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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1288

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Chapter 1288: Killing intent.

"Norramsi Quick Mind Solvent" is a shining-level magic potion that works by "melting into the soul instead of the original soul to bear the burden of thinking". After all, the load of ultra-high-speed thinking is for the soul of the Huiyue level. It is impossible and unbearable, so this kind of "compensatory function" medicine is actually equivalent to adding a special strengthening component to the soul.

It is safe, efficient, and has few side effects, but the process is absolutely uncomfortable.

In fact, the moment punk drank the potion, it was almost the first time in his life that punk felt that his soul was no longer his own. He could feel that his speed of thinking had increased to an astonishing state like never before. The laws and light and shadow that flowed around him appeared to be completely exposed, and the rush of violent energy flew in the caster's gaze like a water droplet floating in space within reach.

However, as a price, the powerful mage who is a bright moon professional quickly felt the pain and depression from the soul. Not only did his too quick thinking make him very uncomfortable now, but the package from the medicine also made his soul seem like The suffocation felt like a breathless awkward feeling in the water.

To put it bluntly, in this case, even punk has completely lost any ability to cast spells. The unequal soul strength severely undermines the stability of the spell model. Today's "Destroy Whisper" can only stand and watch even if the spell is released. Seeing that the incomparably delicate model was shattered under the impact of the tyrannical medicinal power, in fact, he was basically equivalent to not being able to release even a spell.

But it doesn’t matter, does it? Anyway, in the battle of the shining sun level, the magic of the Huiyue level is also useless. Now the "Whisper of Destruction" who is driving the armor and holding two knives is an out-and-out "Swordsman", he needs to use it. It is the fighting skills and fighting mentality of the swordsman. In the face of the horrible enemy who wields the scythe, the power that punk can rely on is destined to be the only two alchemy knives in his hands that shine with bright blue edges.

As for how a warrior with a knife should fight...

No need to talk nonsense, just cut it!

Anyway, every inch of Ketaloran’s body in front of him is covered with thick armor. Anyway, no one knows where the enemy will hide his virtual soul terminal in the body, so no matter where it is cut, it is the same cut. In this case, As the saying goes, "the blade is sharp and indomitable"! Quickly adapting to the painful feeling that originated from the soul, the cold-eyed "Destroy Whisper" swung a sharp blade and smashed it against Ketarolan's abdomen!

The body of the constructed queen is too big, so the punk wearing this "tiny armor" can even cut across her spider-like body.

"Despicable mage, you are dreaming"!

Seeing that the caster, who seemed to have passed a azure streamer, rushed to his abdomen with two sharp blades at the beginning of the game. Why wouldn't Ketaloran, who clenched his weapon, know the purpose of punk? So he didn't hesitate to slash the tip of the huge sickle towards the "tiny enemy" from top to bottom, and the whole body began to turn red and hot. The structure of the empress did not show any mercy at all.

She has to cut through the enemy with a knife, and stop the enemy no matter what. Although theoretically speaking, the alchemist butler does not have any actual combat experience, but she at least understands the basic importance of keeping a proper distance to deal with the enemy.

It must be admitted that, as an out-and-out "genuine shining sun", even if Keta Roland is not strong, it is still more flexible than punk mecha pilots such as punk. Her two sickles cut the law. Like a dancing windmill, it sinks vigorously. At the same time, the sharp blade that cuts from the left and right sides clockwise and counterclockwise almost cuts off the "Whisper of Destruction" for the first time, and Master Huiyue is advancing at full speed with his brows frown Therefore, I have to slow down and think about the problem of changing directions to avoid.

However, in reality, the fierce slash of the Queen of Construct has not been able to be fully achieved, because at the same moment when she just started to swing the sickle, she saw a huge dark black fireball with a diameter of several tens of meters suddenly appeared in the air. Zhong and slammed straight into the face of the construct queen.

It was a terrifying energy body full of chaos and filth. On its blazing road, even the passage of time was burned out in a flash. The dark light and shadow in the dark hall seemed to move forward. A greedy beast is rushing towards its prey.

Cruel, bloodthirsty, crazy and cold, although being a flame, it has nothing to do with warmth!

"Continue to rush over, Sai'an, this uncle is not here for dry food"!

The magnificent mental power fluctuations were deafening, and the flame energy ignited the anxious air. As the drum beat of the battle gradually rushed, the mad knight who suddenly burst out of amazing power finally revealed his most mysterious trump card.

That's right, the big dark black fireball just now was shot out by Kane. At this moment, the mad knight standing at the edge of the central hall has completely lost his "golden sparkle" temperament, a large area of ​​scorching pitch black. The flames had already turned into a robe and wrapped him in it, and a series of six "chaotic fireballs" exuding heart-palpitations were firmly in his hands. Obviously, these six fireballs were Kane's next The number of attacks that can be launched, and the seventh fireball that has just been used is about to hit K'taloran's face.

"Damn Besadas, what kind of bastard have you dealt with?"


Feeling the almost irresistible chaotic power of the terrifying sun in the black fireball, Ketaloran, who didn't dare to neglect, could only swift one of the two sickles in the opposite direction to defend, so I saw it accompanied by Ketaloran’s anger and abuse suddenly flashed a dazzling scythe that unexpectedly released extraordinary supernatural powers of solid quality, and with such a full slash, the black fireball that had suffered huge damage was immediately rotated and raged. The sharp energy tore into pieces of twisted and wriggling fleshy pieces.

There is no doubt that just relying on an inexplicable fireball can not hurt a shining professional. For example, the attack that the Crazy Knight has accumulated for a while before releasing will not cause any damage to the timely defense of Ketarolan. .

But... Sometimes the purpose of certain attacks is not to directly damage the enemy, right?

For example, although Kane’s fireball has no real effect, he took advantage of a sickle to get away from the obstructed path. The "Whisper of Destruction" that "refracted" like a laser beam being reflected has successfully avoided the construction queen. His second sickle slashed to the underside of the enemy's abdomen.

Even at the same time that Ketaroran questioned Kane, the blade in punk's hand was chopped down with the sound of tearing golden silk.

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