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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1290

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Chapter 1290: avoid.

With the rapid arrival of Ketaloran’s counterattack, the battle situation has also entered a white-hot stage. The mad knight on the other side broke out and released a third creepy burning fireball. Although it was clearly intended to respond to the punk’s retreat, look. She stood up and made up her mind that the queen had long been determined to activate her own lore anyway.

Therefore, even if a fireball was severely blasted on the chest by a fireball that was too lethal to see how lethal, but the whole body was shaking, Ketaloran still concentrated his efforts to complete the drawing of the mysterious trajectory.

At this moment, because the influence of the time warp of the Yaori level was too strong, the caster with a rapid retreat figure had not had time to rush out of the not-so-wide circle range, and the blade that he controlled the armor to cut barely rushed to the end. The moment of cut open Kertaloran’s inner alchemy armor, but the fragile energy core exposed at the wound position along with the construction queen was displayed in the punk’s sight, and the closed and overlapped circles had already bloomed long ago. A gleaming snow white brilliance shattered the curtain of the law.

"This young lady's most powerful Yao-Japanese-level spell is a unique invention created by this young lady over 3 billion years, arrogant mage, your time for death has arrived."


Like a haze, like dust floating, when the deafening roar trembles the entire central hall, all the matter, energy, and laws that compose the Queen’s body range disappear instantly as if erased by an eraser, not at all. The attack method that is inferior to the lethality of a haplotype Yaori's killer moves is simply a perfect demonstration of the weight of the "lore". Although the offensive effect brought by the delimitation is severely limited in the combat performance of Ketaloran, she still passes once. The extremely risky trap trapped the Huiyue Master who was in close combat with him at the cost of losing two layers of armor.

According to common sense, the punk at this moment should have fallen inside the trap of the construct queen. After all, the "kill" spells launched by the opponent can't be resisted by a layer of alchemical armor at all, although this The launching process of this attack certainly has flaws such as "speed too slow and too small", but there is no doubt that as long as it is surrounded by the traces of those weird laws, the chains of time will seal most of the reckless ones. enemy.

But it is a pity that theory is always just theory, after all, in reality...Punk is obviously not a reckless enemy.

Although the omniscient and omnipotent Mage Huiyue did not have the idea that as a construct queen who has not been able to break free from the cage, she has the ability to create such a powerful solar-level magic method against the power she controls, but this It doesn't mean that the "Whisper of Destruction" who incarnates the "peerless swordsman" rushing toward the enemy is not ready to deal with the threats that may come at any time.

"Regardless of whether it is useful or not, or even whether it may be useful, it is a good habit for a legendary mage to leave as much retreat as possible anytime and anywhere"-Netheril Chief God Seat Great Master Seth Honor-Will.

Yes, leaving a retreat for yourself anytime, anywhere, this is common sense in combat and the basis of offense.

The "Destroy Whisper" that rushes towards the enemy certainly has its own means of life-saving, that is, the Moon-level spiritual spell created by Walkway and improved by himself-"Mind Replacement"!

Ignoring space and matter, ignoring time and distance, the conceptual magic that arbitrarily shuttles between existence and non-existence, even if the Throne of the Sun is not targeted, it must be helpless......Yes, this is the power of "mind replacement", It is also the only punk card that can be used in the Yaori war!

"Mind Replacement" has to leave a magic mark on a certain range of matter or energy to locate it if it wants to be activated. This can be a restriction or an alternative concealment. Perhaps punk can't be in front of Ketaloran's. What strange magic markers are placed on the face, it is impossible for him to use any spells after drinking the "Norramsey's Quick Mind Solvent", but he still has a "mind coordinate" that will never be erased. In the corner that is most difficult to detect, and that coordinate is the caster’s luminous moon-level construction golem-Miu Lan Oona!

That’s right, just as the Queen of the Construct is about to complete her rune trajectory, punk finally has the opportunity to use the "Mind Replacement" spell. "Although the distorted time did force "Destroy Whisper" to leave the enemy's attack range due to its sudden slowdown, the delay of three to five seconds also successfully eliminated the "Promise that only took effect 0.3 seconds." Ramsey's quick thinking solvent" potion effect.

Ketaloran's attack methods may be astonishingly powerful, but such "spell-like ability" is far from mature after all, isn't it? The attack speed that took three seconds to describe was even enough for a master-level professional to run two laps around the battlefield.

Therefore, at the moment when the effect of the medicine disappears, even if the caster’s thinking ability has suddenly fallen back to his original Lunar level, he still has the opportunity to control his structured mecha and make the second knife extremely sharp. After cutting and slashing completely on Ketaloran's stomach, he did not hesitate to replace the position with Miu Lan Oona, who was always silent.

The shackles of time cannot restrain the great mind. When the golem girl who has been hiding in the shadows behind Kane to avoid the aftermath of the war accepted the order of the Huiyue Mage, a replacement that was enough to surprise the professionals of the sun immediately Successfully reached.

The Queen’s "killing trajectory" shredded everything around her, but she actually did not harm her most important target, "Whisper of Destruction", because the poor Miu Lan Oona replaced punk. In front of the power of the Yaori level, the ashes disappeared immediately, but the Master Huiyue, who was breathing heavily, appeared silently behind the "Instant Killing Gun".


"That's the case, my uncle said that there can be no too outrageous spells in the world. It turns out that your weird means of displacement requires coordinates. At first, my uncle wondered if you put a golem in the shadow behind me. What do you want to do".

With a sigh of relief, he looked back at the alchemy armor that was nearly twice as tall as himself. Kane, who was wrapped in flames, seemed to be shocked a lot. He didn't even bother to complain about "Destroy Whispers" at this time. It's a bad act of using oneself as a shield at this moment.

You know, at the moment when Punk was imprisoned by Ketaloran, the Moon Knight, who had been using "fireball" to assist in the battle, was really anxious. He knew very well that he would never be able to deal with the powerful alone. The throne of the sun, if punk dies, then everything is over.

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