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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1287

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Chapter 1287Punk's call was responsive. When his unprecedented surging mental power fluctuations gradually dissipated in the dimly lit hall, a projection emitting a faint gleam also appeared on the floor without any surprises. The hall is right in the center.

That was the projection of the butler’s little Lolita who is familiar to both the caster and the mad knight. At this moment, she is still wearing her childish croissant braids, wearing an exquisite and gorgeous lace gown, and wearing a pair of engraved light The little leather boots with golden patterns and a thin silver-white glove, but the girl who was in the openness and silence no longer had the lively smile that was shown in front of the two Huiyue professionals at the beginning, what she is now It seemed more pitiful.

"Do you have to fight this young lady, two uninvited guests from afar, you broke into this young lady's home, and now you have to kill the girl who has lived here alone for three billion years? It prevents her from struggling. How long have you dreamed? This is your idea? This is your purpose"?

With a very complicated look at the "Whispers of Destruction" in the armor he has put on, and the Radiant Moon Knight who clenched his lance in a combat stance, Keta Roland's words even missed a little bit of pain, especially Seeing the golden flames of greed and war in the mad knight's eyes, the little girl who had no choice but to sigh seemed to feel even more emotional and sad.

"Kane Besadas... This lady watched you from an ignorant and ignorant boy to today, and this lady watched you with her own eyes as you defeated one after another such powerful enemy, and obtained one share after another. Powerful, this lady is watching you enjoy your happiness, watching you suffer pain, watching you hesitate, watching you move forward with weight...Do you know, Kane, this lady never regards you as something you can drive at will Servant, this lady has always regarded you as my friend and partner, so...Let’s look back, the shining young man, even if you get some mysterious trump cards, it’s still not a challenge to challenge an ancient shining throne. A wise choice. Go back, arrogant boy. It’s still too late to go back. We can still be the best partners, just like a long, long time ago..."

"Look back? No! The uncle never looks back! "You have to stick to the end when you make a decision, and giving up halfway is an excuse for the weak"............ I clearly remember that this was what you taught me on my 20th birthday. The truth, my dear mentor, my sincere friend, and my beautiful girl, today, everything is destined to be broken"!

Keta Roland’s last words obviously didn’t move the teenager who never knew what “friends” was. Although it’s not difficult to see that her feelings for Kane are really ambiguous, but it’s a pity that the mad knight’s eyes Only in his own interests, in fact, before the words and voices of the constructing empress fell, the impatient "Instant Kill Gun" had already decided to enter the process of merciless battle.

"Show your true body, Ketaloran! As the apprentice of the Great Master Dorothy, this uncle is qualified to ask you to use your real body to meet this uncle and his companions! The hide-and-seek time is over, in the evening The sun has come to an end. It’s dark and night is approaching, and it’s time for the playing kids to go home"!

The cruel words proved the cruelty of the Radiant Moon Knights, the swaying space and the law revealed the power of "Destroy Whispers" ready to go, and Kane’s unfeeling words completely negated every bit of nostalgia in the Empress’s heart. The atmosphere of the entire central hall seemed to have completely stagnated in an instant.

Yes, as Baron Besadas said, the sky... is already dark!


"Okay, okay, let's do it! You overbearing arrogant people! You have ignored this lady's kindness and trampled on this sacred land, you are trying to challenge your unimaginable power? You actually think Three billion years later, this young lady still has nothing like before? Come on, come over, come and challenge me, come and see the true power of this lady-"Queen of Construction" Ketaloran!


This is the thunderous roar caused by the fragmentation of the law, and it is also the loud crash of heavy objects stepping on the ground metal. After confirming that no words can produce the desired effect, the angry makeup queen finally canceled her cute and petite Lolita projection releases the terrifying "real body" with amazing pressure!

It must be admitted that, just as punk imagined before, Ketaloran is ultimately an alchemy structure that needs to maintain the operation of the magical facilities in the city of sleepless people. In order to facilitate the repair of the parts and magic circles of the magic city, the size of her body is The image like her little girl is completely different. In fact, with the explosion of space debris, what appears in the middle of the central hall is a lower body with eight metal articulations and a giant metal abdomen, and an elegant female body and an upper body. The fifty-meter-high giant "Spider Queen" with sharp metal mask!

That’s right, Ketaloran is an out-and-out large structure, and it’s not difficult to see that she has made a lot of obvious combat transformations on the body she uses now, such as at least one-third of the queen’s body. Yi’s armor was obviously replaced with a shield of God’s material that exuded silver-white light. A pair of wings made of unknown God’s synthetic material also perfectly protected her graceful back. Now silver and white and dark gold. The intertwined collocation colors undoubtedly make this "little loli butler" a lot more graceful, and the "beauty" of this hidden murderous intent is definitely not to be underestimated by anyone!

And it is very worth mentioning that the two slender sickles shining with the glow of cold energy that were held by Keta Roland made her even more dangerous and majestic "Queen" posture.

"Kane, if you have any hole cards you can use, please use it as soon as possible. There are only three bottles of my "Noramsey Agile Thinking Solvent", and it can't take more than 0.9 seconds to make a quick decision without any delay."

At this point, there was nothing to hesitate, and while speaking coldly, he threw a warning to the mad knight, and the spellcaster with the dark golden pupils blazing also decisively drank a bottle of alchemy potion in one gulp.

Then in the next instant, the spellcaster, who was so fast that he seemed to disappear in an instant, suddenly rushed towards the huge Ketaloran in the hot and hot structured armor. So far, the immediate battle finally officially started!: real body!.

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