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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1286

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Chapter 1286: Upcoming battle.

The two Huiyue powerhouses have passed their own trials, but they differ in the time consumption of the trial process.

After doing the math, Kane passed the first stage of the test and spent about one noon, and punk fed the cat back and forth and made a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes that didn’t get the chance to eat it. It took more than an hour. , So the progress of punk in the first phase of the trial was actually much faster than that of the mad knight.

However, after entering the second stage, the "instant kill gun" that was used as a slap in the ball took ten minutes to get out of its own thinking mistakes and passed the trial, but the punk side is boundless. It took more than five hours to walk in the pure white world before being discovered by the self-inspection system of the trial space, so from the results alone, the golden shining knight who was conducting the trial was actually much faster than the punk.

In fact, when the caster crossed the colored light door to leave the trial space, Baron Besadas, who was wearing a tattered, warped and deformed armor, was already standing on a dark golden floor carved with flourishing runes waiting for "destroy". "Whisper" is here.

"Hey hey hey, it's too slow, Sai'an, my uncle is so impatient to wait, does it take so much time for such a simple trial! My uncle can do it casually."

Finally surpassed his "old friend" in one thing. Of course, the irrational Bright Moon Knight couldn't help bragging, although in fact this guy was very surprised that "Destroy Whispers" could do the same. Quickly pass the trial, but he will not show his true emotions.

So only a few words like provocation were spoken, and the expression of the mad knight instantly changed to that flaunting look of beating.

Of course, casters who have long been accustomed to the arrogant attitude of certain "baboons" are not in the mood to quarrel with each other over such boring things. After just a plain irony, the gloomy-eyed punk began to take one by one from the storage space. Out of his own "Yaori equipment."

He is the protagonist of the next battle, so he can be foolproof by preparing well in advance.

"What are you wearing? Did you buckle down the bricks on the ground and tie it to your body? The unclothed guys are not qualified to question the smoothness of other people's journeys. Rather than having such a leisurely mind, it is better to think about it. How can I fight for a while without dragging my feet".


While uttering non-emotional words casually, he was wearing an alchemy helmet with six slender magic eye pupils. Accompanied by the crisp metal crashing sound, the fast-moving spellcaster has quickly fitted himself with a "Yao" Japanese armor".

Up to this moment, this magical equipment that should have belonged to Ketarolan’s old body has finally become a powerful weapon used by "Destroy Whispers" to defeat the enemy, and I saw that with Master Huiyue obtaining armor control through soul recognition, The lines that link the stars also light up the azure blue energy loops. So far, the powerful magic creation that uses six metal limbs to stand on the ground and uses two hundred slender blades as weapons has finally burst into its most brilliant. The brilliance.

"It's sharp, cold and dark. They are really two beautiful blades. Dancing them must be very quick to cut the enemy, although I actually don't know how to use a knife."


Controlling the arm wrapped in heavy armor to swing the blade flexibly, the slender azure blue energy lines quickly formed a gorgeous network in the air, and watching the space and laws in front of you was like a tofu block that was cut open, punk saw The gaze towards the blade in his hand was also always full of calm.

To be honest, "Destroy Whispers" also knows some theories and techniques of using knives. Before he was promoted to the legend, he even practiced the assassination technique of using daggers in order to add a life-saving hole card to himself, but maybe because of punk. It's really suitable to be a mage, so even if he can wield the blade decently, the current Mage Huiyue still inevitably feels that the weapon in his hand is not as comfortable as his own spell.

This is the estrangement between the caster and the combatant, and also the estrangement between the long-range professional and the melee professional. The theoretical knowledge is always only theoretical knowledge, only the melee skills and experience, standing on the side using envy and even jealous gaze. The "Instant Kill Gun" of "Destroy Whispers" is definitely much more powerful than a traditional spellcaster.

But it is a pity that Yaori armor uses swords or warhammers. Even if it holds a golden cudgel in its hand, it will always be a magical construct. The core principle of controlling it is to use the magic power of the controller. Establish links with complex and cumbersome magic runes, and the "Instant Kill Gun", which does not even possess ordinary legendary level magic power, can never reach a connection with "fight" and "magic" runes.

Therefore, this Yaori armor is destined to be controlled only by punk, even if this kind of "control" will be somewhat "on the shelf with ducks"............

However, regardless of whether the two hundred blades are used or not, the current Master Huiyue is fully prepared for the battle. When Ketaloran appeared, it was the time for the start of the battle. Wait until a sip of "Norramsi's Quick Thinking Solvent". Entering the soul, his punk is a shining fighter with inflexible means within 0.3 seconds! When the time comes, the "Whisper of Destruction" brandishing a blade is destined to rush toward the enemy like a gust of wind, and then cut down his wealth and opportunity!

As for a certain mad knight who doesn’t know what hole cards he has and is always mysterious...Although it is difficult to determine what means he will use to participate in the battle of the sun, but since that guy came here so vowed, he should be able to help much. Be busy............

"Okay, Keta Roland! We have passed the trial, and now as a legal citizen of Netheril and an apprentice of the Great Master Dorothy, I ask you to fulfill your obligations and appear in front of me."

Looking up at the majestic dome of the vast hall, directly using the mental power strengthened by the structured mecha, the mental power fluctuations shocked the entire space, and the "Destroy Whisper" that had already gripped a bottle of "Norramsi's Agile Thinking Solvent" was already unceremonious. The right person did not know where he was observing himself and the mad knight's makeup queen gave orders.

This central hall is a war fortress made of god-level metal throughout. It has an area of ​​100,000 square kilometers, and the height of the dome from the ground is as much as 200,000 kilometers, although it is inevitable for the battle at the Yaori level. It seems too narrow, but considering that he is currently a "melee shining sun professional", punk feels that this kind of "walls cannot be destroyed" narrow venue is suitable to start a big battle.

So while using the powerful perception ability of the Yaori armor to be alert to every energy fluctuation in the silent air, the decisive caster simply spoke out and summoned the arrival of the Construct Queen.

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