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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1289

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Chapter 1289: Twisted time.

"Cut me"!

There is no time to look back at what happened on Kane's side, and no time to take into account Ketaloran’s defensive methods. The caster who did not hesitate to cut a sharp blade at the metal abdomen of the construct seems to have entered some kind of worthy at this moment. A state of indifference without distraction.

As the saying goes, "As far as the eye can see, the sea of ​​corpses and blood is nothing but a knife." At this moment, the wizard of Huiyue who quickly wielded a sharp blade has perfectly captured every trap hidden under the abdomen of the construct queen during the extremely fast battle. And weakness, although it is not difficult to see that Lektaroran obviously added a heavier armor to rune traps on his stomach for storing energy and parts, but it is a pity that the "Destroy Whisper" that swishes the light of the knife into an afterimage "They won't let these two subtotals hurt themselves at all. All the energy projectiles that burst out are easily bounced off by the solid blade surface, and all enchanted structures that are about to explode are shattered by the water-like blade light teleportation, so they can't be used. After a long time, the trap that the Empress used to defend her abdomen had been removed by punk, and her important body parts were finally exposed to Master Huiyue's gaze.

"Break...Keta Roland! You are a construct butler rather than an alchemist. Even if you have the ability to add a bunch of armor to yourself, you can't really change yourself by means that you can't even use spells. The internal structure of the body, and the energy core of your 3c-6 type series of constructs is hidden in your stomach. Now, it is about to end its continuous 3 billion energy supply work"!


No more consideration and restraint, he severely slashed two sharp blades on the armor of the construction queen, and the sharp blue blade that burst out of blazing blue immediately left a deep mark on the synthetic armor of Ketarolan’s Kingdom of God. Mouth.

Obviously, although the armor made by this whimsical alchemy steward himself is strong enough, the degree of strength is very limited after all. Even if the blade made by the old Eman does not have too powerful magic enchantment, it cuts and uses the gods. The armor of national materials is still more than enough.

In fact, it only takes a slash like Punk, and the self-made armor on Ketaloran's abdomen has been broken and shattered, and her original armor is undoubtedly exposed.

"Such an attack is very effective. Two more knives can end the battle, and the last layer of protection can be cut with one knife. One cut to smash the furnace of law, and the construction golem that has lost its energy supply will make basic actions extremely difficult. She will become at the mercy of others!"

The dark golden eyes flashed brilliantly, staring at the terrifying wound that had just been cut open by himself, and Master Huiyue, who was brandishing a sharp blade with all his strength, was about to slash the second knife over.

As punk knows. The virtual soul cannot provide energy for the golem. A construct must rely on the energy core to operate normally, and the energy core of the "maintenance alchemy butler" often also takes into account the "repair duty" of temporarily supplying magical facilities. Therefore, they will not miniaturize the energy core and hide it tightly like combat golems, but place them in a conspicuous position that is most convenient to access at any time.

The big spider steward in the punk magic tower is like this, and the construction steward of the city of the sleepless eye is no exception. Even in order to ensure that the backup energy of the magic fortress is stable enough in a state of war, golems like Ketaloran are still very good. May have the responsibility of acting as a "mobile self-discipline battery".

Obviously, this once very special mission has enriched the current makeup queen's extremely abundant share of energy usage. The rich energy supply once allowed her to want to maintain the "law energy transformation, divine power, maintenance of divine armor and divine power attack". This kind of extravagant thing, but as a price, the weakness that is so huge that it is impossible to ignore it will inevitably be exposed to the enemy's sight.

For example, at this moment, punk's second sharp blade swung and saw that it was about to cut the "fragile" belly of Ketaloran............

"This lady said that you are dreaming, you despicable mage"!


The gnashing of the spirit power resonated with the already fragmented laws of space, and the Queen of the Construct, who realized her weakness was about to be attacked, did not seem to be too panic and fear, even though her magical armor had already been slashed. A hole was opened, but Ketaloran, who seemed to be finally ready for some kind of lore, still showed majesty and strength.

I saw that while swinging the sickle again and smashing the second pitch-black fireball, Ketaloran suspended in mid-air suddenly began to draw eight winding trajectories with eight articulated limbs centered on his abdomen, accompanied by penetration. The sound of a knife scraping metal like a soul, these crooked "scratches" not only perfectly envelop the enemy who rushed into their own weakness, but are also full of surging psychic energy fluctuations without exception.

At this moment, the original noisy law seemed to become silent.

"No, I have to retreat as soon as possible"!

Seeing the operation of the law that completely distorted the lines that made his soul feel suppressed by the breath alone, how can the punk who just finished the first cut have the idea of ​​another second? It didn't take until the magic circuits that I didn't even know were drawn, and the pupils suddenly contracted "Destroy Whisper" to know that I was in the first huge crisis since the war began.

Obviously, Ketaroran has always been aware that such a conspicuous and fatal weakness must be the first choice for the enemy to attack, and she has already set a trap here without knowing it.

That's right, just after the punk's first cut was completed, the hole card of the construct queen was also ready almost at the same time. Now the "Whisper of Destruction" who has fallen into the cage can at most slash her inside. Layer of armor, but before the caster really hurts the energy core, Keta Roland’s "lore" method will be activated. In the meantime, a spellcaster who can only rely on a weak alchemical armor for defense will not die. Will be seriously injured and lose combat effectiveness.

In fact, with the teleportation and stagnation of space and the chaos and solidification of time, the punk who has just swung a knife can hardly even turn around and retreat. The broken and distorted law of time can delay him for at least three to five seconds. Ketaloran’s surprisingly powerful “drawing” may require a full three to five seconds of meticulous preparation to complete, but here, one ten-thousandth of a second in reality is the three to five seconds of imprisoned punk, which belongs exclusively to The powerful control of "time" seems to have left the Huiyue Master who has no countermeasures at the Yaori level in desperation!

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