

Some readers asked me how to deal with the long river of fate? How to reach the 100-level peak?

In fact, I can’t write how to face the existence of destiny...After all...I gave destiny too heavy connotation, and also gave Netheril’s spirit too cruel deep meaning.

Destiny... If punk really gets rid of it in black and white, I don't think it will have that unique flavor. On the contrary, it is the best to leave everyone with endless imagination.

I always think that the ending of "Snow Mountain Flying Fox" by Mr. Jin Yong is particularly good. Some things are attractive only when they remain unknown, but if they are clearly crushed, they seem boring.

If you ask me whether punk can break free from destiny? The tragedy that broke the throne one after another?

My answer is that I don’t know either. This is an unknown, which is left to the readers.

No one knows where the fourth president of the League of Silencers, the "Whisper of Destruction" holding the rod of Fano Oden-where punk-sai'an will take this universe, after all, he is the most mysterious Netheril Glory Sun spellcaster!


My new book "Girl in Solo" is being prepared, and it is expected to be updated within a week. It is still sensible and logical throughout. The protagonist is strong and not routine. Although it may not be as pure and dark as "Nether", it is still infallible. The rational flow of the deduction is welcome, readers are welcome to watch it~

End of this Chapter
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  1. Wow it was one hell of a ride.
    Didn't expect to end it here, I always thought at the end would be a battle between Punk and Kane or something like trying to devour each other to advance to the god throne. But yeah would be kind of boring if punk just starts to play big fish. The river of fate didn't seem to do much to punk, when he speaks it's name ones death battle with a higher ranked fighter. And his other offences he gets minor inconveniences. Still waiting for a comeback of his system.
    Well I felt my soul getting darker with the death of every innocent young girl and justice loving hero. If I can read similar books in future, maybe a perfect black one wouldn't be a dream. And after reaching that stage devil transformation can finally be achieved.

    Thank you

  2. Hmm... I did want an ending... Or at least like the ending in warlock of magus world, he ends up finding the secrets to the universe and cuts of with him finding other 'universe' level powers... Not sure what to feel about it.

    1. Согласен, я тоже думал что сюжет зайдет дальше(

  3. Спасибо за перевод, прочитал с удовольствием)


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