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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1258

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Chapter 1258: Exercise?

The thing Elman brought out was a shining-level structural mech. According to him, as long as you board this thing and drink a bottle of alchemy solvent to increase the reaction speed, you can have enough to be positive with the shining professional. The strength of World War I, and if nothing happens, this "Sunshine Mecha" will also be the key to the two shining moon professionals to fight the Construct Queen.

I still trust the old Eman’s alchemy level punk. After all, this ancient Yaori Throne can build himself a Yaori Magic Tower that has been ruined for more than a billion years is the proof of alchemy technology.

However, even with such a cautious "Destroy Whisper", there were still two questions that couldn't be relieved, so after frowning slightly, the caster sitting in the chair turned away from the structured mecha and asked the old Emman:

"I must admit that this is a powerful work, and I also believe that it will have good strength, but now please allow me to ask more, where does the material of this mecha come from? Practice the driving of the mecha before starting the battle"?

Punk’s questions are very realistic. The reason why he asked the first question was because when Kane emphasized that "the queen of construction should replace the parts", the Master Huiyue who suddenly thought of something was "replaced." "The parts of "have been guessed, and he asked the second question to consider his own battle. After all, neither the memory of the Great Master Vedraxia nor the experience of punk have ever heard of "Noram As an alchemy drug like "West Agile Mind Solvent", as a Huiyue professional, he has no experience in controlling the power of the Yaori level. Therefore, before the battle begins, punk has reason to think that he needs to practice the use of mecha first.

It would be great if you could use some ready-made enemies, such as the gods of the Pantheon, to practice your hands...

"Good idea, very correct thinking, but it is a pity. Although Mr. "Instant Kill Gun" on the first question can tell you the answer, you may not be able to practice with this mecha." .

Before punk could figure out which gods to slaughter, Old Eman's answer interrupted the caster's calculations, and saw the skinny old man picking up the soup pot that was roasted on the campfire and said:

"Your idea is not difficult to understand. After all, we all know that anyone should have an understanding of a weapon before using it. A sharp blade can kill both the enemy and himself. Fighting a weapon you don’t understand is tantamount to using the “unknown” to fight the “unknown”, but... it may be a shame to speak of it, but the poverty of my shining professional cannot be concealed, the same. As a mage professional, you must know how troublesome, complicated and expensive it is to create a construction golem. You must also know that making a golem that can be "piloted" by people is far more cumbersome than making a golem that can automatically challenge. It’s annoying, so in fact, in order to make the dazzling mecha that you see in front of your eyes, old Eman and I have used up the only little property! In this case, I can provide you with the "Noram There are only three bottles of "West Agile Mind Solvent", and the effective time of each bottle of solvent is only about 0.1 second-if you think you have the ability to use one or even two bottles of Agile Mind Solvent for "practice" Can beat the Construct Queen with the rest of the potion... just feel free. Old Eman doesn't like to preach too much to young people who have their own unique ideas."


"So...I can only "practice" on the battlefield? What if I, a level 56 shining professional, can't adapt to the combination of Yao Sun Potion and this structured mecha"?

With a gloomy expression on the eyes of "Scarlet Scepter" Gujing Wubo, the caster's mental power fluctuates and it is difficult to maintain a calm mood.

Driving the construction golem to fight is not the key, because the attack methods and defense facilities on the golem are intuitively placed there. As a very talented spellcaster, punk only needs to spend a lot of time and energy to learn those complicated things. Rune control can use it. For now, the really troublesome thing is-there are only three bottles of "Norramsi Agile Thinking" that can raise the thinking speed of Huiyue professionals to the level of Yaori!

To be honest, such a scarce quantity is too optimistic!

You know, the battle game between professionals only has attack power, defense power and even movement speed, but it is far from enough. Without the thinking ability to control various combat efficiency, all the so-called "challenges" are nothing more than spectacles and castles in the sky. Weapons that react too fast can not only not help the victory, but may threaten their own life. Therefore, the 0.3-second thinking acceleration time that the three bottles of Yaori solvent can provide is basically equivalent to punk and another. There is a time limit for fighting in a Yaori level.

Too compact! The fault tolerance rate is too low!

Once the solvent runs out and the battle is not over, or Master Huiyue can't quickly adapt to the effects brought by the solar-level solvent...

"Then you and the Radiant Moon Knight over there are probably going to taste the smell of death. Isn't this obvious?"

He smiled and answered punk’s question, and did not intend to personally set foot under the "Scarlet Scepter" under the Eye of Dorasz. It seemed that he didn't worry about it, and the frowning "Destroy Whisper" naturally couldn't help it. Something could be seen on the expression of this ancient shining professional.

In the end, the topic of "exercises" seems to have nothing to do with it.

"...I hope that Ms. Ketaloran's strength is really as useless as we thought. To put it bluntly, I don't think that a shining-level structural mecha and three bottles of shining-level alchemy potions are enough. It can make a spellcaster in the Lunar phase really possess the power equivalent to the Throne of the Sun...Even if it is your old Eman’s "masterpiece", perhaps only a true Sun-Professional is the most suitable to go. Get a huge amount of wealth in the cyborg month."

Some helplessly restored the expressionless calm state, and the following words of "Destroy Whisper" clearly meant something.

However, the answer from the ancient Throne of the Sun was much more plain. His words that didn't know whether it was trust or "breaking the pot" followed the punk metaphor to explain.

I saw the calm old man just shook his head and said bluntly:

"There is no way. When you reach the same level as me, you will understand that as a Yaori professional, you still need to be low-key to live long. Don’t go where you shouldn’t go, don’t do things you shouldn’t do, and you can find someone. Don’t help yourself, be able to stay behind the scenes and never step onto the stage...Ah, how can you understand the old Eman’s way of life with the ambitions of you young people? Next, let’s let Bisa over there. Mr. Dass, tell you the source of this construct."

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